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  1. Any reason for the blunt comment? I'm trying to do the sensible thing and gain knowledge not here for ridicule mate. Everyones gotta start somewhere yet people such as yourself make new starters with little to no knowledge feel afraid/stupid to ask for help so they just risk it which is no good for their health. So instead of posting a blunt response to try and take the piss how about helping someone out instead?
  2. Apologies if this isn't allowed and please delete if so. Hi guys I'm after some help in choosing a cycle. I've done quite abit of research but either I'm looking in the wrong places or everything I read seems to be contradicted by the next post. I'm 25 height is 170cm weight is around 83kg I've been training roughly 2.5 years and diet has been locked in for the past year (give or take the odd cheat day) I'm after a cycle preferably oral to give me that boost I need to help drop so bf which is around 20% at the moment and increase strength. Not looking to put on loads of size as I'm fairly happy with the size I'm at but if I could just get abit more shape that'd be brilliant. Apologies for the noob post I'm sure you guys get fed up with these but I would really appreciate some help/guidance around cycles and pct as it seems the more I dig the worse it gets. Would it be worth me going on a cylce or am I just pissing in the wind?
  3. Hi

    Hi all new to this but ideally looking to get some tips around training/diet and supplements to help me on my way, always be pretty active and off and on with the gym due to a crazy work schedule. Hoping to achieve a decent shape and drop body fat %