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  1. Hi All, This is my first post on this forum so I'm gonna have to kick it off with a bit of a pre-amble just give some context. * I'm 34 * Male * Work as a Software Developer (sit's down all day) * Did a lot of athletics (track and field) training in my twenties * Suffered 4 shoulder dislocations. * I haven't trained my body with any kind of intensity or consistency since 2012 * My weight has ballooned from 12 stone to 16 stone in the last 6 years. My questions is how do I go about rebuilding my stamina and endurance ? I used to be able to do road-run with amateur boxers and act as a pace-maker....... now I can't run for a bus. I am planning on restarting a swimming regime for anaerobic fitness and to push that threshold without to much impact on my joints. But I do love running and want to get back to a decent level of intensity and pace. Any Help or advice would be much appreciated.