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  1. Your Ultimate Gym

    Cheers for advice, you think forget the Lincoln. would def be a good refurbished one. i personally use the migatron at work, it’s a 3phase, but they do do a single phase.
  2. Your Ultimate Gym

    Thank you. much appreciated. im Andy by the way. been off all wk, but have to pop in work for an hr or 2 this morning, but def p.m you then if ok,
  3. Your Ultimate Gym

    Looking into a power tec Lincoln single phase. https://engweld.co.uk/product/powertec231c-lincoln-powertec-231c-mig-welder-220amps-230v-single-phase
  4. Your Ultimate Gym

    Thing is at 2mm shocking as it may seem, i bet it holds up fairly well, you see on eBay a lot of gear on their is like under 0r the 2mm mark, and they all state “heavy duty” lol. totally get what your saying about over engineering, but I do believe 3mm would be the absolute min. and 4mm providing a healthy profit whilst offering impeccable workmanship, and extreamly good value would be the way to go, especially if you have the blueprint/s (read drawing’s) time is money as they say.
  5. Your Ultimate Gym

    Hi. That would be a fairly strong possibility 4mm couldnt do the latter, be like tin foil,/ Argos workout bench material. your standard hammer strength is 3mm rogue, cybex etc
  6. Do anti-depressants work?

    I’ve heard Mirtazipine can make you feel quite rough, could that be until it starts to take effect over a period of time, and time to settle in your system before positive effect’s. also I’m sure I’ve read, if you come off them suddenly, again the symptoms can be quite harsh. what was your personal experience when you first started having them,
  7. Do anti-depressants work?

    I would have thought a dr’s referral would be on the nhs (free) I could be wrong.
  8. Your Ultimate Gym

    Def have to have power rack and a decent adjustable bench. i had a bodymax power rack with dip handles and various pull-up handles ( they should have had a straight bar but didn’t) and a built in hi low cable attachment, and to be fair, it was a pretty good rack, the cable pully took Olympic plates, ran very smooth, and took more weight than I could use, good for 120kg could have took poss 5plates aside. ive used an array of equipment/brands in the past, the best standing calf raise I’ve ever used was one from body solid, there plate load squat & built in calf raise, absolutely amazing. Could take 5 plates aside (cast iron, rubber to bulky) their seated calf was pretty decent also, only problem was I felt could have done with bit more padding under knee’s apart from that, just as good as your top commercial brands. def enouph iron plates & d-bells. I purchased an Olympic bar and cast iron plates from powerhouse fitness, & pair Olympic d-bells wich I thought might be to long for pressing, but they seem just fine. Havent used them as yet until I use weights end this month. however I did try a one arm row the other day and shoulder felt ok.
  9. Your Ultimate Gym

    Totally aware of material cost going through the roof, when you look into 5/6mm wall thickness. id be interested to have a chat at some point. i too have a series of machine’s that I came up with that I believe would be a fantastic asset within the fitness industry. im still problem solving at the moment. And very serious about setting up a workshop on My property, within the new yr. i may P.m in the wk if that’s ok.
  10. Do anti-depressants work?

    I do personally agree with that comment, hardest part is talking seeking help it can make one re live the problems that cause their distress in the first place, you cant keep it in, professional help, understanding and good friends and family really can and do help
  11. Do anti-depressants work?

    Hi. not sure if you’ve heard of citalopram. they may help. I researched these for a good friend of Mine, who eventually was prescribed them. over a lengthy period, The feed back was this. apparantly the Drs recommend a dosage no higher than 40mg. it does take a good 8wks to start working their desired effects. however, he did play around with the doses, (he was suffering with extreame anxiaty and was suffering mentally from anxiaty) he found 20mg didn’t help much, upped the dose to 30mg after awhile he felt a more positive effect, but still had the panic attacks then was prescribed 40mg again over time it reduced the attacks. somehow not sure how he got extra but he upped to 60mg and anxiaty was none existent, but was numb to emotion, he could still sympathise and show compassion but tears and like I said emotion was numbed a bit. hes now down to 40mg and dealing with the anxiaty wich has become less and realiseing the certain situations that bring on his symptoms. Hope this maybe of some help.
  12. Your Ultimate Gym

    I see you must be a fellow welder. 18x7 is plenty room to kit out with the basic’s. width is a tad narrow but hey, I’m sure it gets the job done. not used cyber Myself, but looking at the geometry of the mechanisms have intrigued Me. im sure then you’ve heard & may even used the very old Nautilus Generation 1 machine’s. the gauge steel wall thickness, you just don’t see them built like that now, mover engineered and I think are really good, did you know they actually brought a line out very early 80’s I believe, but instead of pinload, they were actually plate loaded. unbelievable, extreamly heavy duty and built literally like tank’s. i actually was fortunate to purchase the leg ext seat lat raise lying flat peck deck a 2 in 1 seated pull down and chest press. i think that was it. i paid around 120 a pce for them from a gym in yorkshire. wish I hadn’t got rid of them to be fair. thinking about the land mine plus Viking press attachment Myself when My home gym is up and running. i like the idea of a plain ole Viking press machine but with the land mine it may allow Me to do single arm also (bit more variation) cant stand rubber plates Myself either, especially the hex, absolute sh.t for incline dbell tri ext, I find anyway. however I was thinking about the use of one of those campered Olympic bars for squat, slight bend in middle, never used one but been curious. also I think the reverse hyper ext would be quite benificial incorporating it with stiff leg deadlifts etc. i to much prefer treadmill with incline option, i used a stair master climber About 4 yrs ago and was awesome, especially when your dieting, and concentrating also on the glutes hams quads really helps with etching in detail.
  13. eBay bargain!

    That’s what I’m looking into at the moment. im looking into forwarding planning consent for a premises to be built in My garden to set up a welding fabrication workshop. also a home gym, fabricating most of the machines Myself whilst using the place as a show room for custom built heavy duty equipment, but you could certainly start of bud, with a power rack Olympic bar olympic dumbells adjustable bench and a gazebo outdoor
  14. eBay bargain!

    Awesome, ebay can be pretty good for a good bargain & of coarse a bit of bidding luck too goes along way. i collected quite a few things a few yrs back (moved-sold now) first things I bidded was an old school pin load peck deck £35 and a panatta sport seated pinload chest support back row I think that was around the same price, also won bids (travelled to Yorkshire for these pcs) wich I believe are very rare now, but the heavy duty workmanship was really good. they were plate loading Nautilus machine’s i had a few pcs from a gym up their. (moved & sold them now) paid around 120’(ish) per pce. Absolutely incredible. Machine’s ebay def the way to go if your setting up even a basic home gym. but be prepared to travel.
  15. Your Ultimate Gym

    Ok, Something lite & Random. You can’t get to a gym ! What would be your personal dream home gym consist of.? 1: You can only choose (any) ten pieces of equipment, any brand what would they be. (C.v machines would be included) 2: upto five (any type) of bar 3: choose one of the following style of Dumbells: Olympic Dumbells OR spinlock 4: cast iron OR rubber plate’s 5: Your choice of music 6: lastly Your choice colour combo I,e frame-pad. 7: would you prefer to train in house OR large shed