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  1. Compound only routine

    Sounds good and pretty much what I was thinking. Is this something you do yourself and if so what sort of results are you getting
  2. Hi everyone looking for some help. I have recently got my Passion back for lifting all things heavy again. I have been doing bodybuilding splits mainly upper/lower etc making sure i progress each session. My reasoning behind wanting to change is I want to get back to basics and get rid of all the fluff exercises and build some real strength. I have been looking at using the big lifts, squat, bench, deadlift, bb row, pull up, dips and ohp and building a program around these of possible so any help on how you would arrange this would be great. I'm 5ft10 180lbs and fairly lean currently. I look forward to hearing your advice.
  3. Hi I have recently started strength training again after an injury and the routine I have put together I am really enjoying. I only have limited time to train due to having 2 young kids so this seems to fit perfectly. I am doing a 4 day upper lower split and today's lower looked like this. Back squat 5x5 Sldl 5x5 Single leg hamstring curl 4x10 Calf raise 3x12. The idea I have is to have a weight where I can perform the exercises with perfect form and depth. The next time I train lower I would use the same weight and do 5x6 to add progression. The next workout I would do 5x7 and when I reach 5x8i will add 5 kg onto the bar and start at 5x5 again. My reasons for doing this is that I can stay on a routine long term and progress slow and steady. What are your thoughts on this type of progression.