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  1. Gang Culture

    Just a bunch of gobby kids lol
  2. UFC 254

  3. UFC 254

  4. Good luck getting on a plane with that.
  5. Ah, had forgotten about bird flu. Thanks
  6. Any examples to share? I can think of 2 x corona viruses but i'm lost on the others?
  7. I'm actually against you on this one bro. I purchased an egg and bacon sarnie from Tesco last year. To my dismay it only contained 1 piece of bacon split between both halfs. Now, if the Food standards agency ( like your article says) have the power of rape i'm all for it as the c**t that put that sandwich together deserves everything that's coming to hm/her!!
  8. Conor Benn vs Sebastian Formella

    Rankings don't always paint a clear picture of a fighters capabilities. There is a lot of politics involved in boxing. Plus you need to look at who's ranking you are looking at (or being pointed towards by the fight promoter). He could be ranked 200th by another body.. His record suggests he's lacking in the punch power department as nearly all of his wins have been points wins.
  9. Conor Benn vs Sebastian Formella

    Sebastian Forellay's only claim to fame is not getting stopped by porter and loosing by a wide UD. Also porter is well past his best. Almost all his fights have been in Germany against not that great competition. This Is nice marketing and opponent selection by Matchroom/ Sky sports for a fight Connor should win with ease.
  10. Why is white bread so popular

    Cant have a bacon sarnie using brown bread. Wrong on so many levels!!
  11. Lomo v Lopez

    Who you got winning and why?
  12. Vpn

    Surfshark. Blows the rest out the water. Have used them for couple of years now. With no faults at all. https://surfshark.com
  13. If he's already there the risk has already been taken so sending him home makes no sense. All your doing is driving a wedge between your mrs and her daughter.. Sounds like you just don't want a young buck in the house!
  14. Wold be funny if he went "two fist Prescott" on you and laid you out...
  15. 1st gym to stand their ground

    As someone said above. Why tell the population to run and hide rather than encourage the population to change lifestyles and get fitter, stronger & eat better and build an immune system to combat the virus head on without costly medications. You guys in the UK are f**ked now you don't have the EU holding the UK governments hand and advising them and over ruling their daft decisions. It was only after leaving the UK i learnt what a joke the UK government look like to the rest of the world.. This could be the best opportunity to encourage a better lifestyle for many. If people will put on a mask after a few words from big Boris i'm sure if he told them to do some exercise and to take some vits and eat the odd carrot more likely than not a few million people would jump on board.