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  1. I have no idea if i'm honest. That's a very good shout tho, thanks. I'll get online and order a bp tester asap to see whats what.
  2. As above really, For the last 2 weeks I have had an almost constant mind buckling headache. I never suffer from headaches usually so it's quite strange. I have recently changed UGL ( to a well regarded brand) at around the same time the headaches started so it's on my list of elimination. I have also started using Anastrozole @ .3mg 2x pw as dose has risen from 150mg pw to 460mg pw test e only. Has anyone here had the same issue when swapping brands or going from Test C -Test E? Could I of added the Ai too soon and crashed estrogen and possibly that's the cause? I'm fully hydrated and eating well, not drinking so running out of ideas on what could be the cause. I can't find much data regarding this matter so any thoughts, advice or experience would be kindly received.
  3. I think I'm getting married!

    Second embarrassing attempt at a funny troll story..
  4. Gym open

    So why are UK so different to the rest of Europe and the US then? I think your getting a bit carried away with it all. Gyms across most of Europe are opening over the coming weeks and are in phase 1 in the US also. UK will be doing just the same once the daily infection rates drop enough and ole Boris starts phase 1/2. As a few have mentioned above how important exercise is for well being and mental health. No chance the UK does the opposite from the rest of the world .
  5. Gym open

    Monday for me. We're 2-3 weeks ahead for the lock down here in Spain so I would expect 2-3 weeks for you in the UK until the gyms open.
  6. Mike Tyson comeback.

    Nigel benn also looked fantastic on the pads in the build up to his comeback. Was all good until he got clipped in sparing and realised his punch ristance was gone. Good for mike tho, as last few years his been getting out of shape so the exhibition fights will be great for his health both mental and physical
  7. What labs ?

    Just finishing up a vile of Pharmaqo test c. Quality oil, works as it should. I have just ordered Southern Ghost but not because Pharmaqo was bad but that I have been meaning to try SG for a while now.
  8. CBD drinks

    Nothing more than a gimmick at the moment in the UK as the % it too low. Different story in the USA.
  9. Anyone have/had a Motorbike?

    If you want a cheap and cheerful bike that u don't mind throwing down the road on a track, try a pre injection 99/2002 r6. Can pick them up in good condition for £1500. After some practice and the right gearing u will be able to keep with most modern supersports
  10. Branagins, Roast beef and mustard flavor!!
  11. Getting a bit excited with your calculations there I think..
  12. Boris Johnson in Intensive Care

    Milligram - milligram its exactly the same, you just use a lot less to medicate than you would to get high. Same as two equal measures of alcohol is exactly the same regardless of what drink it comes from. Have look into some of the research conducted in the states as they have far more studies than the UK published on this subject. Quite an interesting subject. I haven't smoked the stuff for many years now, however if the shoulder flairs up (old motocross injury) ill make a pot of infused coconut oil to add with my protein shakes. Works wonders providing the dose is around 5mg. Good luck finding a solution for your pain mate.
  13. Boris Johnson in Intensive Care

    This is not strictly true. CBD is what they have allowed to be sold over the counter in the UK but its a weak and substandard product compared to what they themselves sell on prescription and to other European health services. The UK is the largest medical marijuana producer and exporter in Europe, with the government funded company GW pharmaceuticals selling their produce/medication containing both THC & CBD. Once the government have manged to ensure the monopoly on the market we will see more products containing THC freely available just like there are in the USA. THC is proven to have huge benefits for many medical conditions and approved for use by many health organizations around the world along side CBD only products. Also many athletes us cannabis to relax or ease the pain after training in the states where they wont fail a drug test for it. Possible not so much in the UK. I agree that high levels of THC constantly "could" affect someones mental wellbeing, however the same can be said for alcohol, pain killers, steroids.........
  14. Uk government letter

    Yep, Definitely. I'm pretty sure that if you haven't received the notice regarding "no looting the shops or breaking and entering at the local gym for a quick session" it's also fine to do.
  15. Uk government letter

    I wonder how much tax money it cost to send everyone a pointless letter...