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  1. Trading is a VERY FAST way to loose money if you don't know what you are doing. I don't think you will have any worries about paying tax but more concern on where you will be pitching your tent that you will be living in.
  2. Cost to run convector heater

    If it pressure issue then depending on the boiler type, just turn the in valve on until back up to pressure. We used to have to do this all the time when we purchased a converted church hall in Cornwall. The boiler was complete s**t. Ours was an oil boiler so not sure if this advice crosses over to your problem. Also bleed ur rads.
  3. National Lockdown

    On second thoughts, maybe they do. as the second one is clearly advising not to be chatting away to each other even whilst wearing a mask during their travel and clearly nothing to do with "making eye contact".
  4. National Lockdown

    Surly those signs aren't real. I know they are having to dumb things down for people these days but can't be needing to go this far haha...
  5. End of the USD!

    Depending on funding rate at the time. On average it would be 0.005% depending on the market you trade on and also, like you said the volume of long/short trades. To not trade on that basis would be equal to not going to work and earn a days money because you have to pay a quid bus fair to get there. I certainly wouldn't miss a trade biased on roll over fees. I will add, I have no clue about trading stocks. I can only comment on trading crypto on crypto only platforms. There could be larger fees on multi stock/crypto platforms.
  6. End of the USD!

    Very true. That would have to be a monumental f**k up to let it run out and get liquidated lol. Obviously you would managed your risk and put stops in place. The last few months have been a pretty solid bull marked with the halving cuppled with the huge instutional investments. Throw in Covid for good measures also.
  7. End of the USD!

    Not bad but not taking advantage of a situation at all. 10x leverage would make 10x that for doing the same thing.
  8. End of the USD!

    Most the exchanges already have kyc in place so the government can see who's doing what and charge tax on trades. Daily trading volume is 10's of billions so there no going to try ban it and miss out on the revenue. BTC is here to stay. It's not looked at as a currency these days to most, more as a store of wealth. Many better crypto currencies to use for payments
  9. End of the USD!

    I wouldn't hodle it all as you need a large number of BTC to make much profit.. Put a low leverage trade going long and forget about it for 18 months, and/or low leverage scalp trade it. Nice way to accumulate more BTC without converting Fiat.
  10. End of the USD!

    There was also that fella the binned his computer with 7500 BTC on his hard drive.. It's currently in a dump in the UK somewhere. https://money.cnn.com/2013/11/29/news/bitcoin-haul-landfill/index.html
  11. BTC 19000 usd

    Micro strategies are at the beginning of purchasing 650 million USD worth of BTC so that will be the cause of the rise. It was a combination of square , paypal, Greyscale & Micro strategies that caused the last huge increase. Mainly institutional investment now rather that computer geeks, so we're expected to see massive increase in price this year that holds.
  12. Joshua or Fury

    Easy win for Fury IMO. Don't rate either that highly comparing against past heavies, however fury is the best of the bunch by a long way. Obviously it only takes 1 punch to change things when it's the big fellas fighting.
  13. Same for me. The German one is working fine.. Must be due to high traffic from AJ fans.
  14. There are 5-6 streams per site so should be fine mate.. I'm on stream 1 HD on buff streams and all good