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  1. Old age!

    Here for a good time... Not a long time
  2. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    The media was the virus...
  3. Favourite gym wear ?

    Pair of glossy black market road slappers, pair of tighty white shorts, so tight you can see my main blue vain and a black wolf hoodie with more hairs on it than my staffie.
  4. What's the updated thoughts on coronavirus 6 months in

    I think the media is the virus...
  5. Conspiracy theories

  6. Global elite secretly doing bad things?

    Vaccine= billions of pounds... simple.
  7. Conspiracy theories

    Fairplay each to there own... maybe just another sheep and believe everything the BBC news #peados and other media tell us...
  8. Conspiracy theories

    Any one been bored at night and fell down the rabbit hole and watched some crazy videos on YouTube? There's alot about the Epstein island and the high elite famous people who have visited the peado island. Names such as Tom Hanks...
  9. Testoviron depot real or fake?

    I've had them come in a box of 3, amps was brown
  10. British dragon (New design) 1mil amps

    If it's this gear then I can honestly say it's bang on, I've done a couple of cycles and had bloods done and my test levels was preety high considering I was only running 1 mil a week.
  11. Favourite trainers

    Road slappers romper stompers Beatle crushers s**t flickers
  12. Sex on steroids

    I'm like a dog with 2 dicks after few jabs of test enathate. After coming of and doing pct I play dead in bed when she's wanting to have bounce on my pogo stick...
  13. TTM.

    Has any one got any reviews one these? Will be my first time running this stack before, any advice welcome. Thanks
  14. Look like a big bag of disco biscuits
  15. Back pain with losing body fat

    Bit of a weird one, eveytime i start my cut and diet hard, my lower back seems to play up. Got to the point I actually struggle to get out of bed. Never have an issue any other time during the year. Drink plenty of water so I doubt it could be my kidneys. Any feedback welcome... #stayfat haha