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  1. Blood work after test cycle

    They were around 14 before, diet was s**t, working crazy hours, lack of sleep and drinking on the weekend. Completely changed my diet and lifestyle, do more cardio and feel loads better for it.
  2. Blood work after test cycle

    Did a 14 week course on test enanthate at 1m every week. Had bloods done and test levels was around 80. Ran nolverdex for 4 weeks at 40mg 30mg then 20mg. Took other natural test boosters like daa, zinc and magnesium. Last jab was over 8 weeks ago, could this explain why my test levels are quite high? I would of though it would of been alot lower. Also Estrogen is high too. Maybe a retest next month? Any feedback is welcome.
  3. Bloods after testostrone enanthate cycle.

    Before was around 14, so I considered just running like a like a short trt cycle and got bloods done and went to 80. Was too high. Felt great but obviously not healthy long term. Completely changed my diet, cut out all s**t and sugars. Did a lot more cardio and Hit training. Felt s**t when come off for fee weeks, last few days I've felt great, more energy, lost 4% body fat. Had quite bad water retention when was injecting but Estrogen was quite low due to arimidex, it's sat quite high now though. Maybe a retest in a a few week's might change.
  4. Decided to get blood work done after 14 weeks on a 1m test enanthate cycle evey 7 days. Last jab was 8 weeks ago. Had 4 weeks on nolverdex along with natural test boosters like daa, zinc and magnesium. Really healthy diet and still hitting the gym 5 days a week with extra cardio. Is my natural test reading misleading as when I was on cycle it was 80+ best to get a test again in a few weeks, any opinions feedback welcome.
  5. What's people taking whilst running testostrone and other anabolic steroids, any feedback welcome thankyou
  6. Pct help required please

    Help required guys, just come to my end of my test enanthate only cycle. Ran 500mg test a week with arimidex to keep Estrogen in check, got blood works done and was quite happy. Just had my last jab nearly 2 weeks ago now and got noladex ready with few natural product to help but do I still use an ai arimidex on pct a long side the nolverdex? Any feedback welcome thanks
  7. Help, pct plan after test enanthate only cycle

    Hi guys, really need help coming off my cycle. Been running testostrone enanthate for 18 weeks, been running it at 250mg a week. Had great results and couple of blood tests to check where I was at. I've kept my Estrogen at bay using 0.5mg of arimidex every 3 days and also I natural product called dim. Having fish oils and citrus bergamot to help my cholesterol levels as was pretty low. I have arimidex and nolverdex at hand, aswell as natural remedies to help reboost my natural test. It's pretty weird that I still have my balls, not as big but still a good size haha. Any help or advice would be great. Ps this was my first cycle and won't be my last.
  8. Gentech & british dragon

    Brilliant stuff mate, checked test levels with medichecks and where high.
  9. Testosterone crazy high

    Did my blood test the day before my next jab was due. Am going to wait a couple of weeks before my next one and have another blood test to see where it's at. I do feel fu**ing great but I only set out to raise my test levels back to a good normal range. Most likely doing more damage than good at this range.
  10. Testosterone crazy high

    I'm using an underground lab, testostrone enanthate 250
  11. Young lad, 13st 24% body fat. Never done steriods, average gym goer. Work long hours on the roads. Started to loose sex drive and putting on more fat than muscle. Feeling tired and lost motivation. Decided to go to the doctors for blood work. Test levels where at 10nmol which is like an 80 year old man. They said it's a little now and not to worry come back in a few week's an do another, so I did another a little later on in the morning and come back at 9.2nmol. I played on it saying am feeling depressed and all the rest hoping they would find the issue and prescribe me Trt. Doctor said am fine just need to cut back working and exercise more and eat well. fu**ing waste of mine and there time. So basically I decided to self diagnose myself and got the misses to help me with my injections of testostrone enanthate at 1m every 7 days. Brought it from trustworthy source along with arimidex and lots of advice. Few weeks went by... sex drive through the roof. Like a dog with two dicks. Feeling great, love working out getting stronger and putting on a little size. Look a little puffy in the face which am not keen on. Wanted to make sure my bloods were in check so ordered a blood test for hormones with medichecks (great service) wanted to keep it away from my useless doctors. Results came back and am pretty worried. New arimidex plays with your cholesterol so had plenty of fish oils and citrus bergamot and ate pretty clean with cardio. My test levels are just through the roof. I've decided to wait a couple of weeks now till my next injection.
  12. British dragon

    I've been running the test enanthate mate and it's brilliant stuff. Had bloods done and test levels we're high.
  13. British Dragon, great results.

    Was just running 1m every week mate, test level was 50. Was waking up in a tent evey morning haha
  14. British Dragon, great results.

    Noticed alot of people slating and slagging off British Dragon. I've been running there test enanthate for 8 weeks now. Done a hormonal test with medichecks and proof is in the pudding. Test is high, feel great and deffenetly put size and strength has shot up. Obviously the original bd is over, under new owners keeping the same name and reputation. Check out the website http://www.britishdragon.info/Testabol-Enanthate-Inject.aspx.htm
  15. New british dragon