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  1. I find it funny how 500 mg doesn’t do s**t for you.How did your then survive on your own test for years then?There is no such thing as tolerance for Test.
  2. Trensomnia

    Will still preserve muscle
  3. Anosomone or Hygetropin

    The thing is for injuries such as shoulder injury you had ,you would not need that much HGH.Even 1-3 is a day will help.I am assuming you took more than that,so you could also guess it was underdosed ,unless you obviously had bloods done while running it.

    Yes you would avoid all unnecessary risks but. You will have to take peptides for quite a long period of time ,similar to HGH.And you will likely be disappointed unless 1,5-2kg muscle mass over a period of 3 months is what you are looking for.
  5. Medium acting insulin

    Assuming you are following a bodybuilder style diet ,your meals are split throughout the day evenly,consisting of both carbs and protein.Than you should be fine.
  6. Nexus Winny g2g?

    2,4 g is almost a amount of gear guys in open use ,who weigh over 310 pounds. For reference know a guy competing in open who never exceeds 3 g gear a week. Why would you need so much?
  7. Test p or test e

    All E unless you enjoy pinning
  8. Sphinx Stanavar

    Still unsure whether to go with Nexus Winny or that Sphinx Stanavar What would you do?Aim is to cut obviously.
  9. Has anyone tried last batches,how was it? Thinking of either getting that or just classic Winny 50mg tabs.
  10. You will be able to cycle on orals only.That would be maximum of 8 weeks cycle followed by PCT. You wouldn’t be able to cruise either as that would man takin gorals non stop,which will lead to serious liver damage.
  11. Cut on 250mg test

    Would disagree on this one.Some compounds like Tren and Masterone would really shine at a low body fat , but you would never see that effect because you will be cutting on Test only-cruise.
  12. Cut on 250mg test

    That.Being able to bulk on that dosage would mean he could even cut on 200mg probably.
  13. You will definitely drop a bit of body fat if you will eat just above your maintenance. It is rather a question if you will be able to eat over maintenance on Tren.
  14. Next cycle thoughts

    Any input on height weight body fat age?