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    Jaling reacted to swole troll in Performance enhancing drug discussion: Human growth hormone   
    You can use as little as 2iu and experience the sleep benefits. 
    Personally I tend to float around the 2-5iu range otherwise I get sluggish and my grip starts going.
    That and I think it's pretty low on the list of muscle builders and performance enhancers which at higher doses even has a detriment to PE as insulin sens goes to s**t, then you bring in slin and it becomes a plate spin. 
    Definitley has it's place but I do feel the price tag and name is half the allure.
    (I've just wrote all this out and realized it just echoes what I've already wrote ITT 
    Never mind, still stand by it ) 
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    Jaling reacted to swole troll in Performance enhancing drug discussion: Human growth hormone   
    wanted to make this one for a minute so be prepared for a rant 

    I've used HGH ranging from 2iu per day up to 10iu 5x per week and most doses in between 

    I find as little as 2iu per day to offer the benefits I want and expect from GH (will go into this more below) and although very subtle in regard to its performance enhancement that is simply the nature of GH 

    sweet spot if money is no object I personally like 5iu x5 per week, any more and my wrists just start pounding and my hands feel like they've been injected full of water to the point of bursting and grip takes a huge hit 

    I find titration to be key with GH if you want to avoid the CTS side effects or just as bad the ridiculous fatigue, at 10iu monday to friday i was hanging out my ass! like literally felt like I could sleep all day and even if i did nap id wake up just as worn out 

    now onto the benefits 

    improved sleep, improved recovery, better body composition / nutrient partitioning, fuller appearance hmm that's about it at all doses ime 

    didn't turn into Dorian Yates, couldn't eat dominos all day and maintain a full six pack, didn't pile on slabs of muscle mass at an alarming rate  

    GH is like the forbidden fruit for people budgeting and as such they are certain that it is the key they are missing as to why they're not massive... its not. 

    it is subtle even at high dose and if you were to buy 500iu of gh and slam the lot over 3 months and your twin brother buys 5 vials of test and slams the lot over 3 months he'll leave you in the dust in regards to size and strength and save himself a big wad of cash

    yes GH and insulin is what created the 90s mass monsters ONCE EVERY OTHER AVENUE WAS EXHAUSTED: they were eating tons of food, had tons of muscle mass, strong as f**k, taking plenty of gear, killing themselves in the gym and sleeping as much as possible for many many years then these subtle additions helped tip them over the edge on top of all the rest of it 
    personally I've found the addition of GH and insulin just gave me a fuller look with almost a watery sheath under my skin even when fairly lean more than anything else
    all of this went away whenever I cease usage 
    I feel GH and slin just makes me look bigger through masses of intramuscular water retention which looks great but how much it actually adds to my overall gains? I don't think anything ground breaking and certainly no where close to even 500mg test as I said above but its hard to say on the whole how much since aside from one time I've always done the GH and slin combo on a blast where its hard to 100% quantify what is doing what without adding and removing things and reassessing 
    but one way that GH does add to gains for sure is better sleep and recovery (arguably recovery is enhanced merely because you are sleeping so much deeper and longer)

    growth hormone would have far less attention if it were called 'look a little fuller,  sleep and recover a little better hormone' rather than G R O W T H  hormone
    so just to clarify I think GH has its place but is best served as a 'top up' rather than people expecting crazy results from it based off its name and how much cash it set them back 
    I think if you've got enough cash and want to get the most from it without running it year round then it's best served during a cruise or off time from gear when you want to stack all possible odds in your favor without a cost to health / blood markers effected by AAS 
    this is also the most significant time for  that full effect I was referring to above
    what is the worse things about being off cycle or blast: 
    looking flat
    losing strength 
    worse recovery 
    losing muscle (although this is much less than people think, its more fullness related) 
    well HGH (combined with slin to amplify) addresses the flatness and recovery plus GH has anticatabolic properties so will further help with muscle preservation 
    so this is why I predominantly use HGH during a cruise since when I'm blasting gear none of the above is an issue 

    right if you're still reading this well done and if you're not I'm going to put the next sentence in bold for those that skim over 

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    Jaling reacted to Youdontknowme in Best way to calculate maintenance calories   
    There’s only one way, eat more than maintenance to grow, less to shrink, maintenance to maintain. 
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    Jaling reacted to TERBO in Does DHB aromatise?   
    Doesn't aromatize, doesn't convert.
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    Jaling reacted to swole troll in winstrol   
    They're at the top of the "performance enhancing drugs" section as the threads encompass more than just AAS
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    Jaling reacted to vetran in I’ve got the ball rolling ,they won’t let me in the army so   
    Twice so I do have experience but all I did was pay a bailiff some money I owed got a receipt then took the money back of him and when there was trouble in a pub once when the bar was shut I went behind the bar and carried on serving a policeman  was called  so I punched him took his helmet of him put it on my head and carried on serving  but this was a long time ago  since then I have successfully got full custody of my children so it evens it out imo
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    Jaling reacted to stuey99 in Oxy,Var and Winstrol   
    IMO leave out the var and just run the oxy and winstrol together 
    I've used both combined (both injectable and oral) and synergy is very good
    All the benefits of both and they seem to reduce alot of the sides from the other compound
    Dryness of winnie and water retention of oxys kinda cancel each other out
    Downside for me was high bp and nose bleeds
    I don't think var would add much here
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    Jaling reacted to drwae in Opus Diazepam   
    Abusing steroids = more likely to abuse other drugs 
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    Jaling reacted to TERBO in Smoking   
    Of course you can but it's obviously not going to be of any benefit.
    Switch to vaping, I'm on nearly 4 years clear now and feel much better health wise for it.
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    Jaling reacted to Cronus in Stanavar dosage   
    50mg of var works very well. 75mg var with 250mg test e was one of my best ever cut 
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    Jaling reacted to stuey99 in Stanavar dosage   
    I can't really speak about anavar...but even 25mg of winstrol if properly dosed will be effective 
    I'd lean towards 25mg winstrol and 50mg anavar
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    Jaling got a reaction from SwoleTip in What would you do?   
    I ask prior that the advice will take time
     They stop what theyrw dling and xkme sit with me. Theyre interested. But after theyre just back to what they thinks right. As said above- people really just dont get the calorie deficit to lose weight! 
    I know my advice is golden. I only cover what i know works. I do not suggest somwthing that im unsure of.
    Ive worked hard to get this knowledge. And i do want to share. But it has now gof that point where i feel people dont wanna hesr the truth, and just come eaxh time doinf random s**t and expecting results.
    For example- a guy who literally joined a gym and a week later got on gear. I gavw all the advice i knew i could. Whoch included not using gear yet.
    Hw then went to show me a pic of me at his biggest. When i saw it i thought he was showing me a fat pic. But he thought he was 'big'
    And this is when i kust walked off. Done mt s**t and came home ans started this thread.
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    Jaling reacted to Shergar in What would you do?   
    Gave up years ago
    You are being too polite
    It's a gym not a coffee morning, do your own thing and get out of there
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    Jaling reacted to SwoleTip in What would you do?   
    How did you only figure this out now? 
    I stopped giving advice after this kept happening several times...

    If they can't grasp a simple concept I know going further into areas will be a waste of time. 
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    Jaling reacted to EpicSquats in What would you do?   
    Forgot the full stop at the end. 
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    Jaling reacted to vetran in What would you do?   
     I’ve had years on this forum with members taking the p*ss out of my spelling and grammar ,hope they leave me alone now 
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    Jaling reacted to TERBO in What would you do?   
    Seems like you're being over friendly with them mate... sod spending an hour of my time chatting to strangers in a gym.
    If a resting bitch face doesn't work to make you less approachable, just say I'll chat after I've finished my training, then just leave and doubt they'll ask again.
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    Jaling got a reaction from TERBO in Test E and Var   
    Tbh dude. Minimum for fairly decent results - 300mg/week.
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    Jaling reacted to Cronus in Test E and Var   
    I think 200mg will be underwhelming, even with the 50mg Var.
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    Jaling reacted to Mickstar in Supplements to use on cycle   
    I supplement with all basics like fish oil ,vit d3 and k2, multi vit, drink plenty of water and do cardio routinely.
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    Jaling reacted to TRT in Gym re-openings   
    Yeah unless they've changed the lighting, I'm both fatter and weaker. Must be a few bulbs out I reckon
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    Jaling reacted to Youdontknowme in Lack of motivation ?   
    Most heavily muscled guys can’t do a chin, but can probably lay pull down more than us... 
    it’s not an ego thing, I just don’t like it , I didn’t crave keeping my ‘gains’ so much I’d do it. The gym was a , get out the house , social thing for me , the body changes obviously next in line. 
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    Jaling reacted to Youdontknowme in Lack of motivation ?   
    I lacked motivation cos I couldn’t afford weights at the inflated prices. No ducking way was I doing body weight stuff. So decided to sacrifice muscle and cut 
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    Jaling got a reaction from Zeus2020 in NPP   
    I cant sayxi epcerince sides from NPP.
    Ive jever tried deca and probably wont, i like short esters - just my preference.
    Youll get decent size, nice pumped vasulcular look ( bosy fat % im pacte the how vascular.
    Decent strength boost.
    I would siggest maybe a small dose od caber if run ing yesr round.
    But if not 10-12 weeks as @JHMuscle said this is a decent durarion. Id at least as some prov or mast even at this duration.
    Up till lockdown I had been blasting for 2 years. Mainly on NPP amd oxy.
    But always had mast and or prov.
    Apetite is good on it. I love the compound. Really good al rounder.
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    Jaling got a reaction from Jonesy1911 in Test 300 & Anadrol 50 Cycle   
    As some said above. Choose one or the other. In all honestly, dont run an oral only cycle. Just bump your dose of test to 500mg and follow swolls guide.