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  1. I got this for sale. From an ex who said i could have it back. Not sure what i paid. Over £100. Just make an offer. Ill pay the postage unless u want the box. Then youll have to oay the extra for it not being able to fit throufh the letter box
  2. What happened to Matt?

    Thats it. Its not about what u can squat. People only care about what you can lift on machines
  3. Powerlifting comps

    Cheers dude. I mean its gotts be doable.. have you seen pics of anthony joshua pre training and aftef. No one puts that much mass on without gear and he fights profeshion fights. But when he was drug tested once i think they found dmaa.....
  4. What happened to Matt?

    @Shergar i have something to tell you. YOU are FLOYDY
  5. What happened to Matt?

    Matt was active 11 hours ago. Lol you know when just stop seeing posts by someone then eventually youre like 'wtf' I actuslly liked him lol
  6. You guys must remember him? Knowledgable, kind of rude if your were easy to wind up. Havent seen hin post in ages,,,
  7. What do people use GH for?

    The well being and i proved sleep would surley benefit a powerlifter for recovery. But as mentioned loads is the cost. Would you say the these benfits are worth the cost? If not would i be better off jsinf peptides thst release pulses of GH? Im not after some magical liquid. Been on the forum long enough to k ow gh isnt what allot of people think
  8. Powerlifting comps

    just looked at ipf losts of prohibited subsances and ovviously as expected you cant be assited in any way how do people get round this?
  9. I inte d to compete in an offical powerlifting conpetion in 12 months. I wanna know if all offical competions drug test? If so, what are peoples way to come off the blast - how far off. Im inte ding my finalal blast to be orals so they leave the system fast. Is there a particular routine used to go from blast to comp. And what do i use to make my trt dose show up as natural. I heard theres a cream you use that makes the test show as natural. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks J
  10. Deloading

    So what would you recomend for duration of pushing heacy tocdeload? For some reason my heads telling 3 weeks then lower weights or just not go in the gym. I do intend to compete in 12 months from starting my blast. So i really wanna make this year count. As mentioned by @dtmiscool i have found resistant bands and practising core and balance will inprove my traininf this time round.
  11. Deloading

    I will probably do the what you say and wait till it does start to stagnate. Making the most of trt is still the heslthiest way to go if im gonna blast. To all in this post thsnks for the feed back. J
  12. Deloading

    Thaaks dude. Id your gym open now then?
  13. T3 and hair loss

    Im not prone to msle pattern baldness but ive been on t3 for over a year now i wanna stop but i reallt struggle with eating low cslorie so feel im dependent on them. I have noticed my hair line is thinning. Can t3 cause hair loss ?
  14. Hey all, Whwn the gyms open im going back to my own routine of of RPT for strength. M/w/f Squats Bench Deadlift. I do 3 sets and each set drops in weight by 10%. Once i reach 5 reps on my first set i up the weighr accordingly. Working like this should i set deload weeks or just go with the flow and deload when i plateu? Im going in the first 2-3 weeks on trt which ive been running since lock down. Then gonna go woth 500/600mg test, 400mg npp and 50mg tbol. I plan to go jn the first week with warm up on each excerise, then when ive warmed up ad weight ans aim for 5 reps. Then rest 3 mins then ad weight rest 3 mins and keep going till i cannot reach 5 reps and use this as my starting weight for the routine.
  15. NPP vs DECA

    Yeah the sides you get from badrolone are exactly what tren does to me! Its not enjoyable. Its strange, even though it makes me feel s**t i woah it didnt even though there are way better compounds out there. I think tren is in a class of its own - i see it as the crystal meth of gear if that makes sence.