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  1. Total rebuild

    How are you getting on with this dude?
  2. As the title says? Been lifting using RPT for about 3 months then lock down stop my training then started again. Feel like I have got to the point where I need to change for a few mo ths before going back
  3. Newbie - natural steroid alternatives

    Bulbine natanelsis - bulk powders do it. It does work. Gave me dryer looking more vascular. Its experience does but does work. You're still gonna save more money and get way better results using just test at 500mg. I mean even 300mg/ week with good diet and training will give decent results.
  4. UK doctors

    Tbh my doctor knows about my AAS use and gives me my full bloods every 6 mo ths. He has expressed his concern about their use. But from what I can gather from my doctor who is helpful and understanding with my use of these drugs. They will likely just tell u to come off. I highly doubt they'll prescribe u anything.
  5. Basically. My right shoulder suffered a severe break in 2014. I'm left with no bicep long head in that arm. And as u can imagine after some moments the short head tendon really fu**ing aches. All the way down. I use anti inflammatory drugs when real bad. But wondering if theres a peptide that may help better and last longer and help cause less damage by lifting?
  6. Since jumping to 600mgNPP I've wondered this too... Anyone?
  7. Test U (nebido) cycle

    I will be once my test E supply has run out. Seems silly not too
  8. Test U (nebido) cycle

    Why aernt we all running this at cruise dose for those of us who blast and and cruise?
  9. Cruise amount

    This dose of test e E10D worked for me during the lock down tbf. Held a fair amount of weight worh minimal weights and training
  10. @El Chapohas and said it was good.
  11. DhB with oxy or NPP?

    Just re read your post to my previous question and you said 3450 was closer to ideal dose. Do you think I should go with 500mg ? So far from everything that's been said on this thread. I'm going with 300mg test 450-500mg? DHB 25mg oxy Up the test? Or leave it at 300 And going by dropping the oral when speak plasma levels have been reached how many weeks in should I wait before dropping the oxy?
  12. 300mg test e. Not super low. But enough to give results. Make sure you eat enough to gain and train properly otherwise you'll get nothing from it.
  13. DhB with oxy or NPP?

    Saying about week 8 and 9 how long would u blast it for? U recon 16-20 weeks? Whwn will I know it's starting to take effect at 450mg/week?
  14. Npp & mast

    Currently running 600mg npp with 100mg prov. I do have a vial of mast prop and mast e. You recon swapping over to actually make use of these mast vials is a good idea? They're gonna go to waste otherwise....
  15. First time using DHB gonna run at 450mg as swoll said its optimal dose. But have heard it's not as incredible for stregnth as once made out? So thinking if adding either 25mg oxy ED of 400mg npp. I'm used to all the above drugs except DHB. I train purely for strength at the moment. 3x week DL squat and Bench. Gonna do 12-16 weeks depending on results sides and gains. Any advice - dont need to know about PIP please lol Thanks J