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  1. Haha
    Crackerman reacted to Simon90 in Am i ready for gear?   
    This is probably one of the weirdest posts I have ever read on here. 
    do you fancy him? 
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    Crackerman reacted to Djibril in ROHM new batch   
    2 days after jabbing a cypionate ester libido and mood already up? You ever heard about placebo?
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    Crackerman reacted to G-man99 in Show me yours and I’ll show you mine   
    Jaids special brew
    Ripping people off since 2019..........
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    Crackerman got a reaction from PSevens2017 in Test e (sphinx)   
    Awww how lovely! Hope you're well babber? 
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    Crackerman reacted to PSevens2017 in Test e (sphinx)   
    Great to see you back, mate 
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    Crackerman got a reaction from PSevens2017 in Test e (sphinx)   
    Never had any problems with sphinx, just crack on working hard and it'll happen! 
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    Crackerman reacted to BLUE(UK) in Curry   
    At home I’ll make myself a chicken Rogan Josh as have tomatoes from my greenhouse. 
    My favourite main course when out is a Lamb Tawa. 
    When ordering I’ll go mild but I’ll often get a chilli naan bread so I can control the heat this way without spoiling my meal if I decide it’s a bit hot, you could get 1/2 chilli and 1/2 garlic even. 
    Most of the time I get more starter and share mains. Maybe large mixed grill and fish pakoras. 
    If in a larger group(3 or more) get a few safe dishes then try a dish or 3 and just try the different ones so if one isn’t great or too hot you’ll have still have had a great amount to eat and you’ll have experienced many different dishes. 
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    Crackerman reacted to gavzilla in Tren, mental health, jealous feelings,   
    Send me a pic of your man c**t plz. 
  9. Haha
    Crackerman reacted to swole troll in Gear which doesn't cause oily skin   
    Oily skin (particularly the forehead) is pretty common with DHTs like masteron
    But brown? That just sounds like a hygiene issue, either that or you're training in a salt mine and all the equipment is as rusty as the titanic. 
    The only effect gear can have on complexion is via hematology (rbc, hematocrit, blood pressure) but this tends to be a red, pink or even purpleish type colour, not brown.
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    Crackerman reacted to G-man99 in TRT dose - regal labs   
    Think he must of read that you've used regal labs DNP somewhere
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    Crackerman reacted to lewdylewd in TRT dose - regal labs   
    Helpful to see some feedback on a lab that maybe not everyone has heard off, especially with bloods etc.
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    Crackerman got a reaction from Cam-100 in Sex a no go after test   
    Thanks for confirmation.  Not in this case though? 
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    Crackerman got a reaction from Youdontknowme in any feedback for Intex Pharma....   
    Not trained hardly since lockdown so I'm just going to stay at 120 until my lifts are back to where they were. 
    3 day full body split focused on compounds. 
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    Crackerman reacted to Pez189 in blood test. underdosed gear?   
    Damn. That’s insane. I’ve never heard of anyone running doses like that. 3g total AAS a week is the max I’ve heard of on here and that generally quite rightly gets slated and questioned. 
    F*ck that. Health first!!
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    Crackerman reacted to MrBrightside in New Triumph Range...   
    If it was my lab I'd put "made in the USA" on it so the police would look for me there and never think to look in the UK! 
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    Crackerman reacted to Seppuku71 in Adult meltdowns you've seen....   
    I went into work one day on an afternoon shift, and my boss was waiting to speak to me.  He asked me to keep an eye on one of the fitters, as he was worried he might hang himself at work.  The poor guy had gone home after work the previous day, went upstairs into the bedroom, and found his wife with her feet up by her ears getting pounded.....by her cousin.  He instantly threw the two of them out the house.  I had to spend a whole evening with this usually chirpy guy banging on about if it wasn't for the fact he'd got 5 kids he'd kill himself.  I felt like Dear Deidre trying to help calm the guy down, but he was broken.  Went on for at least a week, think he moved his mom in to watch his kids.  Anyhow, long story short, in the end he forgave her.  Told us all it was his fault for not showing her enough attention......  Had another kid wiith her, put a framed family photo of them all on his bench, went on about how great she is to anyone that would listen. F**king knob.
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    Crackerman reacted to godsgifttoearth in First time Deca   
    in all honesty, just take like 0.5mg of arimidex a couple of days after you pin, assuming you're pinning once per week, from the very start. get bloods done after 4 weeks and see where your range is. drop back down if you can.
    so many people f**k up with nandrolone and grow tits. don't be that person who does, even tho people are crying out to be careful first.
    if you're pinning once per week, the most dangerous zone for deca is  days 5,6,7 where your test is dropping off, estrogen coming back up a bit and the deca peaking. that's when you're most likely get the itchy nips etc. ideally, if you want to better control stuff, split the test and deca into 2 pins and wack the AI in the middle of the 2, until you have your bloods to verify levels.
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    Crackerman reacted to stuey99 in First time Deca   
    What do you mean by "on hand" mate?
    With 400mg test and deca you WILL have raised estrogen...its not an "on hand" type of sitation
    Unless of course you wanna wait for estrogen and prolactin sides to hit,  by which time you might need to get caber in as well
    An AI is to prevent...not to cure mate
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    Crackerman reacted to boutye911 in First time Deca   
    Would run 400mg of each chap. That would be plenty 
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    Crackerman reacted to stargazer in Bitcoin   
    The fee for doing that is peanuts. And its cheaper than getting scammed.
    And if you buy extra then its a good investment, iv'e been investing odd bits for years and i get 10x more interest than my ISA was paying.
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    Crackerman reacted to MrBrightside in How to quickly lower testosterone?   
    Instead of trying to fiddle it just self trt. 
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    Crackerman reacted to Sustanation in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    You can still drop to TRT bud (125mg a week), what could possibly be more important that not having your blood like treacle. 
    Health should always come first, without it you've got Jack s**t. 
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    Crackerman reacted to Sustanation in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    Never had an issue before..... Until now. 
    Mate I've heard a few red flags in this thread to know that you don't really want to be helped. 
  24. Haha
    Crackerman reacted to godsgifttoearth in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    Probably something to do with the fact it and its metabolites cross the blood brain barrier and can piss on with the 5ht channels, which regulate serotonin. People on SSRIs get the same issue.
    "The Impact of Nandrolone Decanoate on the Central Nervous System"
    Think it covers 5ht in that review, can't really be arsed to re read it tho
  25. Haha
    Crackerman reacted to hmgs in Keep Pushing - Rest in Peace   
    Is it really the meds making you angry? Or is it having a 52kg max bench..?