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    Crackerman reacted to Pez189 in blood test. underdosed gear?   
    Damn. That’s insane. I’ve never heard of anyone running doses like that. 3g total AAS a week is the max I’ve heard of on here and that generally quite rightly gets slated and questioned. 
    F*ck that. Health first!!
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    Crackerman reacted to MrBrightside in New Triumph Range...   
    If it was my lab I'd put "made in the USA" on it so the police would look for me there and never think to look in the UK! 
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    Crackerman reacted to Seppuku71 in Adult meltdowns you've seen....   
    I went into work one day on an afternoon shift, and my boss was waiting to speak to me.  He asked me to keep an eye on one of the fitters, as he was worried he might hang himself at work.  The poor guy had gone home after work the previous day, went upstairs into the bedroom, and found his wife with her feet up by her ears getting pounded.....by her cousin.  He instantly threw the two of them out the house.  I had to spend a whole evening with this usually chirpy guy banging on about if it wasn't for the fact he'd got 5 kids he'd kill himself.  I felt like Dear Deidre trying to help calm the guy down, but he was broken.  Went on for at least a week, think he moved his mom in to watch his kids.  Anyhow, long story short, in the end he forgave her.  Told us all it was his fault for not showing her enough attention......  Had another kid wiith her, put a framed family photo of them all on his bench, went on about how great she is to anyone that would listen. F**king knob.
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    Crackerman reacted to godsgifttoearth in First time Deca   
    in all honesty, just take like 0.5mg of arimidex a couple of days after you pin, assuming you're pinning once per week, from the very start. get bloods done after 4 weeks and see where your range is. drop back down if you can.
    so many people f**k up with nandrolone and grow tits. don't be that person who does, even tho people are crying out to be careful first.
    if you're pinning once per week, the most dangerous zone for deca is  days 5,6,7 where your test is dropping off, estrogen coming back up a bit and the deca peaking. that's when you're most likely get the itchy nips etc. ideally, if you want to better control stuff, split the test and deca into 2 pins and wack the AI in the middle of the 2, until you have your bloods to verify levels.
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    Crackerman reacted to stuey99 in First time Deca   
    What do you mean by "on hand" mate?
    With 400mg test and deca you WILL have raised estrogen...its not an "on hand" type of sitation
    Unless of course you wanna wait for estrogen and prolactin sides to hit,  by which time you might need to get caber in as well
    An AI is to prevent...not to cure mate
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    Crackerman reacted to boutye911 in First time Deca   
    Would run 400mg of each chap. That would be plenty 
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    Crackerman reacted to stargazer in Bitcoin   
    The fee for doing that is peanuts. And its cheaper than getting scammed.
    And if you buy extra then its a good investment, iv'e been investing odd bits for years and i get 10x more interest than my ISA was paying.
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    Crackerman reacted to MrBrightside in How to quickly lower testosterone?   
    Instead of trying to fiddle it just self trt. 
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    Crackerman reacted to Sustanation in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    You can still drop to TRT bud (125mg a week), what could possibly be more important that not having your blood like treacle. 
    Health should always come first, without it you've got Jack s**t. 
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    Crackerman reacted to Sustanation in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    Never had an issue before..... Until now. 
    Mate I've heard a few red flags in this thread to know that you don't really want to be helped. 
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    Crackerman reacted to godsgifttoearth in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    Probably something to do with the fact it and its metabolites cross the blood brain barrier and can piss on with the 5ht channels, which regulate serotonin. People on SSRIs get the same issue.
    "The Impact of Nandrolone Decanoate on the Central Nervous System"
    Think it covers 5ht in that review, can't really be arsed to re read it tho
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    Crackerman reacted to hmgs in Keep Pushing - Rest in Peace   
    Is it really the meds making you angry? Or is it having a 52kg max bench..?
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    Crackerman reacted to Clubber Lang in Ultimate cutting drug?   
    dont use DNP mate, its far too dangerous. 
    if your having to use DNP then your not trying hard enough with diet, cardio and training.
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    Crackerman reacted to G-man99 in What do you and how did you get there?   
    Yeah, mechanical engineering
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    Crackerman reacted to Kazza61 in What do you and how did you get there?   
    I was going to set up a company selling soft furnishings with the angel of death printed on them but people told me there was bound to be reaper cushions. 
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    Crackerman reacted to PSevens2017 in Loose skin is there steroid against?   
    Lower the dose friend. So much of what you have written is projection about yourself. Narcissist as well. 
    It’s not all about you babes. 
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    Crackerman reacted to Sustanation in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    If your blood was like treacle then I'd definitely consider minimum donating blood or coming off, that isn't a good sign and is a symptom that something is wrong (possible high RBC) 
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    Crackerman got a reaction from Jaling in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    I had no problems getting hard, just impossible to finish and would occasionally struggle to maintain a boner. 
    Everyone's different as we know. 
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    Crackerman reacted to stuey99 in VEDI PHARMA ANY EXPERIENCE’S   
    Ah gotcha...yeah makes total sense now lol. 
    Anything we can do to make the forum more interesting for you? I'm pretty sure it covers pretty much all aspects of bodybuilding/aas...what is it you were hoping to find?
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    Crackerman reacted to Paull3322 in VEDI PHARMA ANY EXPERIENCE’S   
    Hello everybody
    I wrote, here some time ago, about this brand, I am well acquainted with them, and I can tell you exactly what their dosage quality is super .... according to my information, the production in China is gaining great popularity in Europe and the prices are reasonable and them
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    Crackerman got a reaction from anotherandy in Tinfoil Hat Thread   
    JFK was a mutant. 
    Magneto killed him. 
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    Crackerman reacted to stargazer in Testosterone propionate   
    No bother mate,
    I think my point is that, if for example my protocol to date was for example a dbol cycle, a test enan cycle and a test deca cycle over the course of two years then i decide i want to try for example test prop and mast prop for my 4th cycle, i would most def be doing and advising anyone in that position to do 3 x weekly.
    Yep i agree, test is test but without doubt a test prop cycle alone is a different cycle completely from a test e only cycle, it just feels better/different and that must be down to the difference in release rates.
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    Crackerman reacted to Jaling in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    This probably sounds stupid - but I've never issues libido wise, erections, cumming or horniness on Npp. This is the only nadrolone ester I've used. And I've ran it nearly a year without a problem.
    Tren ace gave huge issues within 2 months that even 50mg-100mg  viagra couldnt help with. The slightest thing would me make soft. 
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    Crackerman reacted to Jaling in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    Possibly prolactin.
    But you have gone from a high dose of androgens where you've become super high sex drive man. You're not down to low levels. Your sex drive may have just dropped down to a level that's expected with this dose.
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    Crackerman reacted to Sustanation in Post deca, cruising - no libido?   
    You doubt 1 caber tablet has any effect? You obviously know nothing about how powerful caber is and how many veriables you changed by doing that "1 tablet in the spur of the moment" 
    I'll help you one last time but you go against my advise again and your on your own pal, im currently helping 7 different people come off gear in addition to my own hybrid PCT so I ain't got time for no flapjacks. 
    Drop from your current 200mg a week to 125mg of test e every 7 days for 4 weeks after 4 weeks have elapsed get bloods 5 days after your last jab
    Once the results are in you will have the choice of trying to dial yourself in while on TRT or coming off and dialing yourself in, if your coming off then you need a 6 month commitment or its pointless. 
    Balls in your court now.