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  1. First time Deca

    Interesting. I was told to do split the pins with two compounds too.
  2. First time Deca

    Totally agree, 400/400 is what I went with and it was decent. Nothing much happened for a while and then I just started packing it on, got really thick and chunky. And it kept coming too... Alas, this was pre covid. As others say, you need to keep on top of everything, it's taken me a very long time to recover from.
  3. First testo cycle.

    What's your TDEE?
  4. Road to aesthetics

    Looking good mate.
  5. What do you and how did you get there?

  6. NPP vs DECA

    No it won't, the two aren't related. Just start low with dbol and drink lots of water. You may want to consider taking them post workout to avoid pumps.
  7. Testosterone propionate

    Never used prop... Used rip250 and got fu**ing tired of EOD jabs very quickly.
  8. I had no problems getting hard, just impossible to finish and would occasionally struggle to maintain a boner. Everyone's different as we know.
  9. Took me around 14 weeks for it to clear and for my dick to start working and cumming properly after running test and deca at 400mg before running test at 120mg a week on a cruise. Listen to sustanation mate, it all ties up with my own experience.
  10. First testo cycle.

    Exactly mate. No one knows everything about such a complicated endeavour... But we do all try to help each other with shared experiences and harm reduction. This guy offers neither.
  11. First testo cycle.

    Clueless mate.
  12. First testo cycle.

    Think you mean test deca and dbol....
  13. Liver cleanser? Whilst on cycle

    Always better off having an extra meal over a shake. Been guilty of protein shakes myself over the years of course, but all the guys I know with the best physiques don't use them at all. Now I just use an EAA, glutamine, vitamins and fish oil for my supplementation. Oh, and a f**k ton of water EVERYDAY regardless of a cycle. It's the single most beneficial thing you can give your body. Start eating and drinking like a grown up dude, especially now you're running gear.
  14. First testo cycle.

    So many people trying to over complicate everything by trying to sound clever. No way are you going to put on 12kg in 3 months like this, if at all. Just run 500mg test throughout, no need to add dbol on your first test cycle when you have no idea how your body is gong to react to test alone. Keep nolvadex and an AI on hand if you feel you need it - you should always have ancillaries in place regardless. Never used HCG so I have no input there.