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  1. Buy more of the meals.
  2. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    We did it to ourselves by exploiting them for cheap labour and goods then thinking we were smart. All it did was make them this powerful.
  3. Estrogen Control / Gyno

    I have heard this too about 40mg being no different to 20mh but wasn't sure.... Off topic, it's the same with cialis I believe?
  4. Estrogen Control / Gyno

    I can only offer my experience of reducing gyno. I used 25mg aromasin 3 x a week for 2 weeks alongside 40mg nolvadex per day. After 2 weeks, I dropped to 20mg nolva and aromasin 12.5mg 3 x a week. You'll have to run nolvadex for up to 12 weeks to properly reduce the gyno which you'll always have now to a degree. People tend to not use it for long enough in my opinion. Incidentally, I've ditched my cycle and have dropped to 150 test and am having the same issues. Part and parcel, unfortunately mate.
  5. Estrogen Control / Gyno

    Aromasin is the superior AI, pharma would be best but I've always used sphinx and it's been good to go.
  6. How do you know you're prone to hairloss and gyno when you've never cycled?
  7. Mates? Don't talk soft, these are all my other accounts!
  8. I enjoy asparagus with parma ham wrapped around it. One does find it makes one's urine rather whiffy though. Butter?
  9. Wotz rong wiv my ritin?
  10. This is true. But only cos my knackers have shrunk from 3 years of tren and monkey dust. It's a blessing in disguise though cos when I'm doing my mma fighting, I can't get a knee to the clacker sack.
  11. Still waiting to see his conditioning... Or lack of.
  12. Wow, you are one weird dude.
  13. SP test 500

    I wouldn't fancy it myself. Know a few guys that ran intex 600mg/ml test e and they all suffered major pip at 1ml. Let us know how you get on mate.
  14. Having a copy of UFC Fight Night on your PlayStation doesn't make you an MMA fighter Monkey Dust.