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  1. Arimedix

  2. Sex a no go after test

    Whatever dude. I would assume Harry is 24 personally. Either way, he's used hormones and not given himself the best possible chance of recovering from shut down by not following a PCT protocol? Do you agree?
  3. 4th week into a cycle

    I would try another lab first if I were you....
  4. Sex a no go after test

    Thanks for confirmation. Not in this case though?
  5. Sex a no go after test

    No pct I assume? There's your problem.
  6. Agree, I never go over 1.5ml in a shot. I'd rather do separate injections than 3ml in one go. Never had any problems this way so I'll carry on.
  7. You would assume so, yes. But you estimating a reading based on other people is wrong.
  8. Lol OK mate. Because everyone metabolises test at the standard rate yes?
  9. Ergh. Don't say that, I've got a couple of vials of tren 200 sat in my stash!
  10. Upping the carbs is key here, try it and see.
  11. And it's overdosed on what merit? Bloods will not tell you how well dosed a product is, you would need to test the compound itself. Nevertheless, it's another positive for Sphinx I would say.
  12. Dbol and gyno info please

    You'll be able to get it from your doctor if you've got breast cancer yeah. Come on mate, do some research for yourself.
  13. Sphinx pharma pip

    No pip for me from sphinx, not once. Could be the oil or your technique?
  14. 4th week into a cycle

    What lab and ester is the TTM?