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  1. Pubs may shut to allow Schools to reopen

    ,. Sorry where's the punchline? I don't understand...? Have the kids been going to the pubs and too hungover to get up for school?
  2. Working from home.

    Yes. Ive been doing it for about 5 years lol
  3. 14 Days Quarantine for Spain reinstated

    What did any of you expect. The virus hasn't magically disappeared!!. But everyone's going around like it has..
  4. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    I've skinned mine during this lockdown stuff. I might just do the same now. It's free and it's easy. I've held onto my hair for as long as I've wanted to now. It's not something i really concern myself with anymore at my age. Besides, i think long and hairstyles look gay on people who are in their 40s.
  5. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    I need mine realigned badly. Funny how some people i know have never even seen a dentist and their teeth are absolutely fine. I look after mine the best i can with regular checkups at the dentist and mine are fúcked!!
  6. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    Nope never had anything like that done.
  7. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    Mines not much different lol. And this is with gel in it. And I'm over 40.
  8. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    Thinking uses more of your head and increases baldness! You are thinking... STOP THINKING!!!!!
  9. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    Nizoral makes my hair nice and thick too and you only need a small bit of it. How many time a week do you use it? I heard Minox absorbs colligen and gives you a wrinkly forehead over the long run. Is this true?
  10. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    Shave it all off. Having a massive head of hair I have now has never gotten me anymore luck with any decent women. So being bald would make no difference to me.
  11. ITV - WTF?

    I used to have a history. Of watching such mentally ill sh!te those massive bulbs used to put out. Havent watched live TV for years and thank god I dont!. Cancelled the other mentally ill dangerous headcases too that go by the name of Netflix.
  12. What’s your favourite smell guys

    No word of a lie or sarcasm on this one vet. But i could eat an entire jar of that lime pickle in a day. I love the stuff. Whilst watching people nearly be sick on how disgusting they think i am liking it so much!
  13. Eddie halls new house

    Wow nice. Seeing things like this always make me realise i didn't make the right choices in life!
  14. GTFIH?! (if you salary's circa £35k)

    Well. If it makes any of you feel better..... https://news.sky.com/story/onlyfans-could-be-hit-with-bill-for-more-than-three-years-worth-of-unpaid-taxes-12022345