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  1. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    This is true! That's why noone has ever been able to make any boat from any material that the sea will not rot through if not anti fouled every so often.
  2. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    I agree and think the same. Especially with the sea being the most dangerous place you could ever put a boat on to yourself and everyone else! I will be definetly getting a compitent crew or dayskipper cert first before buying anything. I know the courses are costly but it's worth getting the experience for my safety and everyone elses.
  3. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    did you do any courses or learny yourself to sail mate? I know sounds like a daft question. But some people do go balls out, buy a boat having never even putting a sail up and go for it. The price of these marinas are absolutely extortionate though i've found.
  4. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    I love the sea. Been on a few yacht hols over the years. I've been researching for about the last 9 months into sailing. I hope to have a small yacht next year. Looking at booking a competent crew or dayskipper course. I have just joined the WOA.
  5. Sean Pertwee?

    I met Sean about two year ago on a convention. Top bloke actually. Wasn't to pleased when i asked him what he thought about the creation of the seasoning house though.
  6. Stop watching porn!

    I stopped watching it a long time ago. first because they are boring and most of all my phobia of dying at my keyboard in the middle of a w ank with my weener still in my hand, then being found stiff that way by one of my immiediate reletives when I havent been active on WhatsApp for a few days.
  7. Hostel movie series

    That's the one.
  8. Hostel movie series

    I thought they were brutal. Until i watched 'Train'.
  9. Nonce Hunters - Official Thread

    And look who actually appears and no. I have not edited this .
  10. Gang Culture

  11. This. ^^ 4 tup boxes of chilli out of what i made tonight. 500 mince £3 2x250g rice 45p each Can of chopped tomatoes 35p Can of black beans 49p Chilli pack mix 65p Bag of red onions 59p Total cost = £5.53. will feed a family of 4-6 people. Wtf are these people feeding their kids that 1.4 million of them are going hungry?!!...
  12. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Roses are red. Things are looking up. The next time you think things are bad. Just look in veterans cup.
  13. The early days of the Internet

    I can go back before that when i used to pirate snes games back in the early 90s from the online bullitin boards. If you visit CD-ROMguide.com. you can see posts from me even now from 1999. Agreed it was amazing the internet early days.
  14. Armed police shut down gym

    This is hard to believe its the same guy.
  15. After Life

    No I dont believe thats the end. Ive already seen season 1 and 2. Season 3 has been confirmed.