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  1. Can any women give me some dating advice?

    Fckin vegans. Thieving bstards. They eat plant based products. That's my foods food they're eating!!
  2. F kinhell. Is that a pic from when you were a chimney sweeper in the 70s
  3. Spanish flu vs covid 19

    Spanish flu v Covid 19 v getting bummed by Purple AKI, let’s make it even more interesting
  4. LGBT Community 'Suffering' in Lockdown

    LBGT. The hypocritical creators of rising homophobic hatred since the 1990s.
  5. Anyone actually had flu..?

    Yes i've had it twice. Most people dont have a clue there is a life threatening difference between a bad cold and the flu!
  6. John Meadows heart attack

    Aww dam! Im currently watching and following his resistance bands workouts. Hope he gets well. "Aright hiii everybody...!"
  7. What easing of lock down may look like

    You've never been to Manchester then!
  8. What easing of lock down may look like

    I think sad to say they will be the last things that ever re-open again. The staff members at the retail stores can barely deal with the abuse they get from the 3 stone pasty arm dragger giving it large in his gola vest outside Iceland. Doesnt bare thinking how they deal with some plank whos fit and works out who doesnt wanna comply with the only so many in at a time rule.

    Never thought i would ever say it. Rick Gervais is a genius!
  10. Our Key Workers

    I get where you're coming from. I stopped someone from being raped this weekend by staying in!. Where's my round of applause?
  11. People claiming its come from bats! Those people have been eating bats for thousands of years. And it's magically took till the year 2020 for this to cause a virus? BS
  12. So we can now confirm that the business that is going to make the most money......... Is the Sun!
  13. Yes. My chances of being laid before were about 3%. Now its about -100000000000!!!
  14. Who else is missing the gym?

    A little, but I've only just got back into it since January. I'm doing bodyweight workouts and have some resistance bands. A pullup bar and a skipping rope. All I'll say it holy hell bw excesizes are an absolute killer! Not as good as lifting the weights but it's good enough for now.