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  1. has anyone thought about suicide?

    22? lol. I started a career at about 32 and was a drunken angin little scrubber who walked around in trackies for nearly 30 years. and now have a successful crafting business along my deployment specialist career and I am absolutely thick as sh1t. So trust me if I can make something out of life anyone can!.
  2. I've been doing that for years long before the pandemic even started so nowt I can do about that anyway!
  3. I run a small 3d printing business.
  4. I have been offered a vaccine by txt message but I have not gone for it. Not because I think the government will improve my mobile 5g coverage or they are planning to kill us. It's been on trial for 6 months with unknown long term effects. I do follow the guidelines and no i am not an anti masker.
  5. Poor body image - mental health

    I found a great solution for me was moving onto one of these. Now I couldnt give two fcks what anyone looks like. And care far even less about what people think I look like!
  6. European Super League

    Greatest quote of it all. Florentino Perez: "Ive been in football for 20 years!" Says the 74 year old. Answers just about everything about him and what he is really.
  7. What are you passionate about?

    Council tax!
  8. Brainwashed sheep

    Do you pay council tax?
  9. Covid planned

    Actually you're a bit wrong on that. Liverpool went into mass panic when they were offered the jab. But turns out they misunderstood and everything calmed down when it was confirmed they were offered a jab, not a job!.
  10. Covid planned

    Yes it was all planned. The elites and world leaders have lost hundreds upon trillions of dollars wiped from the entire planets economy just so they can make some pandemic up!
  11. Council tax

    Dont get me wrong. I love watching that lives in the wild with Ben Fogle and envy those sorts that give up on life and fckoff to the woods in a boat or log cabin and are free from bills and tax ect because society and the chaotic rat race is not for everyone. But those that live like scruffs and avoid any contributions on the principle of living everyday of their lives just to get one over on the system is pretty pathetic and a pointless waste of life. Best of luck whoever choses that, because the system was here long before they came and it will still be here for hundreds of years coming long after you've gone!
  12. Census

    Ahhh my bad. Sorry Mickey, heres one for the council tax band you're in. There are two types of people in this world. Those who pay council tax And those who dont!
  13. Census

    Yes. He looked at one but said his council tax was too high!
  14. Council tax

    Dodging the council tax is like those muderes who are still roaming who have been caught more than 30 years after their crimes. No matter how long they've gotten away with it. Sooner or later some detective who has a couple of days spare on their hands will decide to re-open that case, play ball with some unfound DNA evidence and off to a court and life sentence you go. My sister was screwed £1200 for an unpaid council tax bill after 5 years of moving house and went massivly overdrawn. Not because she refused to pay it, but because someone somewhere at the council after all that time found... oops. This isnt right!. Must have missed that one!.
  15. Council tax

    It doesn't matter a fck what people try to do to avoid paying CT. It's not going to happen no matter how many people say it can be done it's all wishful thinking!! Remember the poll tax riots that went s**t shaped for the government?? Its THE only way!!! Quiet peaceful protests will never work as peaceful demonstrations have absolutely no impact as no fucker listens!!!!! Try organising a protest and let it take its course, a tried and tested remedy.... or so they thought. Only to be replaced with a flat-rate, per-capita tax on every adult, at a rate set by the local authority., now known as..... Council tax! Go out now in your 100s or 1000s protesting refusing to pay council tax and see what kind of police turn the fck up. I gurantee you a 10000% they wont be the same sort of police you've been seeing on youtube about the Black lives anti diesel gay pride victim tranny coloured unwashed fckin pink and purple rainbow rights that have been happening in recent events shouting "GET BACK, GET BACK!!!"