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    JABDUL reacted to safc49 in New Triumph Range...   
    Don't think triumph could get enough qualified people to staff their business off this forum 
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    JABDUL got a reaction from cal_123 in Dunnings DHB   
    Yes as the lads have said above the service is beyond a joke but atleast you got your products eventually.
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    JABDUL got a reaction from cal_123 in Dunnings DHB   
    It’s definitely still got hormone in it because you can see the crystals on the vials. Maybe your one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer with bad pip and it was a while ago that i ran it. I’ve never seen fake dunning bud so your products should be gtg so use them with confidence. Get back to us all on how your getting on with these mate.
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    JABDUL reacted to Towel in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    I can honestly say in all my years taking steroids I’ve never taken anything and it didn’t do what it should.
    Yes I’ve had bunk products in the early days, dhacks aromasin, dimensions Yohimbine for example but never had say winstrol as Anavar etc 
    And all the products I paid to have tested came back exactly what they should, even when I lied and told the lab they were different compounds just to be sure. 
    You could just of reached a stage in your life now where your hair will thin regardless mate so any steroid you take will speed it up to some degree, obviously some worse than others. 
    Tbol should be milder than most though so it’s worth a try, any of the decent Uk labs on here should sell legit tbol.
    Ru5881 (spelling) is great stuff if you suffer from hair loss mate, I don’t need it but I got some for my brother and his hair was on the verge of needing shaving off now it’s nearly thick as mine. 
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    JABDUL reacted to Towel in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    Exactly what I liked about it.
    same way some people get on with oxys and I don’t get much from them, or some sort people love EQ while most find it useless, people should just accept that tbol works great for some and you just need to try it yourself instead of going off others, if it works for you as you said it’s a great med, 
    As stated it’s one of the few steroids that was developed purely to boost athletic performance so it must do something providing it’s legit 
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    JABDUL reacted to Tonysco in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    Superdrol is on par with dbol on how anabolic it is, i dont know the exact ratings but im sure its close. Superdrol doesn't aromatise like dbol however so its good for those who have issues with controlling estrogen.
    If you want purely muscle mass, then your better off with oils imo, stuff like tren etc.. will put mass on better than any oral imo, and can be ran for longer with less impact on the liver. If your going to run an oral to build mass then retaining appetite is essential, no point in running it if you cant stomach the food you need to get in. Not everyone runs gear purely for mass, powerlifters for example. 
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    JABDUL reacted to strengthnsize in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    Tbol is my favourite oral. Superior to all others imo if you want something that’s good for everything across the board (unless you’re getting drug tested as it’s detection time is ridiculously long now). Will it benefit you if you’re an athlete who needs power and/or endurance, such as a MMA fighter, sprinter, middle distance runner? Yes. Will it benefit you if you’re prepping for a powerlifting meet and need to be careful not to go over the weight limit? Yes. Will it help you if your goal is to put on lean muscle mass without significant water retention? Yes. Is it fairly mild on your lipids, appetite and liver enzymes? Yes (in my case) Will it help you to retain muscle and glycogen whilst cutting? Yes.
    I don’t have significant appetite suppression on it, I don’t experience any androgenic side effects like acne or hair loss. I don’t experience horrible back or shin pumps. It doesn’t make me cramp like anavar and isn’t metabolised in your kidney like anavar either.
    There’s a reason why the East Germans designed turinabol even when they had access to other steroids like testosterone, methyl-DHT, anavar and so on. It produced good strength gains and muscle mass which was keepable even after stopping use. A female shot putter was able to add 2m to her existing world record with turinabol alone, and a lot of the Olympic records set on turinabol still haven’t been broken 40 years later.
    From this on point onwards I don’t see myself using any other oral in the future personally but I’m experimenting with using it with anavar at the moment as some say they show some synergy together. I just wish the cost was lower but it’s expected because of its chemical structure.
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    JABDUL got a reaction from Tonysco in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    I agree bud and I’ve ran superdrol before by far the strongest oral I’ve ever ran although I did experience some hair loss on it so I’m trying to stick to mild compounds atm. I think it was the East German swimming team bud. 
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    JABDUL reacted to sitries in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    Tbol is a decent drug IMO, it’s effects are kind of in the middle of dbol and anavar. 
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    JABDUL reacted to MrBrightside in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    Manufactured 2018 so I'd say old stuff. 
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    JABDUL reacted to Towel in Triumph Labs Turinabol?!   
    Oh he should listen to me, it’s me after all, owner of virtually all Uk labs . 
    Just not the rest of you lot. 
    But in all seriousness, I always read tbol is crap etc on here, tried it myself as most orals kill my appetite so can’t bulk, not sure if other labs are underdosed or lads don’t use a high enough dose but 100mg of the nexus tbol was very noticeable, I gained about 4kg on the scale but if anything I was more vascular than ever. 
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    JABDUL reacted to Cronus in Before and After Photos (cutting 10kg)   
    I need to see nudes to tell you
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    JABDUL reacted to Mrmotivator in Before and After Photos (cutting 10kg)   
    Got a couple of invisible carpets there buddy???
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    JABDUL reacted to Simon90 in What labs ?   
    Is it legit pharma or do you not know yet 
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    JABDUL got a reaction from Simon90 in What labs ?   
    It should be legit pharma I got 20 1ml amps while I was in Istanbul having hair transplant.
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    JABDUL got a reaction from Lovelyjubly in Is Thor the deadliest man on the planet?   
    This is similar to what would happen to him if he was to try and fight a trained fighter. 
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    JABDUL reacted to sitries in RU58841 help!   
    Ah ok. Nizorol always done the trick for me 
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    JABDUL reacted to Shergar in Has the lock down affected your sex life?   
    Nope still regular as clock work, Birthdays/Christmases only.
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    JABDUL got a reaction from Sasnak in Sibutramine stil exist ?   
    Still exists bud and a few labs still do it. I’ve tried pharmacom and rx labs both g2g.
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    JABDUL got a reaction from Lovelyjubly in Hair transplant   
    If money is not problem I’d go for one of the top surgeons like dr kaan perkiner €2.25 per graft, Dr erkan demirsoy €1.25 per graft or Dr hakan doganay €2 per graft if your not bothered about paying that much I’d go with a clinic were mostly the technicians do all the work I’d recommend dr cinik or cosmedica bud. I’ve just been to dr demirsoy 3030 grafts it was absolutely spot on I never even had any swelling but I’ve heard the swelling is down to how much anaesthetic you have and you can cut the back and sides after week 5 but you can’t touch the top for 3 months after surgery hope this helps dude ?
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    JABDUL got a reaction from PsychedUp in REAL OR FAKE. Androlics and blue hearts   
    Yes I think your right man :/ it’s a shame the fakes have ruined it. Like clubber says atleast there’s plenty of decent ugls atm. 
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    JABDUL got a reaction from Elitefitness in Elixir testosterone enanthate? Legit or fake   
    I’ve used a few bits of theirs mate hit and miss tbh.
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    JABDUL reacted to fakenattymatty in REAL OR FAKE. Androlics and blue hearts   
    Just buy the Nexus gear... its on the same site 
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    JABDUL reacted to bigaldevlin in Apocolypse Home workouts   
    Cheers mate
    And haha deffo eont take you long to get the rest!
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    JABDUL got a reaction from bigaldevlin in Apocolypse Home workouts   
    It’s easily done man once you get the bug I’ve got both arms done both legs done and chest done I’ve well and truly got the bug haha I’ll probably end up like you bud. All best anyway man good luck with your mma.