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  1. Rohm Viro enth. Back then rohm never made Enanthate Totally bunk.
  2. Dunnings DHB

    It’s definitely still got hormone in it because you can see the crystals on the vials. Maybe your one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer with bad pip and it was a while ago that i ran it. I’ve never seen fake dunning bud so your products should be gtg so use them with confidence. Get back to us all on how your getting on with these mate.
  3. Dunnings DHB

    Yes as the lads have said above the service is beyond a joke but atleast you got your products eventually.
  4. Dunnings DHB

    It was good pal i enjoyed it! I ran 500mg 10 weeks pretty bad pip though! Did you have any issues with contacting them at all or with the delivery? People’s been saying they’ve been getting the wrong product sent out or no reply for weeks.
  5. Dunnings DHB

    Should be gtg? Has the dhb crashed? Every dhb I ever got from dunning had crashed I don’t believe the guy who owns the lab has changed just the reseller has changed and apparently has been making all sorts of cock ups. The product should still be gtg though mate as dunning products are very good.
  6. @nWo what lab was it you run mate for the Methyl Tren?
  7. I have ran this cycle with 500 test and really liked the boldenone really increased my appetite probably the most Ive ever gained in a cycle was the first time I ever ran tren and holy s**t it’s strong! my boldenone dose was 750mg though mate.
  8. Appreciate all the input chaps! I’ll be running these for 8 weeks alongside 500mg sustanon once all this coronavirus over and done with.
  9. Yes bud the surgeon says I have enough grafts left to have a second transplant if I wanted to and no mate RU58841 is a topical anti androgen that blocks the androgen receptors where is it applied so “technically” it can stop hair loss on any steroid although I wasn’t sure on using it as it’s still a research chemical and there’s hasn’t been any extensive testing done on it. Although reviews I’ve heard from people say it’s absolutely brilliant.
  10. Ohh no don’t say that I’ve just bought some dimensions yohimbine haha but yes I agree bud it could just be that I’ve reached that point in life either way this hair transplant should thicken it all up im 4 months post op and it’s looking better than ever. I’ve often wondered about RU in the future if I wanted to go back on certain compounds that are stronger than others. Thanks for the info mate.
  11. That’s the issue with ugls bud you don’t know what’s actually in it unless you get it tested. Up until now the cycles I’ve ran without hair loss were my first cycle test prop only, my second cycle test prop again with tbol (which is why I don’t think it was winstrol) and my 3rd cycle sus and deca all my cycles after that I’ve seen thinning all over. So their the only compounds I’ll stick with now and I’m not trying to be mr Olympia so I’m happy to use only these.
  12. Thanks bud I’m going to give these a whirl when all this coronavirus over and done with and see how I get on. Once again thanks for the info man.
  13. I agree bud and I’ve ran superdrol before by far the strongest oral I’ve ever ran although I did experience some hair loss on it so I’m trying to stick to mild compounds atm. I think it was the East German swimming team bud.
  14. Haha I’ve had my head shaved for ages now it’s time to a have a nice head of hair