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  1. My stuff arrived today, they were extremely apologetic and chucked in a few freebies , they’d just forgot to process it , so alls good , great service even with the mess up
  2. How do I remove the post .... s**t lol
  3. Recently purchased some Tm tes on the 30/06/18 but still nothing has come , I’ve emailed and they said between Saturday and Monday (last week) .... has anyone else had any problems recently or have I just got unlucky ? .... first time ordering aswell ?
  4. my ''guy'' obvs put me right off, so I keep buying off him, but the lab he sells , as I said is working ,regarding reviews seems piss poor so if I can get better for my money id be an idiot not too, I really have nothing to compare prostasia to as it being my first cycle but this TM sounds to be the bee's knees
  5. haha my bad lol ....tes e , from TM
  6. ive only gone and done it, was always very sceptical about ordering online, normally get it in person but these sounded too good to not give them a chance, how did you all find it and what should I expect, ie product , time scale , company in general ...im always rather embarrassed to admit what lab am using as it is my first cycle and to be fair it was what most of the lads don the gym are using, prostasia, LOL, ...but to be fair ive not had no problems with it , gained well ect but I know its not very highly rated in comparison to most of the labs recommended on here ... any info would be great , cheers
  7. running tes e at 600 , kickstarted with dbol for 6 weeks starting at 20mg week 1, going up weekly to 40mg then ran 40mg till the end of the 6th week, concurrent with arimidex m/w/f 0.5mg .....dbol dropped now ....will up my water and try squeeze some bananas in (not to keen but needs must)
  8. Im currently on my first (proper) cycle , ie correct dosages and routine .... Im towards the end now with only 3 weeks to go and have had cramps in the back of my calves pretty much from week 1, never had them prior to using, it wasn't really an issue to be fair, quick 30 seconds tightening then goes away (wakes me up tho) ....last night was the worst so far it lasted for a good 3 minutes and when I've woke up this morning it still felt rather tight for about an hour ? , any recommendations on what maybe causing it or help minimising them ....cheers
  9. im currently half way through my first cycle, tes kickstarted with dbol , I've decided im going to just drop down to 150mg week at cruise dose at the end of this cycle until back end of oct then blast (Maybe not a blast to most of you), I was wondering if anyone when they started went straight into b&c or if they cycled a few times before doing so, id be grateful for any input , cheers