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    Redsy reacted to anna1 in T3 and clen cycle for women   
    T3 worked for me overall,25mcg was great , felt lethargic on 50 so had to drop back down
    didn't gain weight when I discontinued, was careful with my diet though 
    clen I can't tolerate but it does work
    diet is the key point  no matter what x
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    Redsy reacted to Jaling in T3 and clen cycle for women   
    May you take my suggestion on t3. Dont use it. It you run a high dose to burn fat the fat will return once use has stopped.
    Also if you find dieting hard when you come off and wait for your natural t4 to start producing again you'll gain wait unless you stay very active and eat in a deficit.
    I myself started t3 a year or so ago and haven't stopped and just run at 25mcg to maintain as if I stop and wait for my normal levels to return I'll gain sllot of fat as I canf co trol my eating when I know I have to eat less.
    If you're like this t3 isn't worth it.
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    Redsy reacted to stargazer in T3 and clen cycle for women   
    My GF has cycled T3 on many occasions for 6wks @ 75mcg, with no issues and bloods 4wks after stopping came back as normal everytime.
    First time with clen in the mix i would start her on 50mcg.
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    Redsy reacted to Bensif in T3 and clen cycle for women   
    I really don’t like given women t3. I would personally recommend sticking to clen on, and aiming to maintain the highest caloric intake possible and creating the deficit via training and cardio.
    You could also consider Yohimbe as that, I feel, is quite effective.
    Clen - 20mcg up to 60mcg on training days only for as the duration of the dieting phase.
    T3, regardless of gender, should only be used IF thyroid output is lowered. But this only really happens if diet has been improperly managed for a relatively long duration.
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    Redsy reacted to ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    If it's still in powder form and was kept in a cool dark place, it should be fine.   
    You can definitely use it instead of HCG. It's more effective by far. Target dose would be +200 IU per week.   "Keep them ticking" and fertility go hand in hand.
    If you don't want to knock up your partners, use condoms, pull out method (actually works if done correctly),  or time ejaculation/intercourse away from the fertility period the only time a woman can get pregnant (Around days 9-14 of the menstrual cycle, day 1 being the period AKA when bleeding starts).
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    Redsy got a reaction from ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    I have 20-30 shots of 75iu HMG. Missus was given it 8years ago for IVF.
    Does it go out of date? 
    Can I use instead of HCG to just keep balls intact whilst on TRT and/or cycle? What protocol to just keep them ticking along.....not needing fertility!!!
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    Redsy reacted to stargazer in Can HMG replace HCG   
    Depends, HMG is usually a ratio, so part MG part CG, i think its usually 75/25, it works well for both but to  get an LH pulse you need HCG, (HMG won't give a pulsatile action) but it really isn't that necessary for our use.
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    Redsy reacted to Towel in Can HMG replace HCG   
    My box says each vial contains the equivalent of 
    150iu LH
    150iu FSH
    I just take a vial a week split into 2 injections. 
    In my opinion, which I’m sure people will want to dispute, it will preserve my fertility better than HCG considering you need both FSH and LH for sperm production from my understanding. If you’re not fussed on fertility or already have kids I reckon it’s pointless 

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    Redsy reacted to arbffgadm100 in Can HMG replace HCG   
    Worked for me.
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    Redsy reacted to Towel in Can HMG replace HCG   
    I use it all year
    i feel it keeps the balls fuller 
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    Redsy reacted to Towel in Can HMG replace HCG   
    I’m doing 75iu 2x a week and seems better than when I was using 1000iu a week hcg
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    Redsy got a reaction from simonboyle in Many guys use steroids for other types of sports?   
    Even shooters I wouldn't be suprised at. FFS there was a sweeper in a curling team caught taking PEDs.....think it was steroids in winter Olympics. 
    I love cycling......but wowser......think there is another boom going on at present if it ever slowed
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    Redsy reacted to ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    No doctor will be able to confirm steroid use unless they  piss or blood test you for the compounds.  If you are muscular and your liver enzymes are super high, they might suspect it, but that's it.  Liver enzymes can be elevated from a night of heavy drinking, tons of exercise, and even medications like tylenol.
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    Redsy got a reaction from ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    My docs did some bloods.
    Alt levels come out at 42 and CRP at 15.
    Must say she is very thorough and is wanting more detailed bloods panel specifically related to liver. What will these be? Will they be able to tell steroid use?
    These tests were 8-10 weeks of test/tren/mast 400/200/200 and some winny or anavar PWO probably 3/4 x week.
    Am taking following started 2 weeks ago.  test p/EQ/tren a 150/200/150 at minute, will drop tren in 2 weeks and continue test/eq for probably another 12weeks, then on to 125 test p only. 
    Thoughts on levels and if alt levels on above will improve worsen and if specific liver panel can spot steroids
    Many thanks as always.
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    Redsy reacted to Cronus in New Cycle just to Start with   
    I did this exact cycle bro, don't be sharing my secret stack 
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    Redsy reacted to Sustanation in New Cycle just to Start with   
    Worst cycle I've ever seen in my life. 
    250mg test E for 12 weeks
    Keep it simple stupid (Kiss) 
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    Redsy reacted to daringhorse in Real vd fake gear   
    I've had a few dodgy vials before and it's usually obvious the minute you switch up your source/gear and you find that you feel better pretty much instantly, you don't shutdown due to low T after injecting gear that can sometimes be way underdosed, your body composition is usually fuller, water weight also, stronger, faster, more endurance in the gym, gyno presenting itself in puffy nipples, spots, increased aggression, lots of facial hair growth (for me anyway). Basically you feel 100% whereas fake gear will have you feeling the benefits because it's no doubt got something in but if you've been  on cycle before you'll notice that things aren't exactly how you expected them to be. I just feel robbed of the full effects tbh. That's usually because of the gear you're using imo.

    I'm using Pharmaqo at the minute and it's known for being overdosed and so right now I'm aware that I'm feeling the complete side effects and benefits of being on the exact dose if not higher (due to the overdosing of their gear) compared to other gear that doesn't quite hit the spot. Experience will tell you. It's like with any other drug you know when you've had the real stuff because anything else just feels sh*t if it's not on par or above expectations from legit gear/experiences etc.

    As for the effects of Test E in the time frame you mentioned, I'd say thats unlikely. You don't reach peak concentration of the compound in your blood until 4 weeks and that's down to the ester which has to be cleaved off by your body over a period of several weeks compared to others like propionate which has a short acting ester therefore the compound can reach therapeutic doses way quicker because it can be absorbed way quicker. Due to this you won't feel much until you've reached peak concentration of the drug in your body which is usually around 4 weeks. For me I get the early onset of side effects after 3 weeks but nothing comparable to peak concentration levels after, say, 6 weeks and beyond where theres no doubt the drug has had more than long enough to get absorbed. Continuous injections ensure that I'm feeding my body doses which will aim to maintain concentration levels, which is something that is not possible when you're 1 week in because before the first week theres no drug there for your body to absorb therefore you're working from nothing and building up concentration levels until you reach a peak which is where you want to be in terms of benefiting from the full effects of Test E. For me it's right around 600mg per week. For others it's way higher but either way they have to feed the hormones in in the first place to reach those levels which doesn't happen within a week or two, not with longer esters like enanthate.

    My experience/what I know of it anyway. Hope it helps
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    Redsy reacted to ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    Splitting HGH dose multiple times daily increases the IGF-1 increase.  The way you are taking it is the way the track and field people were running in the American olympic team. (x 3 per week at your dosage).  Too much HGH can slow you down from the extra water/nitrogen/glycogen/weight.  Pharmacokinetics are best with SQ abdominal around evening/bedtime from the studies.
    I'm not heavy into the endurance training scene but i've heard Meldonium is good for improving endurance.  Low dose testosterone and winstrol should work though.  
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    Redsy got a reaction from ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    Hi Elchapo.....making great progress, recovered from hernia and rotator cuff injuries well from your advice, thanks!!!
    1 Got some bloods back from gp. Alt levels 1-3 mine 3.1. 
    Platelets also same, 1-3, mine 3.1. 
    Was few after mild DHB/test/winny cycle. That to be expected? 
    2 Wanting to drop some weight and get cardio amazing to ride bike. 
    Am running test p 150/WK....
    Occasionally, winny or anavar pre workout. 
    Clen/ephedrine/caffeine pre workout. 
    Anything drug wise to increase cardio or just training. EPO too dangerous for me. 
    I train on bike hard at threshold HR or intervals on bike for hour, then do a basic 3-5*5 strength work out. 4-5*/WK.
    3 running HGH for recovery and fatloss. Run 4iu 3/WK. So 12 iu. 
    Better jabbing all HGH in morning? Or at night? Or 2iu at night, 2 in morning? 
    4 I have 12 weeks before a cycling trip.....what drug use you'd advise in that period so am best possible on bike 12 weeks from now? 
    Many thanks
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    Redsy reacted to Towel in I wonder how many labs just fill the vial up with oil...   
    As @swole troll has said, bunk gear is hard to come by, there’s so many decent Uk labs out these days you’re hard pushed to find fake gear

    I’ve seen you do two posts, 1 with some sis mtren and another with what looks like sigma mtren. 
    So congratulations, In a sea of good solid labs, you’ve managed to fish out the few labs that everyone would agree are bottom of the pile 
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    Redsy reacted to sos2008 in How long for blood markers to return   
    just to add i meant my hormonal markers take 6 weeks post pct to return to normal as i cycle. If you B n C obviously hormonal will return to your cruise dose straight away. I only get lipids tested if running an oral which isn't that often due there ability wreak havoc with cholesterol etc.
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    Redsy reacted to swole troll in How long for blood markers to return   
    listed probably the top 3 worse steroids there are for smashing cholesterol to bits which generally is the slowest health marker after RBC to return to a more acceptable level 

    it is also heavily dependent on lifestyle post cycle / blast; diet, cardio, cruise dose, supplementation and genetic predisposition 

    if everything is in line you might have acceptable HDL LDL after 6 weeks but if it took 5 to rectify and you go back on soon as they're acceptable then it's very little time spent with healthy blood lipids which as we all know is the slow burner along with cardiac remodeling for shortening steroid users lives 
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    Redsy reacted to sos2008 in How long for blood markers to return   
    Mine return to around normal levels about 6 weeks after pct. I only ever run test at max of 500mg a week & occasionally some var never stay on longer than 12 weeks, so nothing harsh. I imagine if your running tren/long cycles it will be a long recovery time. I think the more cycles you do it takes a little bit more out of you each time though tbh.
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    Redsy reacted to gavzilla in How long for blood markers to return   
    For me it’s usually 3-4 months after 12 week blasts of test 500-750mg with oxys and winny 
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    Redsy reacted to Crackerman in Test / tren and ?   
    Just run a TTM cycle, simple.