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  1. My missus is going to drop some weight. Diet is pretty good. I'd appreciate some guidance on T3 dosages mainly for women and best way to run. I have some T3, tiromel from Abi Ibrahim 25mcg She can manage up to about 40mg of clen so will be cycled with that. Many thanks
  2. I have 20-30 shots of 75iu HMG. Missus was given it 8years ago for IVF. Does it go out of date? Can I use instead of HCG to just keep balls intact whilst on TRT and/or cycle? What protocol to just keep them ticking along.....not needing fertility!!! Was doing 250iu x2/WK HCG.... Was thinking something like 75iu X3/WK HMG Thoughts?
  3. You using that blast of cruise or both? Does it keep balls full like HCG?
  4. I have 20-30 shots of 75iu HMG. Missus was given it 8years ago for IVF. Does it go out of date? Can I use instead of HCG to just keep balls intact whilst on TRT and/or cycle? What protocol to just keep them ticking along.....not needing fertility!!!
  5. Even shooters I wouldn't be suprised at. FFS there was a sweeper in a curling team caught taking PEDs.....think it was steroids in winter Olympics. I love cycling......but wowser......think there is another boom going on at present if it ever slowed
  6. My docs did some bloods. Alt levels come out at 42 and CRP at 15. Must say she is very thorough and is wanting more detailed bloods panel specifically related to liver. What will these be? Will they be able to tell steroid use? These tests were 8-10 weeks of test/tren/mast 400/200/200 and some winny or anavar PWO probably 3/4 x week. Am taking following started 2 weeks ago. test p/EQ/tren a 150/200/150 at minute, will drop tren in 2 weeks and continue test/eq for probably another 12weeks, then on to 125 test p only. Thoughts on levels and if alt levels on above will improve worsen and if specific liver panel can spot steroids Many thanks as always.
  7. Hi Elchapo.....making great progress, recovered from hernia and rotator cuff injuries well from your advice, thanks!!! 1 Got some bloods back from gp. Alt levels 1-3 mine 3.1. Platelets also same, 1-3, mine 3.1. Was few after mild DHB/test/winny cycle. That to be expected? 2 Wanting to drop some weight and get cardio amazing to ride bike. Am running test p 150/WK.... Occasionally, winny or anavar pre workout. Clen/ephedrine/caffeine pre workout. Anything drug wise to increase cardio or just training. EPO too dangerous for me. I train on bike hard at threshold HR or intervals on bike for hour, then do a basic 3-5*5 strength work out. 4-5*/WK. 3 running HGH for recovery and fatloss. Run 4iu 3/WK. So 12 iu. Better jabbing all HGH in morning? Or at night? Or 2iu at night, 2 in morning? 4 I have 12 weeks before a cycling trip.....what drug use you'd advise in that period so am best possible on bike 12 weeks from now? Many thanks
  8. From guys experience, those who get regular bloods.....after a cycle how long does it take for your blood markers to return to 'normal' ranges? I run fairly moderate cycles12-16 wks and cruise on 125mg test. I run orals or tren from time to time though only up to 4wks on cycle. I've not done much in way of blood testing tbh. Interested in people's experiences.
  9. Am keeping test 300-400mg, maybe tren a/mast 150/150. Only run tren for 4weeks. If not tren I'll add anavar or winny 50mg/day for 4weeks. So relatively moderate in comparison to some. I am not PCT ing, am 45 so keep a low test cruise. So from above time on / off seems to apply.
  10. Squats v Leg press

    Start light on squat rack and build up slowly. Nail your technique. No need for a spotter IMO unless going for 1RM. All the compound stuff technique is number 1 but the overall benefits are worth the effort.
  11. Drop Smith's machine for BP and squats from rack.
  12. Am looking at trying meldonium, its what Sharapova admitted to taking for endurance ki d of benefits. Anyone know of any labs producing as struggling finding one. Thanks
  13. Estimating weight to lose

    +1 for above For me.....drop cals, sensible very basic AAS and cut fat. Then once at BF your happy with build muscle with a cal surplus. Simples
  14. Read a compelling article on t-nation other day. ......basically ripping the cross tits apart. Not just gay but idiotic cult
  15. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Suppose its better than a badly put together kebab
  16. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Haha....I can confirm no [email protected] a very nice mouse's ear. However, will need similar weekly photos for continued confirmation.
  17. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Twit twoooo. Very tidy and compact......small as a mouse's ear
  18. Daily aspirin

    I bought some ages ago for a ECA stack.. pharmacist came to speak to me, she sounded like I was about to start daily rat poison and scared me off.
  19. I had and use HGH anyway....so it was more how best to utilise it to maximise recovery. If i jab a bit extra for a few weeks...so be it. Am really bad at physio type exercises...ie actually doing them....but i will take a look and try to go steady once fixed
  20. Great really appreciate advice. Yes, I know it's there but wouldn't say hurts at rest. If I do a BW curl, lateral raise, front raise, ohp etc and I feel it at back of shoulder. When we say complete test.....we mean just anything that hurts at all. Squatting, deads seem ok. Carry on with them? Ill jab in lats....nearest I can reach myself. Missus won't do it. I've got HGH anyway....I'll just dose 5/wk for 2-3weeks. I had hernia repair.....I swear HGH helped recovery.
  21. Picked up a minor tear in rear of rotator cuff. Think it's infraspinatus muscle. For recovery what's best? Using hgh to help.....still better to use AM and PM over one jab PM? Is it worth jabbing locally? So HGH in rear of shoulder SQ
  22. In my 40s started first cycle.....knew it was only my first. Fact....no one does just one cycle.
  23. Wow. Really interested in this. I've been using 4iu at bedtime...... generally whilst in a TRT dose. I drop it when I cycle and increase dose. So if I use 4iu on m/w/f......would I be better using 2iu am and pm on m/w/f .
  24. So am jabbing E3D. 300/300/wk split into 2, Test E/DHB On jab days 0.5mg arimidex. By day after jab day feel better balanced. Sex, energy, orgasm etc etc Day before next jab am probably feeling best. So I know bloods would show...... However, based on above would you say arimidex dose needs to be slightly higher or lower? Guess it's down to half life's varying.