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  1. I am on trt at moment but will likely bump it up a notch - maybe 1ml a week to give that extra boost - I’d like to think I will be back where I was in about 6 weeks. My main focus at moment has been staying lean and I have done an ok job at that.
  2. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    If they open them in Aug and then in Oct we see a spike as per seasonal then they will be first to close what a complete mess
  3. Indoor gyms to stay shut

  4. If gyms open up in July it will make nearly 4 months they have been closed - this will be longest time I have had off from training. i am on trt and wondering how long it would take to get back to where I was pre lockdown - I am thinking about 6 weeks...anyone else with any experience of lay offs and how it took them to get gains back?
  5. The gym group new coronavirus measures

    It’s so over the top , also if this [email protected] gov reduce the distance to 1m that will mean they have to reprint all those posters and signs. this isn’t the plague - my word talk about drama
  6. The gym group new coronavirus measures

    Hopefully loads won’t want to go back and the gyms will be relaxed about those who are there longer. 45 mins is better than nothing but doesn’t feel right. They should consider opening 24/7 if they want to spread the use.
  7. American adult men living in the basement

    Interesting thread....I know of someone who only comes into the real world to eat sleep and go to toilet. he spent a fair whack on this set up and basically sits in a chair with a headset on playing a game in which live in a virtual world. he lives with his parents who apart from pay his bills seem happy for him to do this
  8. What easing of lock down may look like

    Gyms not being open have an impact on physical and mental health. The effects are less in warmer months when you can get out and walk, run, cycle etc but come the colder months issues will start to mount. This whole lockdown is a political farce .....the virus is terrible to a small % or population and mild for most. While we wait for treatments or vaccine we should never have locked down but followed good hygiene , work from home where possible and social distance when out in public as best as possible. Contact tracing should have been in place February time along with testing....the government messed up now have to been seen as ultra cautious otherwise people will think they are bad and won’t vote for them.
  9. What easing of lock down may look like

    The world has gone mad, we should never have gone into lockdown as they will now over react each time there is a spike and lock down further. Just total madness. the amount of indirect deaths to covid is going to dwarf direct ones. Even that doom gloom moron scientist broke the rules - one rule for them one for everyone else. my body has gone to s**t the last 6 weeks along with my mental health.
  10. Cv-19 when will it pass

    6-12 weeks for lock down in U.K. international travel restricted for next 6-12 months richer countries will be on top of it by end of summer but poorer countries won’t vaccine but summer 2021 to really stamp it out
  11. Anyone considering buying equipment to train at home?

    I may get an exercise bike (concept 2 one) and focus on cardiovascular conditioning during this time. If I can keep body fat low then I reckon I should be able to gain any muscle loss back quite quickly.
  12. Biggest cycle I know of was my friend who ran 500mg test per day (3.5g a week) 2g deca per week 100mg dbol a day I remember him saying he had elephant legs when sitting down and would scratch them lots due to amount of swelling
  13. Sustanon 250 only cycle

    Absolutely, there is no concern with either method. Some just like the convenience of once a week injections.
  14. Sustanon 250 only cycle

    Personally yes, 1ml once a week.
  15. Sustanon 250 only cycle

    Personally I would go for once a week with sustanon, at least 2 of the esters will start over lapping and your blood readings before each injection will be around 40 nmol before spiking you to over 100 nmol. SHBG acts as the buffer that stabilises the blood levels so it’s highly unlikely you would notice any difference x1 vs x2 a week.