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  1. Longest cycle /blast you've done??

    For those who have been on cycle for a while just drop down to 150mg of test a week for a few months to stabilise levels and health , from there then decide if you want to come off altogether. Much easier doing it that way then cold turkey in my opinion.
  2. TRT being capped too low?

    It all depends on how you feel yourself with symptoms and day to day life. take the smallest dose to get rid of symptoms. some might be get symptom resolution at 15 nmol, 25 nmol , 35 nmol and maybe higher. The blood levels are just a guide.
  3. F##k the NHS off!!

    Take BSSM guidelines to next GP visit and say you will write a complaint to Governing body for Mal practice.
  4. Peoples idea of a 'cruise'

    Ok thank you
  5. Peoples idea of a 'cruise'

    I keep dreaming about steroids several times a week
  6. Peoples idea of a 'cruise'

    I’d blast and TRT
  7. Peoples idea of a 'cruise'

    I am on TRT (1ml Sustanon E10D) and am thinking of adding in deca for 12 weeks on , 12 weeks off , maybe along with dbol.
  8. Peoples idea of a 'cruise'

    My TRT is sustanon E10D - blood work after 2.5 years of this came back excellent.
  9. Peoples idea of a 'cruise'

    What was the final verdict
  10. If you had scar tissue in an area due to years of pinning then gave it a break for months , had massage etc would the scar tissue go eventually
  11. I am on TRT (sustanon every 14 days) and would like to add a little spelt hint extra to spice things up in the anabolic department. SARMs seem quite easy to get hold of and seen some mixed reports on their effectiveness - has anyone on these boards who is quite experienced with anabolics tried them and if so which ones? Did they give any noticeable improvements or was it so mild it’s not worth the bother?
  12. Dr Stevens or Dr Savage

    How does every 17 days work for you ? Do you feel any dip towards end? I take sustanon every 10-14 days
  13. You’re definitely onto something I think , maybe it’s some kind of evolution thing that a women can sense out a strong Male
  14. Statins

    Out of interest what happened to big Vin
  15. Trt dose libido problems

    With the 130 mg dose you do try splitting it up daily or EOD injections , you will find a sweet spot once everything settles and will likely need less than you think (maybe around 100mg a week)