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  1. Do you dance?

    Now thats dancing , woohooooooo
  2. Do you dance?

    Northern Soul, banging. I will dance with with a variety of things
  3. Training Again

    Thank you for your response, I shall trail and error it MAM
  4. Training Again

    Thanks for response I usually have the whey and creatine post workout. The calorie thing is tricky. Any recommendations? I guess I would have to minimise calories to 2000-3000, high protein , good carbs. restrict each meal to 500 calories, 5-6 times per day.
  5. Hey, Usually I would train AM, after a coffee. I would then have creatine and a high blend whey. The rest is food, food and more food. Here's the thing , I am now the lowest BFP I have ever been, 5'11, 12 stone and want to maintain a low body fat and put on muscle. I think I should up my calories with protein and good carbs and train as hard as I can (lifting) I find cardio boring but am relatively active anyway. Any diet suggestions, decent Whey products or anything else Cheers MAM
  6. New starter

    Thanks for cycle split info . 2 weeks on Dbol and 2 off ? Maybe I'm wrong it was some time ago . And, why not AAS now ? If it increases recovery time , strength , bulk etc ?? Why not
  7. New starter

    good health from not training, working hard ( job wise) kids and some other things which I would rather message you personally
  8. New starter

    Only know Dbol, i'm sure it was 2 weeks on and two weeks off. Diet the split , creatine and advanced whey. Things have clearly moved on. Guy I got these off was 19 and gung ho, was considering GH at the time. Not my thing. tell me more
  9. New starter

    I don't mind nosiness (is that a word) , 46 now. just returned to good health , lowest BFP ever, need to put on Lean muscle weight. When I train, I train. Want to put on mass as quick as possible. want to do it healthily , I could spend my time looking through all the posts, I know there is some good stuff here.Don't really want to though, its long. I will as time goes on. Don't smoke, don't consume alcohol, focusing on good diet. Yes, I ensured I exercised all body parts over 3 days, at least two different exercises for each. I'll give more info when I can Thanks a lot for responses. Also interested in your anti ageing whatever it is stuff
  10. New starter

    H ?
  11. New starter

    What cycle should I start on. Previously 2 weeks on 2 off . What dose also
  12. New starter

    Sorry H just saw your reply . Only cycles I've ever done is 3 day split , 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps 2 different exercises on each body part using creatine , whey and diet. Used Dbol once and loved the effect
  13. New starter

    Hi All Just getting back to lifting after a while out .Any suggestions about routines and supplements appreciated. Got the lowest body fat percentage I've had in years , ain't that big though . Want to put on lbm asap . Help appreciated