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  1. Bacteriostatic water shell life?

    i've got bac water a year out of date opened in my fridge, would that still be gtg?
  2. Sleeping / Anxiety Meds gone?

    @MI.RO can u pm me some details about them meds?
  3. i have Crohns Disease so have had the sigmoidoscopy, a colonoscopy and a CT scan with contrast dye which when injected in makes you feel like you pissed yourself worst part of all 3 is the fasting for 24 hours and the MoviPrep you have to drink.
  4. hes already beaten his old record
  5. Signed off for 4 weeks can I claim any benefits?

    you'd have to wait 5 weeks to make a claim
  6. Neighbours

    crohns disease sufferer here, can s**t on demand
  7. i've got crohns and never used tren before i got diagnosed
  8. Dnb Track I'm working on

    been into rave/hardcore/jungle/DnB since 1990...love DnB, great track btw deffo 90s vibe
  9. Safety squat bar

    photo? @Vern
  10. Resting heart rate

    45 same as my age

    which peptide company is doing the CDB oil bro?