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  1. Blood tests at gp

    Lol good advice but my veggie intake is though the roof and cardio pretty much every day I'm blaming the weather tbh haha
  2. Blood tests at gp

    Sweet, love you man, my anxiety was though the roof till I read this comment like the world was lifted from my shoulders
  3. Blood tests at gp

    Ahh right, nah she definitely don't haha, and the big bull never sees his larl bulls, so do you reckon it will show out or not I thought a test for aas would only be ever used in competertive sports maybe that's just me being hopeful
  4. Blood tests at gp

    Eh you've lost me there pal
  5. Blood tests at gp

    I I didn't go for high blood pressure though was something else they just took my blood due to it being high the nurse said asked if I was using protein shakes and cretein and thought it was my kidneys working hard
  6. Blood tests at gp

    Just had blood test taken at Dr due to high blood pressure will it show that I've been using gear
  7. Foxes in the garden

    I recommend a sentry gun that should deter the pesky critters
  8. nexgen Pharmaceuticals

    Does it look like it's made a difference
  9. nexgen Pharmaceuticals

    Anyone heard or used nexgen pharma in UK, just wondering if its any good, as can't find anything online about them tia
  10. Mad mix of gear

    Sound advice pal just gonna do the mass 1ml a week and a 1ml of the sust as its in ampules and 30mg dbol each day as long as my diets on point I should notice the difference, the dbol always works straight of the bat
  11. Mad mix of gear

    Even with the mass I'd be getting 450mg test with a ml of sust
  12. Mad mix of gear

    Plenty of dbol, would use at the beginning as rather use it then forget about it love what they've done for me in the past but orals,, not a fan and I think adding the deca same time as the mass might be a waste
  13. Mad mix of gear

    Yeah was thinking that at first, was going to split the sust in two pins Mon and Thurs and the mass Monday with the sust pin, and dbol for four but might just pin the lot once a week for ease
  14. Mad mix of gear

    What I had in mind, was the mass 2 ml a week for 5 week and the dbol at 30 mg for the first 4, then after that sust at two ml a week for seven week, which will take me to 12 weeks, then pct 2 week later Or the other option I was contemplating, was deca at 500mg for five weeks with 1ml of sust then the mass at 2ml a week for 5 week then sust for four week taking me to 14 week just because the would like keep the test up four week after the tren But would welcome and other ideas diets sweet and training is great atm
  15. Right anyone here could make a cycle from gear that I've accumulated over time I've. 17ml of sust 250 10ml of mass 400 which is 200mg test e 100mg tren e and 100mg mast 8ml of test 500 10ml deca 250 And dbol 10mg Just looking for ideas, not dead set using all this, just what I've picked up over time and it's a shame to go to waste, also got a s**t tonne of clomid n tamoxifen and adex , if folk had all this what would you suggest