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  1. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    Can you not read?
  2. The Beast

    So many on here seem to know what paedos are called in prison. Rather worrying.
  3. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    What the f**k is a substantial meal? 10 packets of crisps would be fairly substantial for most people. Does it have to be hot food?
  4. How do you date girls in the UK?

    Mate, honestly, the best way to learn is to watch (and copy) Borat. He's pick up techniques are quite extensively detailed and applicable to British culture.
  5. I always turn the radiator completely off in our downstairs toilet. It just gets too hot otherwise. Maybe give that a go?
  6. Your gyms still quiet?

    It's nice and quiet. Unfortunately the weird Polish brigade who swing 32kg kettlebells from their necks are still around.
  7. Armed police shut down gym

    Spoken like a healthy person with underlying issues. facepalm*
  8. Armed police shut down gym

    Lol, that's such a narrow-sighted comment. The long-term effects of gym closures have the potential to cause astronomical damage to the economy and wider population. Not everyone goes to the gym to try and achieve 20 inch arms. For many, millions probably, it's a method to manage struggling mental health. For many others, probably also in the millions, it's a medical referral based on whatever physical health issues. When all these people become sick(er) again they won't be able to work, whatever it is they do. The domino effect of this could be epic.
  9. Muscle food

    Their. Their. THEIR¬!¬!!"£1q2e
  10. Big Ramy out of for Covid!

    Does this fat gimp even lift?
  11. "Cuties"

    Because that's what Dave on YouTube said.
  12. "Cuties"

    From Reddit.
  13. I'd like a PS4

    I'll swap you mine for some weed at the end of next month.
  14. Lol, go on then hardman. Go to the pub and refuse to leave at 10. Make a video to show us how clever you are.
  15. Cineworld goes pop!

    That would solely depend on how much you hate your wife.
  16. How is my bench form

    The best bit is him deciding to go for a second rep. Lol, the delusion is strong.
  17. First time going on anavar

    Lol, imagine taking 20mg at 145kg. You'd be better off just eating a banana.
  18. Cineworld goes pop!

    Cinema is no different than the rest of the high street. Its days have been numbered for a long time. Overpriced, dirty and just inconvenient compared to sitting at home in your pants streaming on your exceptionally large 4k TV. Corona only hastened the end.
  19. What does it really feel like?

    I think you're talking about cocaine?
  20. Pure Gym Slavery Workout

    You're not sure how this is offensive? Comparing a gym workout to slavery.
  21. Winter coat

    It's winter, you'll be stuck in lockdown throughout. Buy a heater.
  22. Newbie - natural steroid alternatives

    Lol. Honestly, there is no natural alternative. Either buy gear or don't but wasting money on snake oil is not going to help.
  23. Simps

    This thread is not a Monday morning thread. My fu**ing brain is now fried and the week hasn't even started properly yet.
  24. What look are you aiming for.

    Whenever I drop the kids at school, I am blown away that the vast majority of parents are giant flabberc*nts. All motivation comes from not wanting to look like that. It's disgusting.