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  1. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    UK, I heard the US one is shite. Although the US office is my all time favourite show.
  2. To be fair, if you're buying your fitness gear from Argos you thoroughly deserve to be disappointed.
  3. Construction stays open!

    Just that really.
  4. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    I'm sorry I offended you. I concede that strongmen are all healthy and fit individuals.
  5. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Are you an offended fat strongman?
  6. Every 5 days meaning?

    Stay cool mate. It's the internet. People are mean.
  7. Every 5 days meaning?

    The day after your jab is day 1 again. That's it.
  8. Every 5 days meaning?

    Means jabbing 5 times every day. Good luck with the cycle.
  9. Youtubers

    Why is his voice so weird? Who hurt him?
  10. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Strongmen are fat though. Not a good selling point for walking around the gym like you're trying to keep a slippery turd from escaping your over-stretched anus.
  11. People on here (and everywhere else) arguing over if it's real, or if it's really that dangerous etc etc. Your arguments are irrelevant. At midday today Bozo will announce stricter measures. They won't call it a lockdown due to the massive opposition but let's be honest. It will be lockdown v2. Regardless of what you believe, this is where we're heading. And now they will threaten prosecution, a criminal record and massive fines if we do not adhere.
  12. Youtubers

    Lol, what a plonker. The comments are insane. How can someone keep going with so much hate? Literally zero support.
  13. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    Why do "bodybuilders" require different cardio? Also, unless you look like a super heavyweight stage-ready pro in waiting, don't call yourself a bodybuilder and stop thinking what applies to them does to you. It's uncouth and cringeworthy.
  14. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    2 minute HIIT?
  15. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Shamefully we've only recently discovered Shameless. Working our way though that. It's ace!