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  1. Krill Oil Recommendation

    Premium Raws
  2. Brilliant, for £12 a month I'll give it ago, any brands you recommend for it? Currently looking at efamol EPO, its got 33% more GLA than most brands I've researched and been used successfully in human trials? I normally take my supplements 2 hours after s coffee to prevent the caffeine interactions Currently using 30mg zinc, 25mg from my zinc supplement and 5mg from multivitamin, i do eat alot of meat, only white meat though like chicken and turkey with the occasional steak or steak pieces, also eat salmon too, i eat alot of kale, broccoli, so will drop the zinc supplement and just use the zinc in multivitamin I've used taladifl for quite some time, only 2.5mg daily since starting self trt Thank you
  3. Hi @ElChapo hope all is well. What's your thoughts on EPO (evening primrose oil) as an addition to supplementation stack? Been reading a few bits on it recently and how the GLA (omega 6) Content in them can have loads of benefits, mainly for skin( i suffer from eczema and dry skin)? also has benefits on inflammation, heart health, BP, cognitive fuction etc? Sounds like a good supplement to add as there's hardly no GLA in foods from our diets so to supplement with 1000mg a day would be beneficial do you think? We can get loads of omega 3 from our diets, but not omega 6? Is there any interactions between EPO and other vitamin supplements? It says it doesn't interact with any supplements only prescription medicines like anti depression medications, blood pressure and blood thinning medicines. Currently using fish oil, vitamin d3, k2, zinc, vit c, multivitamin, probiotic and taladifil daily. I'm still currently reading studies on it at the moment myself before I use it, but a professional opinion from yourself in the field is appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. Yes if your lean enough. I use 0.5inch 30g for delts with no problems at all on trt, I use greens to draw then back fill the slin pin and job done.
  5. Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound

    Good luck , will be following
  6. Diet and AAS

    Yes. If I take too much ai and lower my e2 too much (imbalance) I start getting acne on my back and shoulders and dry skin, dry skin can clog your pores and causes break outs, also the hormone fluctuations can cause it too. @Felix11 cut back the ai first and see if that improves your acne, I used treclin for my acne and it cleared it, you can get it from GP it's a topical cream you apply once a day on affected areas, never wanted to use accutane and never tried it due to the side effects it can have.
  7. I use blues 1.25 for glutes and 0.5 inch 30g for delts, was wondering if they be suitable for glutes. Never used ventro glutes even watching videos still puts me off as when I look at myself to find it it never seems the same or right haha. Have you got any straight forward links for vg? Don't like the idea of pinning chest
  8. Anybody used half inch slin pin in glute with success?
  9. Dry skin, no libido, really fatigued and loss appetite and feel off , this is a unusual one but acne too. When reading up about it it's the dead skin from dry skin blocking pores causing break outs
  10. HCG advice

    I've always been cautious with my approach to gear to avoid any unwanted sides and to do it as healthy as possible with full bloods 3x a year and ecg. Fertility isn't a concern as me and the Mrs agreed no more kids as we have one of each now
  11. HCG advice

    Never done pre cycle bloods (stupid i know) Done 2 cycles and pct after each cycle and never recovered past 13nmol natural even after been off for a year still averaged between 12/13nmol, didn't feel right energy and libido was never the same before i cycled so I decided to self trt, with the hopes of competing but the last year and abit I've been on trt due to the gym closures, I did start on 120mg but that put my test level 37/41nmol so dropped down to 100mg to get low 30s/mid 20s trough for true trt. The cycle since I've been on self trt was 600mg test with 50 var for 12 weeks and that been it, so no heavy suppression ie 19 nors. I've read a fair bit and noticed the majority of clinics like you said prescribed 1000iu, I just wanted to start low and see how I reacted with the hcg first before going high.
  12. HCG advice

    Ah right, I was thinking of using 1000iu split weekly but thought start low at 500 split weekly to see how I react first and seem to need an ai on 500 split twice weekly, you think 500iu will suffice after 2 years without hcg or bump it to 1000iu split weekly?
  13. HCG advice

    The issues seem to subside the day before my next jab of hcg. Your using 2000iu a week or 1000iu split in 2? What's your ai protocol on that
  14. HCG advice

    Thank you mate will have a read of that