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  1. Sides from test?

    Just thread through topic, as your only 2 weeks in I'd add in 0.25 adex on jab days and asses from there, you wont get a definite answer as what works for somebody might not for you it's all about experimentation with your ai, can be a pain in the ass too. As above Start on 0.25 adex (pharma grade preferably) on jab days, if your drive doesn't come back within a week, add a second 0.25 for explample monday and Thursday and see how you go. After week 4-5 get bloods done and that will give your actual e2 figures and adjust your ai to those, personally I wouldnt go above 0.5 adex on 300mg test e but that's for me, could be different for you. That's what I did and dialled it in that way. Make sure you get bloods 4-5 weeks in from medichecks. Search for Male hormone panel on there or testosterone and estrogen blood work will suffice, post your results up here and members will advise further, I'd say 0.25 twice a week.
  2. Nexus Anavar...

    This ^^ used at 50mg a day, good lab.
  3. Arimedix

    Clomid and tamoxifen are SERMS which will not lower e2, they will only block the receptors to stop e2 binding Arimidex, aromasin are AIs these will lower e2, which one you choose is up to you. Yes ai's will affect your cholesterol but minut compared to AAS like others have mentioned. I currently use arimidex because I always have. Peoples advice with aromasin crashing and takes longer to come back from put me off using due to the fact it can take some time to dial in your ai and crashing with aromasin can get abit much taking longer to recover from if you continue to get your ai wrong, this is why I choose adex I have crashed my e2 plenty of times with adex when dialing it in and it's not nice, within 10 days I'm back to normal, unsure the time scale with aromasin to recover from this is what puts me off using it as the low e2 feeling is pure shite, had no energy, no libido, werent fussed on eating, couldn't move off the sofa at one point which resulted a day off work due to literally 0 energy levels and stuff going through that longer using aromasin. So yes, I stick with adex. (Always pharma may I add)
  4. Read another member post about sphinx test e and the pip and they was switching too a different lab aswell this week, cant remember the thread but it's the second one in a week. Might be overdosed but I wouldnt personally use if it gives pip that bad taking into consideration pinning technique is/was correct. Maybe they changed their carrier oil, who knows.
  5. Giving blood on cycle

    I usually donated before a blast, but found out it tanked my ferritin donating once every 12 weeks so going to donate twice yearly instead and keep an eye on ferritin levels
  6. Currently using 120mg test e every 7 days? Brilliant stuff will have a read of the link when I finish work. Thank you for the help mate, much appreciated, guaranteed il need your expertise in future though haha! Thanks again.
  7. Its the first time its been low, so will step up my cardio to try and help it get better. Would you recommend any supplements to help the hdl get higher? Besides the obvious cardio. I have been taking citrus bergamot for the last 6 months at 500mg a day. My last yearly full bloods last March showed my lipids were all fine I've only done one blast since then which was 600 test for 12 weeks and var for the first 4 at 50mg up untill August iirc last year and cruised ever since on trt dosages which I find strange how my hdl has lowered I had a ECG last summer too and that was fine will get another this summer as I'm making that a yearly thing too. Thanks mate
  8. What do you mean by its low mate, abit confused, is that good or bad? Like I stated my diet is fairly clean, my BP is fine, just need to add more to cardio. I'd say I'm around 15% according to the online calculator when I took measurements. You can see outline of top abs and the V so that could be better too I suppose. Cheers mate
  9. Best NAC and TUDCA brand/stockist?

    Cheers for the info on the nac mate, going to order the RAW ones for my cycle.
  10. Ione pharma

    @darren.1987has been using their aromasin since last year iirc? he says its definitely legit, unsure myself as never used, thinking of trying their test 300mg.
  11. It contains ferrous gluconate, vitamins B2, B6, B12 and vitamin C. my blood pressure is fine, I eat a fairly clean diet and have 1 day a week where I eat what I like on a bulk, self admittance my cardio could improve massively though. My cholesterol is below, whats your thoughts on it? Currently running 120 test e a week cruise/trt. TOTAL CHOLESTEROL 0 - 5 R 4.68 mmol/L LDL CHOLESTEROL < 3 R 3.25 mmol/L NON HDL CHOLESTEROL < 4 R 3.78 mmol/L HDL CHOLESTEROL > 1.1 R 0.9 mmol/L TOTAL CHOLESTEROL : HDL < 4 R 5.2 ratio TRIGLYCERIDES < 1.7 R 1.17 mmol/L I think il leave the niacin then untill I've researched abit more on it as I've read it can cause liver damage in prolonged use and as you said theres not much studies on it yet for long term use. cheers mate!
  12. Thank you. I have purchased some liquid iron containing vit c called floridix il also look into the brand you suggested if this liquid iron doesn't do much, I will use the rest of this up and get a retest, I've also increased my red meat intake so its balanced with white meat. What's your views on Niacin for cholesterol? My hdl came back a little lower and ldl over. Been reading up on niacin at 500mg per day and seen some research that long term use at that dose can cause liver damage after prolonged use. What's your views on this? Would you recommend cycling it and using it during cruises/trt or lowering the dose to 250mg a day? Thanks again mate.
  13. Aim for 300mg for prop too split 3x a week or eod for 12 weeks. I'd say run 0.25 adex with 300 then adjust if need be, bloods 5 weeks in too see if that's enough or too much and adjust from there
  14. Hi @ElChapo. Had my full blood results back, my ferritin is really low at 12.7, range is 30-400. My last blood donation was middle of december just gone, but my Red blood count all came back in range so not anemic more towards iron deficiency, should i be eating more green veg and lean red meats? Maybe start supplementing with iron supplements and vit c for absorption? Currently eating aload of chicken as my protein sources instead of red meat. My globulin came back a tad high at 37.8 and the range is 19-35? My hdl was down too but ordered some niacin to start supplementing with to help that. Many thanks mate.
  15. To answer your first question, I cant. That's your individual blood work, I don't think anyone can work that out bar yourself when you have bloods. Second question I'd run for 12 weeks with a 500 deficit. Third question is keep your test e for a blast and buy test p, less water retention with test p. What ai dosages are you running? This will reduce water retention