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  1. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Fair play, looking good mal. Im sure i know where that gym is, not saying on here for obvious reasons as location disclosed haha. I used to use the same supplement shop as you too before I switched to smart supps Ah gutted, glad I bought some more weights for my garage now to tie me over.
  2. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Looking big in the pic mate what was you running? Is this a definite about the gyms, thought it was being announced today? (I'm from wales what region you from?) theres a petition on the senedd about keeping gyms open, had over 12000 signatures, it only needed 5000 to be discussed but sign away anyway, worth a go https://petitions.senedd.wales/petitions/244240
  3. Anybody buy Halal meat?

    Couldn't agree more.
  4. Anybody buy Halal meat?

    I avoid halal meat at all costs, wouldnt even eat it if I had it for free. The way the animals die for their meat is disgusting. Yes majority of cattle got to die for meat but atleast they are killed the most humane way possible and kept in good conditions when brought up governed by the law, fsa and animal welfare rights before they are killed . Halal on the other hand, in my eyes wrong. Each to their own though.
  5. Frozen prepped meals in bulk

    This^ @Juicehead99 Slow cookers are really good. Meats always come out tender and soft The only down side is the cooking, but aslong you either do it first thing in morning or even over night for the following day. House always smells lovely too when the slow cooker gets going. 500g lean beef pieces, sachet of bourguignon powder mix with water, diced mushrooms and onions with peas and diced carrots served with jacket potatoe/sweet potatoes is lovely. Swap the beef for lamb is nice too but with just water with oxo cube, mixed veg and new potatoes makes a lovely stew too. Lovely change from usual diet too and just as healthy
  6. Just a heads up Mirafit have stuff back in stock

    Fitness superstore have alot of stock in atm, picked up a 6ft bar, 2 spinlock dumbells and 71kg worth of weights for £230 to add to garage collection just incase gyms shut again.
  7. Mirtazapine??

    Was prescribed mirtazapine for anxiety back last year mate, 15mg before bed used to wake up feeling more tired than usual but it sorted my anxiety after 11 months, came off them and still off them this day. Still get bouts of anxiety nit as bad as it was last year, so definitely helped me. They are supposed to be the least side effect anti depressant thats why i opted for them as some anti depressants can affect you more than doing good. Becareful when coming off them if on them for a while, I came straight off had shakes and huge anxiety for a few days which is expected when coming off without tapering but subsided after a few days. If I was to take them again I'd taper off at 7.5mg for a week or 2 then stop.
  8. Why is accutane so bad that you'd rather come off? Curious. In before you say look it up as I have. The success rate with accutane is really good for acne taken for 5-6 months so unsure why this would be a problem? Yes they have sides, but most medications too and depends on person If you've tried all the natural ways, topical creams supps etc and they haven't worked you'd rather come off than try a few months of accutane? Thinking of trying accutane myself as for some bizzare reason I've had a break out on shoulders and back and top of chest even on my TRT of 120mg a week. Waiting on my trt bloods should get them today to see if its any issues with those before ringing my gp Going to try topical treclin first for a few months then try some accutane if it doesn't resolve it for me. Never suffered with acne ever before even in my teen years. Diet is good too. @makesure I get dry spots when e2 is too low when I've taken an ai, so this is why I'm confused this time as all this yewr so far my e2 been in range without an ai on trt just all of a sudden ive had a pretty big break out. Ask your gp to try either duac or treclin topical creams. Treclin preferably as duac csn dry your skin and make it worse as the dead skin cells will block pores. Treclin has an antibiotic and retinoids on so smoother for the skin.
  9. Garage Gym Power Building

    Looking good mate! How you finding the JM gama bomb program? I got sent it few months ago, yet to try it yet. I think there was another jm program came with it aswell. Looks really good. There's alot of information at the beginning too on how the program will make you progress if you have the same one? Probably give it a ago on my blast soon thsts if the gyms stay open whixh is 50/50 at the minute thats why I'm holding off blasting for a minute. Will be following your progress on it,good luck!
  10. Medicheck Clinic

    All depends on the test mate, usually 2 days if its a comprehensive test ie trt plus etc, if its your usual test and e2 nornally following day. Last trt plus test i done I had it taken on the Thursday morning 8am, posted 9am (paid for following day before 1pm tracked and signed for) it arrived Friday morning at medi checks at 845 and I had the results Saturday morning.
  11. Cutting.

    This ^ i enjoy reading @Bensif content, very knowledgeable guy, contributes good and in detail advice when asked. Also spends time with members going through and helping with diets and training. Good contributer to have to a forum like this.
  12. This. I used to always think the same, running x amount of gear I'd need x amount of ai way of thinking, used to crash my e2 most the time and feel like s**t when I first started out cycling. Now I say the same as stue. Unless I get side effects personally I wouldn't bother, tried 300mg test no ai and felt brilliant, years ago used 300 test with an ai and felt like s**t. Goong to try 500 next blast soon with no ai and see how I go, if I don't get sides I won't be using one. If my e2 was seriously high though and I still hadn't had side effects I'd consider a really small amount of ai just to fetch it down a abit, other than that i wouldn't bother if I weren't getting sides.
  13. I've always thought this, I've always taken 2.5mg daily , didnt realize it has AI properties, interested in reading these studies myself
  14. This. I done 250mg for my first cycle of the old abuhiran test e and was happy with the progress on that first cycle. If your diet, training and rest is good, youll progress on 250mg. This leaves you work out how your body responds to testosterone and e2. Can always up the dose in future cycles