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  1. Where do you get your Protein?

    Discount supplements is ok, roughly works out a few quid cheaper than my local supplier but always have a free be with it too, creatine, Bccas, pre workout, shaker etc. My local supplier doesn't offer these so started ordering from them instead.
  2. Nexus winstrol

    Ah right I cant comment further as I have no experience with actually using winnie, try contacting your source to see what they Il still be giving mine a go, when the gym decide to open and see what my experience with them
  3. Nexus winstrol

    How much pharmacom was you using to nexus mate? And did you start the nexus straight after finishing pharmacom, I know you mentioned above you had nexus after running out but unsure if you started the nexus consecutively, Maybe wait a few more days or do you respond to winnie straight away enough to say if your responding to them or not?
  4. Nexus winstrol

    Strange with nexus, maybe someone whose used their winnie will chime in as I've never actually tried winstrol but have a pot ready for when gyms open so wanted to know what problems you've ran into using it. Weird as winstrol is supposed to be a brilliant strength gainer, I used the nexus var with no complaints so wanted to try the winnie next cycle and compare to thier var to see which I liked best for future preference
  5. Nexus winstrol

    So what's the issue your having with the winstrol mate?
  6. Nexus winstrol

    Same as @SuperRips I have a pot to use when gym opens What's the issue you have with them? I've tried a few of thier orals and have been spot on, been using the test e for over a year too and havent had any problems
  7. Nexus Test 300 cruising

    When you said "something isnt right there pal." seemed to me you was questioning my results that's why I posted them up. Well now you have as that's the results I had The results I had back in November was 37nmol on 150mg test e but different vial but still nexus that's why I dropped to 120mg to see if I could get closer to low 30s but Obviously nexus test e vialI'm using at the moment is overdosed with bloods to prove. I will say the bloods were drawn at 48hours (peak some say) not troughs also.
  8. Nexus Test 300 cruising

    @arbffgadm100 theres the results from 2 weeks ago on 120mg test e, let me know if you want the one from november too
  9. Nexus Test 300 cruising

    that's the result i got. The last lot of bloods prior to that November I had was 37nmol. Can post them up if you like to see them both.
  10. Nexus Test 300 cruising

    Used nexus test e 300 for over a year blasting and crusing, currently crusing/trt on 120mg test e every 7 days. Had bloods 2 weeks ago actually and my test was 41nmol, I have bloods 4 times a year normally and every test came back spot on. Can post them up If you like.
  11. Banksy

    It is in Port Talbot mate, they moved it to an indoor gallery here, rented out an entire shop for it to sit in on it's own, I literally live 5 minutes from it when it was done on a guys garage he guarded it by staying in his caravan outside his shed then when more and more people came and the news reporters they had to get security for it so hired a security firm to guard it 24/7 before the council carefully dismantled it and re erected it in a shop on the high street so people can go view it there instead Its Port Talbot also is the main polluted town, all you can smell is sulphur (rotten egg smelll) from the steel works when outdoors, I ask people who live there if they smell it and they seem to be used to it and cant smell it as much as people who just visit the place.
  12. Blood tests

    No, Unless you have a underlying health condition to get bloods through NHS then fair enough, dont go wasting nhs resources if your using AAS for performance, If you can afford your AAS you should be buying your own bloods privately imo. Medichecks most use on here, there is a couple more Prefered bloods would be medichecks TRT plus. This will give you everything you need to know before you start. Also do another trt plus 6 weeks post pct to compare your levels before and after. Cheaper alternatives would be medi checks male hormone test which will only cover hormones, same protocol as above.
  13. It's not really a waste if you choose to continue to use AAS (cycling) , as you can always bump up the dose for your next cycle. I'd tend to use up as much calories and utilizing your training properly before increasing AAS. I'm pretty much confident the OP would be happy with their results for a first cycle on 250/300 aslong diet and training is dialled in. When hes dialed in training and calories to the point theres not much return, then proceed to higher the dose. Fundamentals are diet, training, rest as you already know, then increas the AAS if theres not much return once those have been utilized. Edit: With regards to 250/300 not much past the natural range, my test level is 41nmol (top end of normal 31) on 120mg every 7 days of test e trt, so 300 would be ok for first cycle depending how the op responds to testosterone imo.
  14. I disagree with members saying they wouldnt be using 250/300mg for a first cycle as it's not worth the shut down, my first cycle was 250mg test e for 16 weeks and had great gains. I know a few others who only used 250/300 on first cycle who gained pretty well too. If you've got a trusted lab who's gear is dosed near enough spot on you'll do well off 250/300 for a first cycle, aslong training and diet are good,you'll gain. Never understand people who say use 500mg or pointless for a first cycle. OP has plenty of time to adjust up the doses to that in future cycles. Start low and see how your body get on with the gear rather than jumping to 500/600 first cycle. Just my opinion.
  15. Acne usually comes with high e2 but I've had spots, wouldn't say acne with crashed e2 so its dependable, never had it when not using an ai.