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  1. Its luck of the draw really, some people only do one cycle and need trt for life, some can cycle on and off and be fine for years.
  2. Stopping the ai will allow your e2 to climb back up, assess your symptoms after 2 weeks. When you start getting high e2 symptoms re introduce your ai as what swole recommended above.
  3. This ^ i always used to have acne break outs with low e2 when it got below 60nmol. Just got to find the balance. Leave off the ai for 2 weeks then resume your AI at 0.5 three times a week instead and see how you go. Whats your moods like with that low e2? I was feeling like utter crap with that level of e2 at 60 let alone 23, no energy, no libido, didnt even want to eat either and anxiety hit the roof. Even took a day off work as literally had 0 energy. Stopped the ai within 2 weeks everything improved, I re introduced my ai low and see how I felt and had bloods when I found my balance to get my readings.
  4. Smoking

    Nobody hurt my feelings mate, its a forum. Grow up
  5. Smoking

    No problem babes xx
  6. Smoking

    Hard work sometimes? Coming from someone who basically has the most arguments ive probably seen on ukm when somebody's goes against their advice/opinion. Was asking a genuine question so pipe down.
  7. Smoking

    Interesting, seen a few juicers who smoke, even some after they leave the gym and it doesn't seem to affect those muscle wise. can you post the link to the studies please.
  8. Gym re-openings

    This. This was the gyms protocol I went too before theyy shut when this virus kicked off, they had blue roll and antibacterial spray by every machine and bench basically so you didnt have to even walk around to cleaning stations to get them as they were literally by every bit of equipment ready to be cleaned after use hopefully be same when they re open soon
  9. Test e mate, when you go on steroidcalc it shows more frequent injections leads to more stable levels, less peaks and troughs. Micro dosing does make sense in theory as the human bodies produces test every day not once a week so more frequent jabs would be beneficial in theory even though long esters are can be done once a week. Yeah I think its the twice a week dosing, never tried twice a week on trt only recently but sub q. Only done IM twice a week on a blast
  10. Been on trt for year and half and always done IM for jabs once a week, recently started doing sub q twice a week so 0.2ml twice a week is 120mg test and find it much better than IM. Have better libido and few spots have seemed to fade too since jabbing twice a week, could be less spike in e2 causing unstable levels once a week IM. Also gives IM a break. Im due bloods soon so will see the effect it has jabbing twice sub q instead of once IM as feel much better doing it this way. Will go back to twice a week IM on blasts due to oil volume, then back to subq for trt/cruise as its much easier and feel much better.
  11. But surely they will have the same affect on men as estrogen/estradiol is estradiol but with men taking less as women obviously have more estrogen and would have more? Its gone from kick in time to different subject altogether now maybe we agree with some and dont on some as it will effect individuals differently regardless as we know
  12. Did I say anything of the sort that "I recommend 1mg to Ed to men on steroid cycles"? No I didn't its relevant as You said he wouldn't feel any better over night and I quoted from the FDA leaflet that arimidex kicks in within 24 hours as the OP stated he took 1mg of arimixdex the night before and felt better so I answered your statement. Edit: I've always felt better after 2-3days when I've used adex, thats even 0.25mg on 600mg test when i had high e2. guess everyone's different.
  13. How do you say that mate? Arimidex can kick in as little as 24 hours after first taking it in some people "The recommended daily dose, ARIMIDEX 1 mg, reduced estradiol by approximately 70% within 24 hours and by approximately 80% after 14 days of daily dosing."
  14. How did you feel on 300mg? Im guessing you was fine as you said you was using it for 3 years? Was that with an ai or not? At your weight you don't need to be using 300mg crusing, id be looking at halving that aswell at 70kg Do not take anymore arimidex as you've already used 1mg and said you felt better. Drop back to your cruise dose asap, if you can get bloods to see where your e2 is at if not go back to your cruise dose and wait for everything to settle back down. Maybe change your training up, different programmes etc to get your body to adjust and start gaining/losing again. I'd go for 50mg winnie a day.
  15. You do not need that amount of gear at 70kg. I got down from 84kg to 75kg on a cut last year using 150 test e a week only By doubling your test dose without having a clue on e2 control was a bad idea. You've opened yourself to all sorted of problems and by adding tren will amplify them. If I was you drop to 200mg, add in either var or winnie and follow a strict nutrition plan and training protocol and let that dictate results and do more researchh on aas before you increase again so you don't have these problems because by your posts and thread its quite clear you need more research If you stagnate on gear and don't gain, it won't be the gear(unless its bunk) it will be your training and nutrition that needs assessing/changing. Gear only speeds up the process of gaining/losing.