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    Fongtu got a reaction from EpicSquats in What's to stop Covid-19 spreading to nearly everyone?   
    I've read somewhere that the cases where they tested positive after being discharged, is down to one of the drugs they were giving out in China and Japan that supressed the symptoms, so doctors thought they were over it, discharged, then the symptoms just came back again.
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    Fongtu reacted to Fattynomore in Own up. who's been panic buying?   
    Yeah exactly that mate me and the wife and even our younger kids to a certain extent could do without if sh!t really hit the fan but that stuff is critical for babies. Government and shops should enforce  limits. 
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    Fongtu got a reaction from Fattynomore in Own up. who's been panic buying?   
    Yeah we are struggling to find any formula here for my 6 month old, we have a few stocked up bit literally every single shop around here has none, even pharmacies dont have any. Struggling to get nappies and wipes as well, I don't mind going without for a while but when its an innocent baby then it boils my piss. There is no reason to be panic buying anything and the dumbfucks who are doing it should have it all taken off them.
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    Fongtu reacted to Kazza61 in Steroids, Blood Pressure and Coronavirus   
    That sounds like something a 9 year old girl would say in the school playground.  
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    Fongtu reacted to andysutils in Own up. who's been panic buying?   
    Ive said it for many years and I will keep saying it.
    It's these evil brandead resource draining scumbags who are the real terorists on this island along with other criterias of pondlife  that are a danger to others who you'll need to be defending yourselfs against in the future.  There should be a legal purge for them.
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    Fongtu reacted to andysutils in Own up. who's been panic buying?   
    No and anyone who has, i just hope to god you also stocked up on plenty of durex too because we desperately need to stop people like this breeding any more fçkin idiots!!!
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    Fongtu reacted to Varg in Hate to say it!   
    So many "friends of friends" and "guys on the internet" dying of this 
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    Fongtu reacted to swole troll in Tattooists the most corrupt industry?   
    Why didn't you properly research the artist(s) after the first time you ended up with work you were not happy with? 
    With social media these days you can literally do hours of research into their work before taking the plunge.
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    Fongtu reacted to invisiblekid in Covid 19 planned?   
    Well yes, a biohazard facility should be able to handle a flu virus safely, otherwise it's a s**t biohazard facility.
    If you're suggesting it's a conspiracy, then it's a pretty crap weaponised virus if it targets people in their 70s & 80s with pre-existing conditions....
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    Fongtu reacted to boutye911 in Adding halfway or late into a cycle. Opinions please !   
    I wouldn’t be adding anything. It’s your first injectable cycle so no real need to add any other drugs. 
    You should be gaining really well to be honest providing other aspects are dialled in (recovery, nutrition, training etc)
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    Fongtu got a reaction from swole troll in Creating your own program... It's not that difficult   
    I think its interesting how everyone responds differently to different training methods, I really don't think there is one superior method as long as someone is pushing themselves.
    I know people who respond amazingly to the P/P/L progressive overload methods, but for me it really didn't do much. HIT low volume training to absolute failure for a couple of months and I can already see the improvements. Then you have the people who, in my opinion have superior genetics, who respond amazingly to higher volume 'pump' style training.
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    Fongtu got a reaction from swole troll in Creating your own program... It's not that difficult   
    I have recently moved from P/P/L to a more 'bro split', wasn't a fan of PPL as i feel it allows for certain bodyparts to lag and fall behind. I like to train lower volume, high intensity.
    I do have a week A and week B, just switch between incline/flat focus and back width/thickness focus etc... but still the same idea
    Chest and Biceps
    Flat DB press: 1 x 6/8, 3 drop sets to failure
    Incline BB press: 2 x 8/10
    Incline DB fly: 1 x 10, SS into DB press to failure
    Flat machine press: Rest pause, 10-8-6 reps
    BB Curl: 2 x 10
    Single arm preacher: 1 x 12 with forced reps and negatives
    DB curl: 3 stage drop set
    Leg extension: 3 stage drop set with 1 rest pause set
    Leg press: 1 x 6/8, 1 x 15
    Hack squat: Rest pause, 10-8-6 reps
    BB Squats: straight reps to 40
    Seated calf raises: 3 x 25
    Shoulders and Triceps
    DB shoulder press: 2 x 8/10
    Side raise: 3 stage drop set
    Upright DB row: 1 x 8/10
    Machine Shoulder press: Rest pause, 10-8-6 reps
    Rope extension: 2 x 10/12
    Overhead extension: 1 x set to failure with 2 second hold at negative
    Single arm extension: 2 x 10/12
    Lying Leg curl: 1 x 6/8, 1 x 10/12
    DB stiff leg: 2 x 6/8
    Hyperextension: Bodyweight to failure x 3
    Seated leg curl: rest pause 10-8-6 reps
    Adductor/Abbductor: SS to failure
    DB/Cable pullover: 2 x 8/10
    High row: 1 x 6/8
    Seated Machine row 1 arm: 2 x 6/8
    Bent BB row: 1 x 6/8, rest pause to failure until can't do more than 3 reps
    Rear DB fly: 3 stage drop set
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    Fongtu got a reaction from LethweiUK in Real or fake HCG   
    You can test it by squirting a small amount on one of the cheap pregnancy tests, will come up positive if there is HCG present.
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    Fongtu got a reaction from Mujlos in First show advice - U75kg fitness model   
    8-9 Weeks is not very much time at all to be cutting into a show, you want to be ready 2 weeks out as well so you only really have 16 weeks.
    If i were you i'd start cutting now but only lower calories by a small amount and moniter from there, your goal for a prep shouldnt be to grow and add size.
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    Fongtu got a reaction from Bigeffindavie in Do you change your training style for a cut?   
    I wouldn't change your training style, only thing that you should keep an eye on is if your are still recovering, if you aren't then maybe drop the volume slightly. But I like to think that what built the muscle, keeps the muscle.
    Adding cardio is fine but try to keep it away from the workout.
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    Fongtu reacted to Hong Kong phooey in Do you change your training style for a cut?   
    I don't change my training style when cutting.I agree with the above.heavy weight is what built the muscle and heavy weight is what will keep it there.it's inevitable that you'll lose a bit of strength as you lose fat and as you cut your calories.but the best way to offset losing too much muscle is to train as heavy as you can and as hard as you can.
    The only difference when on a cut is I add in extra cardio,and just go to failure.I don't do forced reps,negatives,rest pause,static holds etc.as there's more chance of incurring an injury when you're low on calories,energy etc.
    I use a low volume/high intensity approach to training on the lines of Mike mentzer,dorian yates etc.
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    Fongtu got a reaction from Bigeffindavie in Do you change your training style for a cut?   
    I wouldn't change your training style, only thing that you should keep an eye on is if your are still recovering, if you aren't then maybe drop the volume slightly. But I like to think that what built the muscle, keeps the muscle.
    Adding cardio is fine but try to keep it away from the workout.
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    Fongtu got a reaction from Kazza61 in Taking Toddler Abroad.   
    There has been 0 cases of a child under the age 10 dying from the virus, also a 0.2% chance of dying from the virus between the ages of 10 to 49, people over 80 have a 15% chance.
    Nobody really knows at the minute but looks like it isn't as dangerous to young people as first thought.
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    Fongtu reacted to faipdeooiad in Protein Juice?   
    No, they haven’t - they were done for unsubstantiated health claims on some products, namely those containing nut butters. There was no sanctions re the actual products, just the claims made on the labels & in advertising.
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    Fongtu reacted to jjtreml in Is Tyson Fury One Of The Best Heavyweights Ever?   
    Mike Tyson is the GOAT in my opinion, don't give a feck what anyone thinks.
    A prime Mike Tyson would destroy anyone.
    End thread.
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    Fongtu reacted to swole troll in Genetics reign supreme   
    I've touched on this subject before in the "Stop looking for the secret... It's not that difficult" thread but saw a recent post regarding why a certain poster wasn't looking the way his favorite instagrammers looked and thought I'd touch on the subject of genetics again. 

    Why don't you look like your favorite bodybuilder, mens physique, magazine model, instagrammer ect 

    lighting? angles? pump? drugs? 
    in a lot of cases most are tweaking all of these variables in their favor (many over doing) and still coming up short

    the reason being is genetics. And unfortunately the card you've been dealt isn't always the one you desired (rarely is in some form or another)  

    "You can't coach a St. Bernard to win against a Greyhound on the racetrack"

    that is no matter how hard you try, disregard your health, disregard every other aspect of your life and focus exclusively on your goals you will only excel as far as your genetics allow.

    Hell I'm a prime example of this. Highly passionate about powerlifting, cursed with long femurs, long torso and disproportionately short arms, arguably the worse possible proportions for powerlifting but this doesn't stop me trying to be the best I can at it because I just enjoy progressing and knowing that every PB I hit is the strongest I've ever been at that lift.

    Genetic short coming is no reason to not give it your all as even if you had the genetics you think you desire there is no happily ever after with lifting

    I've not met a single person that said they were 100% content;

    you bench 2 plates, you want to bench 3
    you reach 10% body fat, you want to reach 8% 
    you weigh 220lb with abs, you want to weigh 240lb with abs

    so just learn to enjoy the journey as you will be improving year on year if you do everything right.

    Alternatively just quit so then you have a weak mind to match your s**t genetics 
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    Fongtu reacted to SuperSi in bulk powders fined   
    I used to post on here a reasonable amount 10-15 years ago. I'm the Commercial Director at Bulk Powders. 
    I wanted to provide some context to the recent prosecution; the press release is a little misleading, as it suggests the prosecution was to do with the nutritional value of the products. That's not the case; all products were tested and found to meet label claim (two had more protein than labelled; one had more fibre, It was natural batch variance on nut butters). 
    It was to do with statements on the product descriptions. For example, we said that Pure Whey was low carb. It is low sugar (5g sugar per 100g), but technically there is no European approved claim for low carb. Similarly, we said 'high bcaa.' There's over 5g BCAA per serving (this isn't in doubt), but technically there's no European approved high BCAA claim. 
    The protein element was on a handful of nut butters. We used a 'source of protein' claim, based on the grams of protein per 100g. For example, Hazelnuts have 16g protein per 100g. However, the claim should be based on % energy. When the product was tested, it had 19g protein per 100g and 11.4% energy from protein.  The threshold for source of protein is 12%. 
    Clearly we've made some technical errors, which were changed long ago. However, the test results from Trading Standards showed that what was in the product is what was on the label. For those of you that have been members for some time, there used to be a thread where a group of members tested loads of different brands for protein percentage and amino spiking. We were consistently one of the leading brands for label accuracy (quite possibly the top brand, if I remember correctly) and nothing has changed. 
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    Fongtu reacted to faipdeooiad in What’s everyone’s favourite preworkout ?   
    I’ve just ordered 2 tubs of ABE after really enjoying a few sample packs. One ice fruit blast (with ‘breathe easy’) and cherry cola.
    the ‘breathe easy’ yoke is interesting as it feels like you’ve chewed a full pack of airwaves. I’m not entirely convinced of its ability to open your nose up after a few sample packs but it was enough to make me re-order
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    Fongtu got a reaction from godsgifttoearth in Using the least gear for the best gains - Jordan Peters.   
    300lb at 5ft 5 probably isn't healthy for anyone, but the guy knows what he is talking about and gives sensible information on all aspects of bodybuilding,
    I honestly can't see why people find it impossible to believe that you can do well without injection 10g of test, if you need to push anabolics up that high to see good gains and changes then you clearly don't have every other aspect dialed in
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    Fongtu got a reaction from BLUE(UK) in Prep coaching   
    Luke Sandoe does coaching and he is based in your area, sure he trains in Crayford weights. I know someone who used him earlier this year and got good results.
    James Llewellin is a good shout, he is based in wales so not really local but he likes to keep things simple which suits me, ill be using him to prep for my next show for sure.
    I don't think you need to see someone face to face unless you are the type of person that needs that extra reassurance, but picking a coach that has a similar training style and nutritional views as yourself is definitely a good idea.