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  1. I've read somewhere that the cases where they tested positive after being discharged, is down to one of the drugs they were giving out in China and Japan that supressed the symptoms, so doctors thought they were over it, discharged, then the symptoms just came back again.
  2. Steroids, Blood Pressure and Coronavirus

    Do you think someone on a tren cycle, who would normally otherwise be 100% fit and healthy, would actually be worse off because of taking the tren? Just how harsh is being on cycle really to your immune system, considering most who cycle should be taking more health supplements than the regular member of the public as well.
  3. Achieving herd immunity is the only way it can be controlled without having a readily available vaccine to give to everyone. So letting enough people get it, in a controlled way, so that the population becomes immune enough that it stops spreading.
  4. Own up. who's been panic buying?

    Yeah we are struggling to find any formula here for my 6 month old, we have a few stocked up bit literally every single shop around here has none, even pharmacies dont have any. Struggling to get nappies and wipes as well, I don't mind going without for a while but when its an innocent baby then it boils my piss. There is no reason to be panic buying anything and the dumbfucks who are doing it should have it all taken off them.
  5. What was wrong with GOT last season

    They basically destroyed all of the story arcs they created in the previous seasons, nobodies story made sense at all in how it ended, complete waste of time.
  6. Covid 19 planned?

    Also the fact that China effectively shut off Wuhan is estimated to have stopped the spread of the virus by 80%. Say what you want about China but they have taken control of it at least, something I think we need to do over here in the U.K, but it looks like its going to be a case of too little too late.
  7. Because thats not really how steroids work, yeah the anadrol blew you up but thats was probably mostly just water retention. Test E usually kicks in around week 4, but its not a miracle potion that will have you stacking on pure muscle within weeks.
  8. I think its interesting how everyone responds differently to different training methods, I really don't think there is one superior method as long as someone is pushing themselves. I know people who respond amazingly to the P/P/L progressive overload methods, but for me it really didn't do much. HIT low volume training to absolute failure for a couple of months and I can already see the improvements. Then you have the people who, in my opinion have superior genetics, who respond amazingly to higher volume 'pump' style training.
  9. Real or fake HCG

    You can test it by squirting a small amount on one of the cheap pregnancy tests, will come up positive if there is HCG present.
  10. I have recently moved from P/P/L to a more 'bro split', wasn't a fan of PPL as i feel it allows for certain bodyparts to lag and fall behind. I like to train lower volume, high intensity. I do have a week A and week B, just switch between incline/flat focus and back width/thickness focus etc... but still the same idea Chest and Biceps Flat DB press: 1 x 6/8, 3 drop sets to failure Incline BB press: 2 x 8/10 Incline DB fly: 1 x 10, SS into DB press to failure Flat machine press: Rest pause, 10-8-6 reps BB Curl: 2 x 10 Single arm preacher: 1 x 12 with forced reps and negatives DB curl: 3 stage drop set Quads Leg extension: 3 stage drop set with 1 rest pause set Leg press: 1 x 6/8, 1 x 15 Hack squat: Rest pause, 10-8-6 reps BB Squats: straight reps to 40 Seated calf raises: 3 x 25 Shoulders and Triceps DB shoulder press: 2 x 8/10 Side raise: 3 stage drop set Upright DB row: 1 x 8/10 Machine Shoulder press: Rest pause, 10-8-6 reps Rope extension: 2 x 10/12 Overhead extension: 1 x set to failure with 2 second hold at negative Single arm extension: 2 x 10/12 Hamstrings Lying Leg curl: 1 x 6/8, 1 x 10/12 DB stiff leg: 2 x 6/8 Hyperextension: Bodyweight to failure x 3 Seated leg curl: rest pause 10-8-6 reps Adductor/Abbductor: SS to failure Back DB/Cable pullover: 2 x 8/10 High row: 1 x 6/8 Seated Machine row 1 arm: 2 x 6/8 Bent BB row: 1 x 6/8, rest pause to failure until can't do more than 3 reps Rear DB fly: 3 stage drop set
  11. Do you change your training style for a cut?

    I wouldn't change your training style, only thing that you should keep an eye on is if your are still recovering, if you aren't then maybe drop the volume slightly. But I like to think that what built the muscle, keeps the muscle. Adding cardio is fine but try to keep it away from the workout.
  12. 8-9 Weeks is not very much time at all to be cutting into a show, you want to be ready 2 weeks out as well so you only really have 16 weeks. If i were you i'd start cutting now but only lower calories by a small amount and moniter from there, your goal for a prep shouldnt be to grow and add size.
  13. Taking Toddler Abroad.

    There has been 0 cases of a child under the age 10 dying from the virus, also a 0.2% chance of dying from the virus between the ages of 10 to 49, people over 80 have a 15% chance. Nobody really knows at the minute but looks like it isn't as dangerous to young people as first thought.
  14. Training legs twice a week

    I do this, but I keep them totally seperate, hamstrings is hamstrings only with no quad movements and vice versa. I find this easier on my knees as well
  15. Protein Juice?

    I use peptopro post workout and have never had any issues, its engineered to quickly move through the digestion system and be absorbed quickly. Milk usually wrecks my stomach but I can use whey products as long as I don't use them all the time, you can try essential amino acids with some highly branched cyclic dextrin, carbs and protein in a shake which shouldnt cause any problems.