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  1. bulk powders fined

    The article says 'Of that selection, a total of 55 breaches of labelling legislation were reported. The majority of the breaches focused on claims made about the nutritional and health benefits of the food products. The level of protein in some of the products was found insufficient to make the health claim "protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass" or the nutrition claim "source of protein" - significant, particularly amongst the fitness community for whom these types of claims are important when buying a product.' Doesn't say anywhere that the nutritional information is incorrect or wrong. Just that certain products were labelled as a 'source of protein' when they were deemed to have too little protein in to make that claim. Not really significant to anybody with a few brain cells, unlike the article suggests.
  2. bulk powders fined

    The issue isn't mislabelling of products or showing misleading nutritional information on the labels, the info is there for everyone to look at. The issue is them making claims that certain products can help mantain or build muscle mass, when in reality those products contain very little protein. Not really an issue for anyone on here or anyone who knows what they are doing. If someone only buys one of their products because they read on the website it can build muscle.... then what do you expect, look at the nutritional info and make the decision for yourself. I really don't see this as a problem and won't stop me buying from them. I know how much protein im getting from the whey powder so im not being mislead at all
  3. Prep coaching

    Luke Sandoe does coaching and he is based in your area, sure he trains in Crayford weights. I know someone who used him earlier this year and got good results. James Llewellin is a good shout, he is based in wales so not really local but he likes to keep things simple which suits me, ill be using him to prep for my next show for sure. I don't think you need to see someone face to face unless you are the type of person that needs that extra reassurance, but picking a coach that has a similar training style and nutritional views as yourself is definitely a good idea.
  4. Going to amsterdam in 10 days

    I've been over to Amsterdam on the ferry 4 times and never had the car searched once, their or back. As far as I know its illegal to smoke weed out on the street, but its never really enforced unless you are making trouble whilst doing it. Yeah its more expensive but its just like any city, I love the place its so laid back.
  5. Contaminated blood donation

    TRT patients are allowed to make blood donations, I find it hard to see how 1 pint of blood from someone taking steroids can be so harmful, considering what little traces of a compound that you would find in that amount of blood.
  6. Knee Fat Pad Syndrome

    So I have been having a knee issue now for a few months. Mainly only flares up during a pressing move, leg press, squat, hack squat etc. I feel a discomfort/sharp pain underneath my right knee cap, has actually given way once on the leg press, its starting to hold me back now as I can't really use much load on these movements and leg development is stalling. I seen a local physio who didnt really seem to know what they were doing, i'd spoken to someone about it in the gym and they said it sounded like it was being caused by a tight quad muscle or knot. This physio basically told me it was swelling in the fat pad behind my knee, use ibuprofen gel and try to strap it.... not really the advice I was looking for to get this issue sorted. Anyone else ever heard of this or have any experience with it? Thinking I should find a sports/bodybuilding physio but they seem few and far between where i am based.
  7. What was your total duration on blasting and cruising? Don't think a standard PCT would cut it after a long period on cycle, there are a few different protocols for when coming off a BnC, so have a look around.
  8. Newbie needs a boost

    Just try doing some of your own research, seems like you havent looked anything up yourself and just posted this stupid thread. The answers are out there already just look around like everyone else has when they started out.
  9. As soon as someone says 'I don't want to get too big' or 'I don't want to put on tons of muscle' when they are talking about cycles etc, i just totally switch off. You think you just wake up one morning and go 'oh f**k im massive'. If you have this mentality then you don't know enough about training, diet and gear to ever consider sticking a jab in your arm.
  10. Best probiotics for IBS?

    Try the PepzinGL tablets, get them off amazon, they really help with gas and bloating. Have you also tried a basic rennie? helps me. Not sure how serious you are with bodybuilding but if you want to get anywhere, you need your digestion on point, so worthwhile sorting your issues out and finding something that works
  11. Best probiotics for IBS?

    I get stomach issues and find most probiotics make me 10x worse! its a nightmare trying to get something like this sorted but I think iv found a solution that works for me. On waking i have 15g l-glutamine, NOW super digestive enzyme, 2 tabs of PepzinGL and 15ml of Tumeric vitality fermentated liquid drink, get this off amazon for about £15. I need to completely avoid onions and peppers. How far did you look into the FODMAP elimination method? totally strip your diet down to the basics, turkey, rice, remove all gluten and dairy. Eat like this for 1 month or so (its boring as s**t) and then add things in slowly to see how you react.
  12. Most annoying people in my gym are the old guys who always say 'I used to be in shape like you' or the young lads who ask about steroids and say 'but I don't want to get too big, know what i mean?' I train in a chain commercial gym and even though im not big in bodybuilding terms im probably the 3rd biggest guy in there, quite depressing really just wish there was a more serious gym closer by
  13. How did you find using the Gamma bomb programme? got a copy of it myself but not really looked at it
  14. Shopping at Costco

    Anyone do their food shopping in Costco? There is one about 30 minutes away from me, could probably do a shop their every few weeks to stock up. Is it worth paying for the membership and how much cheaper are they than the normal supermarkets?