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  1. Pip/abscess

    Thanks mate...helpful as always. For first 3 jabs I used orange and I was fine for some stupid reason this time I used blue amd got pip. Will keep eye on it.
  2. Hi all. I am in need of advice. I am second week of my second cycle test p 100 eod and 50mg of var ed. On Sunday I had bad injection - some oil came out few seconds after eventhough that I kept needle in for around 10 sec. On Monday I woke up during the night shivering I took 2 ibuprofens and went back to sleep. Since Monday I am having really bad pip. I have been taking ibuprofen 4 times per day. I can feel small lump under the skin there is a small swelling around it. I have not have any high temprature or there is no redness on the glute. I had injection yday in the other glute and all was fine. How serious it is? Is this something that might fade away using ibuprofen or should I seek advice of GP? Mant thanks in advance.
  3. Accutance. ... on cycle ?

    In March I finished first test e cycle 300mg per week for 9 weeks only due to gym closure .Spots started appearing on my back mid Feb I believe due to higher oestrogen than usual which I was aware of ( it was 149 pmol/lL ,before cycle was 58mol/L. I droped to 0.5ml in April and to 0.4 ml per week from May and got more spots. Defo will try B5 if it will not help than Accutance it is.Cheers
  4. Accutance. ... on cycle ?

    I am thinking to start taking vitamin b5 as well as I do have some acne issues on my back which dont want to go away. How much are you taking per day and how long does it take to see any results? Cheers
  5. Open Gyms Petition

  6. Hafhor Vs Eddie Hall boxing match

    Gornik Zabrze!!!!!
  7. Southern Ghost Test E 300

    I was pinning mon and thu, atm mon only. Bloods were drawn 4 weeks in on thu in the morning,fasted. Propably if I draw blood in week 5 or 6 on thu results would be different. Reading its 3 times more than my pre cycle test level anyway. I am happy how the cycle goes. I am 39 yo and this my first cycle.
  8. Southern Ghost Test E 300

    Yes mate
  9. Southern Ghost Test E 300

    Yeah man I am on SG...it could be on the low side I am not an expert but I am still enjoying it. I am not slagging the lab or something.
  10. Southern Ghost Test E 300

    Blood taken in the morning just before a jab,4 weeks in. Teste e 300mg p/w HORMONE PHASE Men OESTRADIOL 41 - 159 R 149 pmol/L TESTOSTERONE 8.64 - 29 R 43.7
  11. PIP test e, HELP!

    I am in really similar situation. I am 7 week in test e 300mg a week and 24h after my jab on Friday my left glute was getting swollen and I had some pain (more than usual),maybe not severe as yours. I have been using 4 times per day 200mg of ibuprofen since Sunday and swelling its fading away slowly.
  12. Points based immigration system

    I came to this country 15 years ago as an non educated and low skilled worker because freedom of movement. I have been contributing to UK economy and social life since. I have been living happily in UK not putting strain on benefits system or NHS ( I registered to local GP just 2 years ago). I have just received Bristish Passport which Iam very proid of.I am an publican working over 13 years in pub trade and most important assests in my profesion are people. The best staff was non educated and low skilled immigrants who worked their socks off. I hate how brexit polarized british society and divided friends families etc. I think that immigration point system was one of the main pledges of Bojo who is democraticaly elected PM so lets allow to do his job....who knows it may work.
  13. Getting myself to inject

    Seriously op it is not difficult it is not a rocket since I have done my first jab on Monday and I am still alive I was a bit shaky and excited same time( i was even getting a boner before jab which worries me a bit hahahah) Just follow correct procedure.
  14. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    My GF and some of my friends couldnt get into it too and thats why Netflix failed to deliver( in some sense)Personaly I played Witcher on pc and read couple of books Sapkowski when I was younger so the drama impressed me especialy how they managed to picture Geralt...amazing character.
  15. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Just have finished Witcher and I am really really impressed