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  1. After trying a couple different cycles I went back to basics and did a full blood profile and tried to get as much I formation I could about my pre-cycle levels, everything else I did before was done in the dark so it was almost a waste of time and gear... do bloods mate.
  2. Hi Phil, It was the TRT check plus test, intravenous blood test at £120 at the time.
  3. I’ll give you a p.m... so my Ft is 3.5 x’s higher than normal? Is that a bad reading on the part of Medichecks or “Normal” when running roids? I’m currently 43, British... couldn’t think of a user name so picked what was on the tv ?
  4. That would be why we saw him off his face at work then ?
  5. I was taking Aromasin but from time to time felt like I was crashing my E2 so I backed off and as I wasn’t feeling any adverse effects I carried on missing out doses altogether. What I should have done is checked my E2 earlier but I still would need a figure to aim for? Re free test, what did I misinterpret? I honestly don’t know what any of these figures mean - they are all elevated from the juice from what I can tell, SHBG is lower than my baseline results which from what I read on google would tie in with the other elevated levels but again I am just learning about this stuff , from what I read, I’d rather have lower readings than higher readings of SHBG. I am hoping to find out what is optimal for me.... looking at these results I would say that most of my cycle was at these levels, if my E2 is too high then next time I can either back off the Test and/or stick with a AI every other day? I should have done bloods sooner but there you go.
  6. PIP from Tri Test 400

    I have tried it, albeit from a different lab, and I did get a little pip from it from time to time but tbh I got worse pain off jabs of pure Test cyp. I put the pain days down to my needle work and kinda got used to it.
  7. Yeah I plan for a full blood test once I run my PCT (And compare it to my base results) but I also wanted to see what my levels were/are at the peak of the cycle. If anyone can offer Some narrative on my results that would be great... From what I can see, my levels are elevated which means, I am, and have, been using something that worked and that it hasn’t been hard work and exercise only that’s created this bulk. What I don’t know is how to interpret the results... have I been taking enough anti oestrogen medicating? Should I use less Anti-oestrogen? What sort of ratio should I be going for? Is free test at really crap level considering? My diet and lifestyle took a bit of a detour at the end, does that show? How do I take this experience and workout if I have given it is due?
  8. Hip rotation exercises

    Lot of yoga moves with hip rotations. Personally I like to do squat kick drills when travelling.. I start with front kicks then outer crescent kicks (Inner then outer) and then side kicks, then side splits, front splits then finish off with half wheels (half bridge) and body twists. Lots of good stuff on YouTube, in fact there is too much stuff on YT so you need to add something into your own routine that you can be consistent with.
  9. Barclays the worst bank in history?

    They are all shite!
  10. Thanks guys... the general consensus is that the levels were decent enough and I really appreciate the feedback. Seems that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, however, curiosity took me and I went ahead with a cycle - I know, I should have given the other options a try first. I’ve been in lock down with good accesses to gym equipment and the great outdoors so with work not a factor I went with a Test/DECA combo. Took a few weeks before the strength improved but energy levels have been very high and lethargy nonexistent. Body fat has come down, muscle mass has gone up, however, this has plateaued and I have had my last Deca shot last week and my cycle has come to an end. I have sent away another blood sample to see what my levels are at and await the results. I did have a work medical today and my blood pressure was high, not dangerous high, but it was noted as something to check at a later date - I’ve never flagged up for Bp before so I attribute this to the cycle. Given all the good advice above I hope I haven’t Killed off any natural ability to produce test by running this cycle and hope find a balance between health and physique.
  11. @sustanation SHBG results added.
  12. I kinda do that why I had my blood checked.. looking at the figures I would like to bring up the test level and lower the est level, not sure how much T supplements I would need to take to achieve that.
  13. How do you increase your free test?
  14. ... there are some rats about for sure!
  15. Thanks.. and Yes.. I have been offered TRT from a clinic based on these results ( the price of their consultations and treatment sounds very expensive).