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  1. Was sick of these shite replica aftershaves so I got this off eBay at an OK price. Seller says he was bought two for his birthday. Wanted to check before I put in a dispute haha. Big giveaway I assume is that the bottle says demonstration tester on the back.. Inside the cap there's no bee either. Not sure if I can tell by the smell as I haven't had it in ages
  2. Hair transplant lads

    I thought hair transplants came from arse hair follicles. They all seem to grow like parsnip roots
  3. Home teeth whitening

    When did you last order? Lot of stuff online saying they're scams. No posts on Facebook or Twitter either. Was going to give it a try till I had a search
  4. Teeth whitening at home whats your method

    Do they still use this? Still any good?
  5. @swole troll thanks again Should calorie intake change much when on? Was conservative this time round moving into a surplus from dieting but assume it'd have a lot more benefit adding another 500 on top of the surplus
  6. Coaching reccomendations

    10+ years training. Training is just a PPL routine rotating with a day off. Diets roughly 300 over maintenance. Thought I'd invest in a coach for some new knowledge, especially planning for a first cycle. I say planning.. just following @swole troll's sticky
  7. Coaching reccomendations

    A lot of them are quite well known can't see them paying much attention to someone who isn't aiming to compete. Found my first coach a similar way to that
  8. Had a load of grilled Mcdonalds wraps on last years cut. Didn't do no harm
  9. Which protein after gym

    Very small difference if any. Whatever works best for you digestion wise. Casein always seems to taste worst imo
  10. Favourite aftershave?

    I got well into collecting them all a while back. Faves are Chanel Bleu/Missoni - Similar smell Invictus/Azzaro wanted Versace Eros/Yves Saint Laurent Y - also bangers
  11. The articles layout look like adverts. 10 secrets dentists don't want you to know style
  12. Casein

    Anyone ever noticed any noticeable differences using a casein instead of a whey? On paper seems better than a normal whey, and they used to push it more years back but not so much anymore. Is it just a minute difference if any?
  13. Coaching reccomendations

    Anyone have any coach reccomendations? On here/anywhere else? Thought I'd invest in some coaching going into the new year. I tried a coach last year but didn't really find any value in it. Chose them just from following on Instagram for a while instead of a reccomendation like I should of
  14. Sunglasses for massive heads

    Bumping this. Still haven't found any haha. Surely someone has a fat head like me
  15. So used to it coming off a diet. Is there much of a benefit or is it counterproductive? Would there be any changes in body composition having to adapt to the cardio as well?