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  1. Awwww there's nothing cuter than a corbynist cop hating socialist with too much time to waste.
  2. 1)You know there is something called powerlifting? Kid has been trained by Pete rubish, a powerlifter, so I'm guessing he is training for competing in powerlifting. His program maybe calls for a peaking phase where intensity is high and volume low 2)No one lowers weights slow and controlled in powerlifting competition.. 3)The mats are there cause the gym staff told him to use mats to make less noise.
  3. Acid in your stool? That happens with diarrhea, viruses, allergy, specific food intolerance etc It happens to me when I drink too many beers
  4. Popper, popper my friend
  5. I tried to find ways to reply to your post but I suddenly became autistic just by reading it.
  6. Seems like an American thing to have gym where you can't Deadlift because of the noise.. Like, they have loud gay music and they are bothered by sound of plates?
  7. No lol it seems around 130kg. But still even if it was just a plate is a f**ked up thing to do.
  8. Aye I got a bit angry by watching that, he could have also injured this kid's back btw.. Also, why the f**k that "animal" fag is wearing a belt for? Leg presses?
  9. A pussy with an animal tank top who looks like he does not even lift telling a young kid to not Deadlift in a gym... Is there anything more pathetic than that? Ps slapping his face with a 5kg plate would have solved the problem straight away
  10. Footwear in Gym

    It depends from the exercise and how's your ankle mobility etc. Squat shoes have generally a nice firm wood heel and give you more stability, they helped me a lot when I recovered from a broken ankle. They also give more leg drive on push presses, jerks etc and for someone with long femurs they allow for more knee travel and a more upright torso..
  11. Footwear in Gym

    Shoes with elevated heels.. For squats, Ohp, clean etc I Deadlift just with socks tho or slippers.. Have a look at strengthshop they have nice and cheap weightlifting shoes.
  12. Body of an Adonis

    Probably took bunk gear
  13. I am of the idea that there should be more gyms, more gym goers and I'm happy to see more people getting in shape, healthier, stronger, and faster.. That builds a better nation and a better species And we definitely need it more now.
  14. Moon eclipse

    No probably the whitest person I know haha but yes wicca is just neopaganism influenced by ancient norse religions