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  1. I got Covid!!

    And over the 5g lol
  2. Hot lady’s of the world!

    Kaia Gerber is one you can Google... Blows Bella Hadid and even Kendal Jenner out of the water on the fashion shows and is in another category for supermodels Met even prettier in real life
  3. Spotting and working in at gyms at the moment

    But you seem to have forgotten that during the PT course the treadmill is referred and emphasised as the only weight bearing CV exercise that aids in bone 'remodelling', I would personally add to this the stair master climber machine even though it was not mentioned anywhere in the textbooks, but very likely that I have asked for it during the course. as others may know bone 'remodelling' is not the same as growth as the growth plates are already closed seeing that you are 32.. But yeah the other CV machines are referred to as a whole body CV exercise. Imo much better to build a better base first instead of listening to the brofessors and jumping straight into the weights, just look at how everyone in the olympiad was into another sport before... Except Ronnie Coleman who even did a lot of his bodybuilding training in a powerlifting style.. Not everyone has big Ron's genetics to jump straight into powerlifting and then bodybuilding.. Actually I could be wrong but think he was playing the American football before that
  4. Pure gym

    pure gym is a good gym and I like the machines,any gym is good really,but I really wander how do you look as in a ay does your attitude match your look? to compare it with people I have seen in pure gym? I am not saying that there are not all sorts of cu**s/idiots or people who think that the equipment is only for themselves ,but not everyone is like that and I could barely notice really hen I am in the zone...
  5. the person to cook for me is not being born yet,nor will be ever,not one of those cu**s fannying in the kitchen either.. I cook very high quality and very quick I dare to say
  6. Almost ran over a junkie

    I knew this long before there was youtube...
  7. Almost ran over a junkie

    no,you just have to think really.... what he likely thought to get into the accident and blackmail him... people do these things.. (poor people)
  8. DDD’s Bargain Bars - 4 for £1

    only fags would eat that much sugar and I still have not looked into detail,
  9. Audi vs Merc vs BMW

    personally I will never trust the real mileage on a car, high or low
  10. Anyone got the new model Bentley Continental?

    not a single one of the buyers of these cars even checks the fuel consumption
  11. Anyone got the new model Bentley Continental?

    no way.. just checked the above mentioned car and it does not appeal to me at all,honestly won't drive that if I was given it for a grand
  12. Anyone got the new model Bentley Continental?

    so Mercedes does not do that? the high end models Maybach,Brabus?? seen a video of Ronnie talking about customization but hardly anything worth attention
  13. Anyone got the new model Bentley Continental?

    i NEVER UNDERSTOOD why people buy cars like these... surely it is no better than a Merc (high end models I mean AMG,Brabus or Maybach-this one I am not too keen on though
  14. there is something globally lol even my dad jokes or not about the population this month of the summer... and I am abroad... but in UK people tend to get bonkers at this time of the year..
  15. Nicotine pre workout?

    and how healthy it is... I really don't think it is..