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  1. Hi everyone. I think this is being posted in the right place... I could really do with some advice from you experienced members. In January 2017 I started a cycle of test cyp @ 500mg per week and decca @300mg per week. I trained hard and gained a decent amount of muscle. The cycle lasted 16 weeks. Around the 12 week mark I noticed that my left shoulder was visibly bigger than my right one. When I was training, my left shoulder was getting way more pumped and muscles on the left hand side of my body were becoming quite a bit stronger over the course of the cycle i.e. shoulder, bicep, tricep and left lat. At the same time My right shoulder, bicep, tricep and lat size and strength were not increasing. I felt uneven, imbalanced and confused. I was also starting to get some pain when doing overhead presses. I also starting to get a very tight neck on the left hand side. Towards the end of my cycle I went to the doctors to get my shoulder checked out as it didn't feel right. I was referred to hospital where they did an ultrasound and they said that I have supraspinatus tendonitis in my right shoulder. At this time my cycle was coming to an end and I started PCT and kept training but very light. Over the next few weeks of PCT my right shoulder started to feel weaker and more painful. Left side of neck also went from being tight to slightly painful. I couldn't hardly train anymore so I took a bit time off from the gym to see if my neck pain went. I only did marginally. I then realised that my right scapula was not as tightly fixed against my ribs as my left scapula was, a bit winging. I'm guessing the issue that probably caused the tendonitis in the first place was a weak serratus anterior and weak levator scapulae on the right side. I have had 3 months off the gym now since end of December 2017. I have been focusing on doing core work on the swiss ball, scapular pushups, bear crawls during this time to try and strengthen these weak muscles. No matter what I do, these muscles will not grow, and strength is roughly the same. The imbalance is still quite apparent in terms of visually and strength. The sharp pain in my right shoulder has gone now so I think the tendonitis has improved to some extent due to time off training. My question is this, what else can I do to strengthen the weak muscles on the right side to even out this imbalance? I can't train normally as my left levator scapulae is tight and starts to hurt. I spend ages stretching my full body and neck in the shower gently, it provides temporary relief only. The whole right side of my body is weak due to this injury. I don't know what to focus on in terms of rehabilitation as all the muscles are weak. I need to build my right levator scapulae up to normal strength/size. I would really appreciate any comments on this matter. I know it's a large post with lots of information but I have nearly given up and feel. Like packing in training all together. Has anyone had this type of issue in terms of a major imbalance caused by a shoulder injury? Also my testosterone is quite low. I had bloodwork done 2 months ago. Thanks, Carl.