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  1. Should i sneak out?....

    Haha Good points The photo lookd ower good to be just a normal photo of a lass, It’s probably a massive fat wacker or that gay deadlift fella who posted here
  2. Should i sneak out?....

    Why sneak out? Just go out, don’t need to explain to her where your going
  3. None millionaires of ukm

    Haven’t a clue, only usually venture into kitchen to get crisps or other snacks that require no cooking
  4. How many squat racks does one man need?

    Looks awesome mate wish I had space to build a building like that in me garden
  5. Can’t stand the fu**ing sight of the c**t
  6. Haha as sad as it sounds my like of anna is more than just the desire to have sexual intercourse with her (although that would be nice haha)
  7. What labs ?

    Same mate switched from 300mg another brand and now on 250mg (Easier to just use 1ml) of regal and it spot on don’t notice any difference, not sure if 50mg would make a difference but feels exact same
  8. Hope you manage to get away and enjoy your hols, you are awesome too truly one of the nicest most lovely persons I ever encountered in my life x
  9. What labs ?

    It is mate I like it a lot, zero pip and does the job. My new go to
  10. What labs ?

    Regal labs test e
  11. Thought it was near the time for your extended summer holiday that you’ve taken in recent years hope you do manage to get away we about 10 degrees cooler up north than it been down south So you still got us beat weather wise haha doubt we ever will up here same old here Thanks for ask, just plodding on with life work a bit busy having to actually graft Some weekends ffs haha hopefully that Over soon reqlly good to hear from you again glad you doing good
  12. Of course you can take shart off, some of the biggest most repulsive looking sacks of absolute s**t walk around shirtless in summer without a care in the wold
  13. Holy f**k that’s hot hope you are well, we really miss you on the group text
  14. Mcdonalds should have a ride through

    Once I was at the drive through in McDonald’s at blaydon a lad asked me to order his bait for him as they wouldn’t serve him as he was on foot but Then his bus came as I waited at serving window and he had to run so I got to eat his bait
  15. need advice on something

    Sorry to hear your going through this mate, tough situation have you tried that mediation s**t? Think it’s free if you income below a certain amount and looks better for you if it goes to court for access and worse for her if she refuse it