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  1. Day 6

    Wasn’t the lockdown announced Monday night? How are we at day 6 by Thursday?
  2. 14 year old 5’9 Skinny

    Excellent advice
  3. Proof of how small my fu**ing penis is

    Haha yes see the above posts for reason we... I mean “they” need to be careful who is allowed in
  4. Proof of how small my fu**ing penis is

    I hear entry is harder these days after someone for his own amusement infiltrated the group under the guise of being in the possession of a tiny tiddler then once trust was established revealed his true monster length and girth at least double the size of any other group member furthering their already vast humiliation
  5. Proof of how small my fu**ing penis is

    I hear there is a support group consisting of fellas who shall remain nameless with similar affliction to yourself
  6. Proof how small my fu**ing flat is

    Wasn’t the size of it obvious before you bought/rented it?
  7. lets see your Before and after photos ?

    It’s two flannels tied together mate
  8. Branson is a [email protected]

    fu**ing stinking c**t
  9. Verbally abusive relationship

    Get rid of the c**t before you end up having kids and end up more tied in some way to this horrible woman. Normal relationships aren’t like this mate you don’t need to tolerate this s**t there are women out there that will bend over backwards to make you happy don’t waste anymore time putting up with her s**t
  10. A fool is one who does not learn from his mistakes
  11. Thick forearms?

    I was just joking mate in all honesty it’s hard to tell they look thick in comparison to the upper arm but not compared to the hand width.
  12. Thick forearms?

  13. Anything I can take to boost apetite?

    Weren’t you saying you we’re fat just the other day? Why would you then want to increase your appetite?