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  1. The Male power struggle!

    Generally when someone goes out of there way to tell you they are something and/or portray themselves as something, they are usually not
  2. Childhood wank material

    Had 4 xr3i’s and 3 rs turbos between age 18-23, I sold my last rs turbo fully restored just needed a few small jobs to finish for fu**ing 2 grand to my mate as just had a kid, made him promise me first refusal if he sold it and he never did, could kick myself now seeing what they going for
  3. This whole trans, fag and tranny s**t has became out of hand the more rights they were given the more they demanded and now we are at the point where their disgusting s**t is forced down our throats and unless we respond with kissing their arse telling them how great and brave they are they shout from the rooftops how “offended” they are. It’s more an attention thing for them than anything else
  4. I am a rabble rouser

    Would sooner read a 1000 page diary of Elton johns most vulgar gay sex encounters than a single one of this horse fellas long inanely boring posts
  5. Best Childhood Console Game

    f**k I forgot about California games spent hours on the bmx event
  6. Best Childhood Console Game

    most memorable/favourites over the years (Not counting more recent past the ps1) Wonder boy 3 the dragons trap (favourite game ever) golden axe mortal Kombat 1 and 2 doom duke nukem 3D resident evil 1 and 2 GTA vice city
  7. Whats your daily protein intake

    Haven’t a clue
  8. I used to eat 3-4 times per week on average

    3g of tren may sound harsh but at least it appears to have rid the lad of aids
  9. Why the f**k are you peeling your boxers down seductively in the first photo?
  10. Taught the bailiffs a lesson today

    About time that wall had a bit paint on
  11. f**k tuna much rather have pek chopped pork
  12. What video games are you all playing?

    My favourite also, great setting and soundtrack. Wish they would remake it with same story and setting but gtaV detail and looks with the city expanded ect
  13. What video games are you all playing?

    Thought the remake of resident evil 2 was awesome especially the police station bit. Dropped off a bit when get to the sewers and the lab and the b scenarios felt rushed (not sure if remembering wrong but pretty sure the b games were longer and harder in the original) but overall was great game. Have resident 3 remake to play will probably start it this weekend
  14. Not going to deny those trannies are fu**ing hot, would sexually massacre once cock removed and vagina installed
  15. Do you pee in the shower?

    Haha when 19 or so every Friday we would drink in my mates bedroom and despite the toilet being in the next room we would piss out the window, my mate who’s room it was could start by the window and gradually walk backwards till he was nearly at the other end of the room with the stream of piss going perfectly up into the air and dropping out the open window.