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  1. 2017 summer transfer window.

    This year all clubs are picking random numbers from a hat lol.
  2. Got movies, entertainment and kids, sports was too much, £33 extra a month I think but if there's a match on I want to watch I'll just get a day pass for £10.
  3. Netflix, now tv and Amazon prime is all I use, works out about £22 a month I think.
  4. I will third the blendtec, got mine on offer from Costco about 2 years ago for £300. Defo one of my best purchases.
  5. Can you guess my barrel sizes ?

    Changing my guess 1ml 2.5ml or 2ml (been years since I used them) 10ml 60ml
  6. Can you guess my barrel sizes ?

    1ml, 2.5ml, 5ml, 50ml
  7. Gym membership

    lol invaluable
  8. Which phone to get?

    New iPhone will be out in September, you could wait for that.
  9. You can revert back to the old theme using the drop down menu at the bottom of the page if you don't like it.
  10. Worn clearcoat on bonnet - restoring?

    T cut or paint restorer might bring it back up, like tommy said she's probably just dulled the lacquer.
  11. Jesus!!! Now that's a toy lmao.
  12. Is it definitely real? i only see one passenger on the back seat, car didn't really look too banged up from the brief glimpse and somehow the girl has ended up behind the car. Edit: nevermind seen the article on CNN.
  13. Engine warranty - Help

    The miss sold is probably what I'd do, engine aside there isn't much left to cover on a second hand car.
  14. Engine warranty - Help

    Was thinking the same, if the dealer has supplied the warranty surely they've got to make you aware that the engine isn't covered due to the missed service.