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    M73 reacted to KETONES in Would you or wouldent you ? late night snack   
    I wouldn’t eat that shite at anytime day or night.
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    M73 reacted to js77 in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    Join the club mate... I’m 43 (look at least 10 years younger though  ) and the last 8 years have seen me riddled with injuries.
    The best bit of advice to anyone who’s looking to achieve at any sort of longevity in this sport is, warm up, stretch, RC work, DT massage and don’t lift with your ego.
    ....... boring as fcuk it may very well sound but nowhere near as boring as sitting at home for 12 months not able to train because of a severely torn RC!!
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    M73 reacted to Juice_head in Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II   
    I'm in my mid 30s mate 
    Things that didn't use to hurt, hurt a lot these days . I do go heavy but I alternate between doing heavy weeks and then lighter weeks. I focus on the mind muscle connection with lighter weights to feel the squeeze which i can't do with heavy weights, as im just focussed on finishing the movement. Keeps my body guessing and mixes things up a bit. I also listen to it when it's telling me not to push it anymore, the thought of snapping something is enough to make me stop 
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    M73 reacted to invisiblekid in Covid, Vitamin d & The NHS   
    I use a sun bed once a week for 4-6 mins from Nov-March. I started last year and felt loads better through the dark mornings and short days, I’ve tried to carry on this year but Bozzer seems to be getting in the way.
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    M73 reacted to dumbat in Brisk walking under rated.   
    Walking at a decent pace is an excellent exercise, its what we have evolved to do.
    When I had the time I would walk up to 8 miles a day along the canal path near me; its a proven fact that  outdoor cardiovascular  exercise is superior to indoors.
    I listen to a podcast or lectures while walking, It is a scientific fact that we learn more effectively while we are active; down to survival and hunting behaviour.
    Its not just the physical benefits,  getting outside everyday and being active does wonders for mental health, even on a dull day the amount of light that we are exposed to far outweighs any amount of artificial light. 
    As for being put off by rain; I personally hate wet weather but still go out,  I can always dry off/warm up  when I get home.
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    M73 reacted to Philfg in Brisk walking under rated.   
    Love a nice brisk walk up to a couple of miles, headphones on and away. 
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    M73 reacted to BLUE(UK) in Brisk walking under rated.   
    The pace of the walk is immaterial, it’s the heart rate that will be a better measurement. 
    I personally tend to walk up and down hills which is just about daily. Can be 2-10miles. 
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    M73 reacted to Tricky in Running trainers?   
    I run a few times a week not as many miles as I should or used to but usually it’s two 3 milers (5km) then one long slow 8ish miles. For your running shoes you need to know what kind of foot you have. For that it’s easy wet the soles of your feet then stand on something that will leave the imprint wet mark to see what feet you are. Then from there you know what kind of trainers you need. 
    brooks and ASICS make excellent running trainers. I also have salamon and innov8 trainers for trial running and a minimalist pair. 

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    M73 reacted to invisiblekid in Shoulder pain whilst pressing   
    Check out Andrew Lock's Shoulder Big 3 and his Bench Press warm up. I use it before all pressing days and it's made a huge difference to my general shoulder health. 
    His exercises will activate all areas the joint and ensure that everything in working in unison. If you're still getting pain after that, I'd suggest seeing a physio to diagnose the unlaying issue.
    Shoulder Big 3: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtxTMz7Ajxt 
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    M73 reacted to BLUE(UK) in Shoulder pain whilst pressing   
    Thumbs out and point them back  
    Another few things to bear in mind, regardless of how hot you feel, keep the shoulders well covered and warm. I hate it but wear a fleece. 
    It could be tight lats but this is unlikely but if what I’ve said doesn’t sort it after 6 weeks, try a few sets of underhand pull downs before pressing. 
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    M73 reacted to invisiblekid in Shoulder pain whilst pressing   
    What's your shoulder warm up, activation and mobility routine? Do you go straight in to pressing to warm up?
    I injured my AC joint during the first lockdown and since then I've followed a very specific shoulder health warm up for any pressing. And now I have zero pain when pressing. 
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    M73 reacted to Sasnak in Look at the state of these turnips   
    When I entered the thread I genuinely thought you’d grown some prize turnips. Mine got eaten by something, as did the beetroot I’d planted.
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    M73 reacted to KETONES in Black Friday   
    I’m offended by the term BLACK Friday!
    Why can’t it be WHITE Friday!
    I mean come on how racist is that!!
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    M73 reacted to Simon90 in Aaron lambo   
    I’m more concerned about why you’d watch the movie 
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    M73 reacted to Blanka in Aaron lambo   
    Or it'll provide more BS content for him to post about and act like he's a victim due to his huge success, rather than being an A grade tool.
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    M73 reacted to Cronus in New addition   
    It's got 3 bar variations, underhand (not tried) wide pronated, which I couldn't really get a feel for and lastly kind of v handles, which felt amazing, contraction right through lats to my upper mid back. 
    It's feels quite different from a Barbell row. 
    The the reason I wanted one is with BB rows practically bent over at 45 degrees and feel its becoming too much fatigue for my lower back, seeing as I do standing underhand rows on the Leverage system, DB rows, squats and rdls throughout the week. 
    I'm 32 next year and just thinking about longevity. I want to be able to lift till my old age. That's why I try perform quality work and form, hold and slows negatives where I can and be smart with my training. Inverted rows are another movement I've incorporated to save my lower back
    Sorry, but of rant answer to your question. 
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    M73 reacted to PSevens2017 in James Haskell. Natty or not?   
    He’s also been training bjj and then MMA at London Shootfighters. They’re one of Europe’s top MMA gyms. Very well respected team. Coaches Paul Ivens and Alex Demetriades are from exceptional combat background. Paul Ivens is a beast. 
    Haskells work rate as a rugby player was outstanding imo. Crossover to MMA will suit him..
    I’d go natural. Shootfighters wouldn’t have him juicing and representing them. 
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    M73 reacted to Philfg in Do a good deed.   
    Yeah I'm 45 mate. We've all discussed this before on here, but I agree. Manners etc and kindness are disappearing from modern Britain.
    I used to love listening to my gran and her tales about post war. People genuinely cared back then. 
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    M73 reacted to hmgs in Do a good deed.   
    Helped a granny who collapsed due to her face mask... next day pointed out to an old bloke he’d just dropped £70 in the shop queue... didn’t cost me anything, didn’t get anything in return - except knowing I’d done the right thing. 
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    M73 reacted to Philfg in Do a good deed.   
    No, it's called manners mate. 
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    M73 reacted to KETONES in Do a good deed.   
    I do when my e2 is high! But when it’s under control....f**k em!
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    M73 reacted to Simon90 in Do a good deed.   
    I always do, most people are ignorant f**ks and don’t care though. I still do it because you do get the ones who appreciate it and it makes you feel good.  
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    M73 reacted to Philfg in Do a good deed.   
    Funny, I try to do a good deeds, just the simple things, let someone out at a junction, let someone in front of you at the checkout with less stuff. I let women walk in front of me or hold a door. Stuff that takes nothing to do but can have a positive impact on someone's day. 
    I did a good deed a bit more than the above the other day and I was amazed at how shocked the person was that I'd stop to help them and I just wondered is it just me or do others do it. 
    Years gone buy it was the norm, people would do things to help others, why has this stopped? 
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    M73 reacted to MBR in Who’s watching what on NETFLIX   
    " Calm with Horses" was recommended  a few pages ago. Another good watch 
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    M73 reacted to Spieren in Would you admit using steroids in a date?   
    It really depends on whether you think you have a future with him, Buddy.