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  1. Thanks, I have already seen the s James website and also junction 17 also have a few in, cheers
  2. Very smart that mate, I am currently looking at these myself at the moment. Cash in my pocket so hoping for a bargain. The M sport body kit really makes them. Did you look at many before buying that one ? I seen one very similar for sale at a garage in Nottingham, which sells lots of bmw,s and I think they put the m sport kit on them selves . Cheers
  3. Reoccurring injuries ###$#

    Right shoulder rotary cuff, comes and goes. It's always plays on my mind I have it. Any over head pressing sets it off, just have to try and work round it and do a few movements to try and help strengthening it. Have been doing the hanging off a bar for a long time when I first get up in the morning. Mite just take a look at the yoga atb
  4. Heard of Cheshire Oaks and been
  5. Massage all the way , but only when I can lie back on my back and pay for the extras
  6. Am on the edge of East Manchester mate, so plenty to go at. Plus my business is not far from snake pass ect. Plus I think once you commit to a road run circuit or a big hills walk and jog back down, once the tunes get pumping . Your less likely to quit unlike being bored on a treadmill in a gym.
  7. As I've got older I realise cardio is just better for heart health ect. I hate cardio and it bores me to death in the gym. I much prefer road running , the weather don't bother me, in fact there is a certain amount of pleasure in running in light rain. I also enjoy hiking, and I sometimes pick a few big hills near me up on the moors and fill a rucksack up with weights and hike up at a fast pace with my dogs with me , then jog back down and off back to the motor. I don't find any of these as boring as stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike. Being outside in the country side and with my dogs makes more pleasurable. Road running wise normally just two 5k runs a week at a fast,ish pace. Nice interesting thread to hear what other people do. Cheers
  8. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Started watching this, it is actually pretty good. The subtitles are a pain in the arse, but it's a good show .
  9. Astra 2016 plate 150k mileage

    As a general rule , if something is cheap from a trader then am genuinely a bit weary
  10. The biggest guy in the world

    Went twice on my old Astra van I used for work. Feckin thing lol
  11. Fair play to him but gay pants, I would of rather done a 3 sum record with the two birds in the room
  12. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Hubba hubba sweet baby Jesus and the orphans, dat one dam fine booty !!!
  13. It's that pan head hair cut in first pic of him that made me laugh as well
  14. Wrist Watches

    Same here, apart from at work I wear mine all the time, a breitling. Great watch , looks nice . Had it years.