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  1. Sean Connery

    RIP one of the greatest. Played a good roll in Highlander too
  2. Don't do drugs kids

    Arrrrr the memories lol
  3. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Started watching Queen of the South on Netflix. Looking good apart from when they talk in Mexican and the subtitles come on in another language and am like WTF
  4. Childhood wank material

    Readers wife section every time
  5. BBC salaries...

    I haven't had a TV license for years now. I used to get visits , but I am at work all the time so they just put a card through. I get the usual letter every now and then " this is your last chance to pay before court ect " lol. The letters are always addressed to The Householder and they don't even know my name despite me having owning and lived here for years. My credit score is excellent , it doesn't affect me one bit not having one. I refuse to be a sheep ( no disrespect to anyone who pays for one ) and follow the flock putting revenue every year in there pocket. I just thought a good few years ago , fek it I ain't paying for this scam no more and just literally stopped and never acknowledged anything from them ever again. Plus East Enders has gone sh1t anyway since dirty den went missing lol
  6. Taught me more than any REPs Course

    I mite be wrong, but I think it may of been sparky ?
  7. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    I agree , was a belting box set
  8. FelonE's Here We Go Again Journal

    Remember your old journals , was good ones to follow. Good luck nice one mate and keep it updated.
  9. What cars do you drive?

    It was a 996 c2. It was a nice car . Must admit I do like the c63,s
  10. What cars do you drive?

    Just got a Audi S5 and am liking it, my first Audi. My past 3 cars were all Porsches 2 boxsters and a 911, so fancied a complete change. I drive a little van everyday as my day to day run around for business, so my cars are just a weekend toy. I was looking at bmw 435,s . But decided am too much of a petrol head lol. Drove my mates rs3 and was very impressed with it. I think am maybe a bit old now for hot hatches , but I do like the golf r and rs3,s ect. Another possible choice was the c63 AMG coupe on a 12 to 14 plate as last of the V8s , as I think they will hold there money as a classic. Must admit I do like my cars . On a separate note, anybody waiting for a logbook ect of DVLA ? Am waiting for mine so I can put my private reg on . But apparently there is a massive back log due to covid, just wondering how soon any of you guys had to wait ? Thanks
  11. Frank Grillo - Kingdom

    Yeah lol, I thought why does he wear them gay Cuban heel boots all the time. But on a serious note I did enjoy the show, and I thought Jay played the part very well.
  12. What are your thoughts regarding eating too much red meat ? As I actually prefer beef mince . Thanks
  13. Any old skool ravers?

    Yep maximes cream gatecrasher , back to basics in Leeds, tall trees up in yarm, and since its my home town the hacienda and home and sankeys ect. Proper memories from mad nights out.
  14. Apparently if you put tin foil on your head you will be ok while using the fob . Atb