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  1. Painting UPVC Windows

    No mate, I used a company down in Birmingham that specialises in such paints, I also invested in a HVLP spray gun and a awful awful lot of practice. I knew a guy who had a upvc company and I used go pic up a few old frames they had ripped out and practiced on them until competent and then took them to the tip. Be aware an old mate of mine got one of his rental houses sprayed and they fooked the door up by using the wrong paint, it bulged and a big bubble swelled up on door as it reacted to the paint. Like every approach to everything in life do the proper research and don't go down the cheap bodgit and scarper route lol. I still get approached for spraying work but turn it down as busy, but I am planning on spinning a few properties over so I will probably spray the windows on them to tart them up to sell on. Also most companies offer a 10 year guarantee on the sprayed frames, which is bollocks. As when I set up the guarantee is backed by the paint supplier and if you read the small print it's only backed if all the application process is correct. So they could wriggle out quite easily if the paint flakes off 8 years down the line. The problem I found out was when warm windy dusty ECT, a lot of contaminants can stick to the frame if not cleaned and tac ragged properly and the paint is only as good as to what it's adderd too. That's just all my take on it guys. But like said mine 3 years down the line is still as good as day I sprayed
  2. Painting UPVC Windows

    Hi mate I kinda got into this a few years ago. A joiner mate approached me with the idea as it was taking off and not bad money. So I learned how to do it , I practised on old upvc frames at a mates car garage who taught me how to spray. I ended up spraying my full house in anthracite grey and also did my dad's house and my business premises. Also did a few jobs as well. 3 years down the line mine and my dad's has kept well and is good as day I sprayed them. The paint is expensive, but is especially for Upvc. Recommended life is about 10 years , not sure if it would last that long , I don't think it's been on the market that long. All in all I am glad I did mine and it cost me a fraction of the price I got quoted for off a company . What I will say is, I did it properly and took my time, properly cleaned and prepped frames before spraying . Also I removed all old silicone and replaced with new anthracite silicone. I say this because I watch some cowboys spray a house near me and I watched them spray over the old silicone , then a few months later when I drove past. All the paint was flaking off and you could see the white showing through, proper bandits who did that lol. Also the paint is very tough BUT will Mark if scratched like any other paint so must be careful. I also sprayed the business premises next to mine and some of that is scratched on the window sill, but it was caused by delivery drivers letting metal packing crates on wheels slide into it. I don't spray anymore as my other business is flourishing and I don't simply have the time anymore to do it. But I did enjoy my little foray into it. If you decide to get it done make sure you choose a proper decent company with a good rep and make sure they use quality paint. Cheers atb
  3. Tent addiction.

    Lancs Lad , what is your opinion of the laser comp 2 ? I seen them at a bargain price in the sales , but I was put off with poor YouTube reviews, but I did quite fancy one tbh, cheers.
  4. Tent addiction.

    Really smart the hillies, I like the sand colour for the soulo. Am tempted by the Atko with its lower weight but not as robust. I just purchased a Rab Ridge Raider whooped bivvy for a few places were I would struggle putting my other tents up, just fancied trying one and got it in the sales .
  5. Lass interested in me

    I got sent that in a WhatsApp video, proper skank lol
  6. You should be so lucky lucky lucky
  7. Replica watches

    Personally I wouldn't wear a copy, but that's just me. I have a breitling that I bought new about thirteen years ago. I were it seven days a week, had it serviced a few times and had it cleaned and polished. To me it's been a great watch , last year I put the breitling pro diver black rubber strap on it to modernise it a bit. I would like a Rolex, but I wouldn't spend that much on one at the moment as I would rather use my savings to towards a second property this year than a watch if honest. Maybe one day take the plunge. Talking of fakes , I wouldn't wear fake clothes either. I work dam hard for my money, so if I choose to spend my hard earned cash on nice clothes ect, that's up to me. I also don't get people who drive cars badged up as a fake ect. Sometimes it's just nice to have nice thing's, as long as your not paying it on the never never and can afford it why no treat yourself.
  8. Dog Sh.t everywhere

    WHITE DOG s**t MATTERS Not racist too
  9. Sean Connery

    RIP one of the greatest. Played a good roll in Highlander too
  10. Don't do drugs kids

    Arrrrr the memories lol
  11. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Started watching Queen of the South on Netflix. Looking good apart from when they talk in Mexican and the subtitles come on in another language and am like WTF
  12. Childhood wank material

    Readers wife section every time
  13. BBC salaries...

    I haven't had a TV license for years now. I used to get visits , but I am at work all the time so they just put a card through. I get the usual letter every now and then " this is your last chance to pay before court ect " lol. The letters are always addressed to The Householder and they don't even know my name despite me having owning and lived here for years. My credit score is excellent , it doesn't affect me one bit not having one. I refuse to be a sheep ( no disrespect to anyone who pays for one ) and follow the flock putting revenue every year in there pocket. I just thought a good few years ago , fek it I ain't paying for this scam no more and just literally stopped and never acknowledged anything from them ever again. Plus East Enders has gone sh1t anyway since dirty den went missing lol
  14. Taught me more than any REPs Course

    I mite be wrong, but I think it may of been sparky ?