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  1. I've gone brunette.... Still love bukkake......
  2. Bollox rich pianna was the man, 5% baby!! He did whst ever it took for dem gainz!
  3. Mate "big man crew" be fu**ing bang on with you at the helm boy No homo
  4. 1st time ugl

    May be it's the lsd?
  5. I'm rubbing my thumb and finger together..... (The smallest violin in the world)
  6. Give me some of your millions you fucker I'll bench you for some Not trained in about 3 weeks and not been pinning f**k all sauce, i probably shouldn't take that bet
  7. Not really mate and don't no where to start, catch up properly with you soon.
  8. Yoooooo I'm still alive and out of prison barely and for now
  9. Conor McGregor sucker punches old man

    Just a little warning shot across the bow that
  10. Conor McGregor sucker punches old man

    Only looks like he’s giving him a little jab, don’t think he’s trying to knock him out....
  11. Hello my name is Ben

    Sodium gainz brah
  12. Hello my name is Ben

    Get few gram of gear jabbed in, and 6 pizzas down ya neck.. you'll soon be winning
  13. Hello my name is Ben

    Serious especially if your as depleted as OP