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  1. Nexus sust bloodwork

    That does seem quite a bit low tbh my trt pharma sust is 125mg per week split 62.5mg mon and thur bloods Thursday morning come back at 24 ish that 3.5 days after a 62.5mg shot people can metabolism testosterone different but that seems a bit difference the test is defo underdosed from the results or is the test actually wrong ? Re test Private and have done properly and see what results u get ? And like people have said above different esters can make a difference but not a huge one as there not much of the prop in sust one quick ester , little longer Ester , medium and longer one so should not be a big difference between sust , test e And test c as the longer esters will build up in time plus the prop in sust in such a low dose would not make a big difference in the small dose u are running for trt I hope this helps
  2. Nexus or Rohm proviron

    Been reading Bayer have now stoped making proviron ? can get hold of turkey Bayer ones but been told alot of fakes in turkey now unless it’s old stock ?
  3. Which one would u go for these days nexus or Rohm proviron ? thanks
  4. Nebido peaks at over 54 and that’s for trt on my sust trt I get a reading of 35 at peak
  5. Nebido and muscle growth

    Once every 3 weeks if going to be a nightmare tbh ups and downs big time best to try get doctor let u do 125 mg a week of sust split into 2 shots a week more stable bloods
  6. Nexus proviron

    Tbh I feel better on proviron than mast tbh guess everyone is different ive got 80 ml of mast e to use up but I’m feeling better on low dose of pharma grade proviron with my trt tbh but as u have stated above the price difference between proviron and mast is a big difference
  7. Nexus proviron

    One review is not looking good when did u buy your proviron recently ? thanks
  8. I’m going with nexus , lol
  9. They are very poor that’s a trt dose result the lab should be mentioned so others don’t waste money or can get that batch replaced tbh
  10. Hi guys I can get pharma proviron and nexus using pharma at mo and 100 % legit but can get a bit exspensive has anyone used nexus proviron laterly and rate it at all ? not sure to stay with pharma or give them a bash it’s the price difference which is pushing me to nexus any feedback would be nice thanks
  11. Masteron dose for sex drive

    Not gyno prone can use Upto a gram or more of test with out ai and don’t get gyno but effects mood so use a ai then used mast many times but with higher test and higher mast doses but I’ve given up with high doses now and will only use test and mast now and at low doses as a old timer now just want to find a nice mast dose to suit my 250 test a week now that’s all
  12. Masteron dose for sex drive

    Yeah I’m sure there will be I just want the right dose of mast on 250 test so don’t have to run a ai at all I go with a ml of mast and see how I feel and go from there and always increase I don’t want the cosmetic look from mast as just kinda lean bulk /maintance really wanna the good feeling and libido tbh
  13. Masteron dose for sex drive

    My mast e is dosed at 175 per ml go with a ml a week or ml and half 262mg of mast a week
  14. Hi guys running 250mg of test a week what’s a good masteron dose to run for good sex drive and that u don’t have to run a ai ? thinking 350 of mast e a week or to much for 250 test as it can lower e2 and crash estrogen in some people thanks
  15. Yeah just looked at test levels again. that is low for 500 test that’s more levels for about 200 test 250 tops what lab are u using by chance ? 20 to 30 level in on about is for your estrodiol that’s tested in pg and pgmol so it’s a little lats high on trt u want to be around 20 to 30 if got proper doses test and 500 mg u want properly a tad higher around 40 45 as it’s more about the ratio but still don’t want it high if u had a e2 level of 20 but was on a gram of well doses test u could have low e2 symptoms as the ratio is out of balance I would look for a new lab or get pharma so your getting 500mg of proper test and bring in small dose of aromasin 12.5 mg of aromasin on each 250 pin see how u go then from Bloods