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  1. Best HGH on the UK market right now

    English pfizer genotropin 36I.u is excellent,but it's expensive.
  2. Positive and negative. Positives-massive increase in size,strength,fullness and pump. Negatives-I couldn't run it for more than 5 days due to headaches,nausea,nose bleeds,zero appetite,lethargy and I just basically felt like crap all the time. I only used 50mg which I split up and tried taking 25mg in the morning and 25mg at night.it didn't make any difference though.I just couldn't tolerate it. I get nausea and zero appetite with dbol,also but the negative side effects are nowhere near as bad as anadrol. I've used milder orals such as winstrol and anavar without any problems,though.
  3. Onyx labs...

    I used onyx pharma Belgium orals about a year ago.specifically dbol and anadrol which came in small plastic type resealable packets,and they were both awesome.I gained massively on both.I had to stop them early though,as they killed my appetite,and I felt like crap. I've never used their oils,and so I can't vouch for how good they are.
  4. SIS

    As above. Some people say it's great,others say it's rubbish.as cypionate says-very hit and miss. Plenty of other great labs out there though with great feedback.
  5. Coaches

    If you had a budget of £250 a month who would you choose as your coach? Goal being to get as big and ripped as possible
  6. Dunning??

    I haven't used them personally,but I've heard nothing but good things about dunning. I wouldn't mind giving them a blast myself in the future,if I can get hold of them. There's a lot of talk of them bringing out a website.only time will tell.
  7. Best labs

    I've been off a while,but when I was on I was using cooper,primus Ray,dimensions and onyx orals(anadrol and dbol). I don't know what I'll use when I start my next cycle.there are a lot of good labs out there now. I'll just keep checking the forums,and see what people on here are rating highly.
  8. I've used primus Ray boldenone in the past. I had no complaints.
  9. Hi everybody, On armor? Anyone used or have any feedback on this lab? Thank you
  10. Hi everybody, Has anyone used,or have any experience with this lab.I've been offered some deca,and I was wondering if it's gtg. Cheers.
  11. Digestive enzymes. Tren

    What's your diet like? Try taking foods out,and see if the wind issue improves. You could also try digestive enzymes.bulk powders do a good one and they're cheap as well. I,myself always take digestive enzymes.
  12. DC training or Push/Pull/Legs?

    Push,pull,legs is what I've done for years.
  13. Titanoboa labs

    What are you after?
  14. I was using 3.6I.u. every day,and I had really bad c.t.s and aching joints.
  15. Injection supplies online

    Yes,medisave and medsupplies.