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    Sam R reacted to IronJohnDoe in Do you find yourself less responsive/sensible to Testosterone after years of B&C?   
    First of cruising is NOT a medical term therefore a cruise could be anything is arbitrary right for the user doing it, second off do you seriously BLAST at only 300mg of test?
    Lastly, not having a go mate but I’m asking experiences from people who already B&C from years or at least some people with medical knowledge, do you have either to contribute the thread?
    In the end is a forum you are more than welcome to keep posting here and to write what you like and I can’t stop you (nor I would if I could, for the same reason, forum = free opinions and liberty to express those) , but please this is not gen con section so let’s try to give some input that may help people interested about this.
    Again, NOT having a go, so hope I’m not starting a situation here
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    Sam R reacted to ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    Does your body desensitize to your own LH/FSH? 
    You can only extrapolate so much from animal studies.  Oftentimes, Their metabolism and physiology responds differently to hormones and medications. I always recommend full time on HCG and if possible, HMG instead to fully simulate your natural gonadotropin activity. 
    Also note that in the  rat study, 200-500 IU was administered, that is a massive dosage for a rat.  The study also cites in-vitro studies. 
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    Sam R got a reaction from ElChapo in AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo   
    I have heard people stating that HCG should not be used year round when on testosterone due to the body desensitizing. At first I thought it’s not possible to desensitize to LH/FSH as they’re natural hormones. However, HCG is foreign to the male body and therefore the leydig cells in the testes are likely to desensitize to HCG after regular use. These three studies below done on rats express the lack of stimulation to the leydig cells when using HCG consecutively.
    Would you reccomend a 10 weeks on, 10 weeks off protocol with HCG rather than year round? 
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    Sam R reacted to Towel in Anavar and why is it so much cheaper?   
    You’re comparing pharma Anavar that was In limited supply to UGL powders mass produced in China. 
    That answers your question in a nutshell 
    ohh and all that crap about Anavar not being Anavar that everyone likes to repeat without any facts, loads of Anavar has been tested from various labs and plenty of the 50mg tabs were 50mg give or take a few mg, it’s really not hard to get Legit Anavar.
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    Sam R reacted to monkeybiker in Will be interesting to see which labs are still about after all this chaos is over   
    I've heard they've all been put on furlough
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    Sam R reacted to strengthnsize in Is it wise to use an AI on cycle?   
    I’m having issues finding the entire document but I had taken some screenshots before, here’s 1.

    Also not all of them will be notable names, and many will experiment with different compounds and so fourth.
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    Sam R reacted to Sustanation in Is it possible to blast and cruise tren?   
    Its possible for me to bang 10 women behind my wife's back and it'll feel nice and hot and exciting,but man that shits gonna catch up with me eventually. 
    Hope this explains.
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    Sam R reacted to dtmiscool in Shortest bulk/cut cycles that you’d run?   
    I did 8 weeks once, shortest blast I’ve ever ran. 
    It was 1.2g sust, 900mg npp and 100mg superdrol per week. 
    Actually really enjoyed it, felt great, strength went up within a week and progressed throughout the entire 8 weeks. 
    Just felt like a bit of a pin cushion at the time lol, pinning 3x a week got boring quick. Hence the 8 weeks. 
    Usually stick with 12-16 weeks with pinning once or twice a week. 
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    Sam R reacted to Crackerman in Shortest bulk/cut cycles that you’d run?   
    Great advice here. 
    As your body grows, your maintenance cals grow with it. As Simon says, not difficult but it's something you get better at. 
    Guy at my gym started a bulk last year after cutting down to 78kg and somehow thought he needed 7000 cals per day. 
    Just absolute nonsense at that size, all he did was bloat up and get very fat. 
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    Sam R reacted to simonboyle in Shortest bulk/cut cycles that you’d run?   
    You'll gain more.
    Weight isn't an ideal measure at the start of a cycle.
    If it's test you'll probably gains about 5lbs in the first week at 10% bf just due to glycogen and water.
    Just keep and eye on things.
    Leanness, etc.
    But yeah, see how it goes
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    Sam R reacted to godsgifttoearth in Shortest bulk/cut cycles that you’d run?   
    if you're purely focussed on putting on as much lbm as possible, as quickly as possible. if you have any concerns about health, then you'd really only want to do 2 big blasts in rapid succession then do a longer cruise and make sure everything is properly sorted.
    400-600 test p, 400-600 NPP/Tren, 50-100mg/day var/win/drol - 6-8 weeks
    250-300 test e 4-6 weeks as bridge
    400-600 test p, 400-600 NPP/Tren, 50-100mg/day var/win/drol - 6-8 weeks
    150 test e for like 20 weeks with a focus on full recovery until you've had your cholesterol fixed and in place for at least another 4 weeks before thinking about going again.
    make sure you're making the blasts count. decently large calorie surplus and make sure you're carb cycling and you have training in place that is netting you gains now, without gear. if you get a bit fatter than you like, use the bridge to do a very slow cut, like 0.25kg/week, then big blast again in the surplus. make sure you eat maintenance during the long recovery cruise. once everything is stable, think about a bulk or cut.
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    Sam R reacted to Djibril in Shortest bulk/cut cycles that you’d run?   
    Take a look at the latest podcast of Fouad abiad with the coach Patrick Tuor.
    He says that for most of his client when they are bulking, he runs mini cuts every 4-6 weeks  if i remember correctly.
    Really interesting podcast. Give it a shot
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    Sam R reacted to arbffgadm100 in Shortest bulk/cut cycles that you’d run?   
    Just eat like an adult and take your time.
    Muscle gain is not a quick process. Even with AAS, gene expression and downstream consequences that are measurable by degree take months, not weeks. Unless you're a relative noice in the gym and or new to AAS, the actually protein accretion you make in a 6 weeks is going to be close to undetectable once you drop to a cruise.
    I too don't like to get above 12%, and I accept this is limiting. But apart from the odd mini cut for 2-3 weeks were and there, I've managed to put on lean tissue for several years straight with no "diets"... precisely because I don't subscribe to the 'bulk and cut' mentality (which people have correctly referred to above as being unsuitable for you if you can't control what goes in your mouth). Perma-bulk, if you will.
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    Sam R got a reaction from Crackerman in Shortest bulk/cut cycles that you’d run?   
    So you’d suggest 8 weeks of NPP or Tren ace with an oral to gain some lean tissue, then into a cruise dose for another 6-8 ? And repeat?
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    Sam R reacted to ghost.recon in Zanamex and Merck gear   
    Fake. Merck does not manufacture or market boldenone. 
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    Sam R reacted to swole troll in Performance enhancing drug discussion: Trenbolone   
    Seems reasonable both on dosage and choice of ester 

    you could even shave the tren down to 200mg but what you've outlined isn't outrageous.

    I can still run tren ace at 300mg a week and make really good progress after years of usage. 

    People really don't respect it enough for both it's efficacy and detriment to health. 
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    Sam R reacted to stuey99 in Is it really necessary to be lean before going on cycle?   
    Yes!! Eddie Hall always makes sure he drops below 12% bf before each cycle
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    Sam R reacted to fakenattymatty in What anabolics have the least effects on health?   
    s**t comparison as menthols are just as bad as normal cigarettes, but not all steroids are as bad as each other...
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    Sam R reacted to swole troll in What anabolics have the least effects on health?   
    reasonably dosed testosterone, primobolan and boldenone provided hematology is monitored 

    none are good for you though which is why you should ensure to have proper time off cycle accounting for half lives and put a big focus on health with all other approaches (diet, cardiovascular, sleep) 
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    Sam R reacted to boutye911 in Primobolan Vs Masteron Vs Boldenone   
    That is complete nonsense. That has been spouted on forums for as long as I can remember.
    If anyone is running 1g of eq with 500mg test and gains are modest then its time to take up a different sport like snooker or darts. 
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    Sam R reacted to Mylittlepony in Dark Ghost Primo 200   
    SG primo 200 for the win and probably cheaper. 
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    Sam R reacted to kruz in Dunning labs mast e   
    These are fake, real ones don't float in the air like that. ?
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    Sam R reacted to Abc987 in Best Oral for building muscle   
    Winstrol is my fav, bulk or cut 
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    Sam R reacted to JohnnySack in Thoughts on the following?   
    You're in very good shape but you now want to replace you body's natural production of test - that evolution seems to got pretty right to be honest ( all this stuff about men now need TRT after a certain age to complete in the workplace etc is mainly US PR bollocks we've all been fine for generations ) - that could now potentially cause issues with your prostate.
    Unless you actually need TRT or you're just like the rest of us on here and want to inject drugs into your bum to get big and strong ( yeah bit weird really ) then I'd say carry on as you are.
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    Sam R got a reaction from iron2000 in testosterone base mixed with slow esters slows absorption?   
    The absorption will be slowed down by adding more oil. Not because the Ester is long, it doesn’t matter what compound you add, but the bigger the deposit of oil intramuscular, the longer it will take to be completely picked up into the bloodstream. Injecting into a muscle that has less blood flow may also aid in this. Avoid shoulders or quads as they have a lot of blood vessels/high blood flow.
    These changes will only make a minor difference into the absorption but will prolong the life of the test suspension in the blood stream to some degree