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  1. I agree with this, and for me it’s definitely not just in my head. I’ve recently tried to introduce enanthate again for the cheaper cost and injection frequency, and both attempts have resulted in about 3/4 kilograms in after a week/two. Also, my appetite has taken a massive hit both times, which could just be coincidental or individual to me, but has put me off ever using enanthate again. I feel better/dryer on prop and will never bother with long Ester testosterone again.
  2. Three days a week is fine, EOD is fine, E3D may also be fine but not ideal for stable blood levels
  3. Legs, push, pull, always. 1 or 2 hamstring exercises on pull day, allowing for more volume for quads on leg day. on cycle or on cruise, training remains the same. I usually take an extra rest day per week on a cruise to allow my body more recovery before going on a blast again, and hitting 5 hard training sessions weekly.
  4. A reliable source for Arnold Schwarzenegger? Who would that be?
  5. Very mixed opinions on this subject, and im not sure which approach is the best for maintaining fertility long term. some studies suggest that the leydig cells in the testes desensitise to HCG, as it is a foreign substance (analogue of LH) that stimulates them in the same manor that LH does, resulting in intratesticular testosterone production. As with all drugs, desensitisation occurs resulting in effectiveness of the drug. other opinions are that due to HCG being detected as LH, desensitisation cannot occur as the body would not desensitise to its own hormones. Interested in any other opinions on this. personally I use 500iu twice weekly on cycle as I believe that the body would not desensitise to HCG, and therefore fertility would be best maintained by keeping the leydig cells from going dormant, and stimulating them with HCG consistently.
  6. Nexus winstrol

    I’ve used the 50mg nexus blue tabs twice before which have worked great. Not tried the new winstrol batches that are white tabs, however have just started the anavar (50mg - white) so will update with how I get on with them.
  7. Yeah that philosophy seems sensible to me, I don’t think going 800 calories over maintenance would yield much/if any more muscle gain than going 300 calories over maintenance. Im going to get to 10% bodyfat in the next couple of weeks, and aim to add no more than 0.25kg of total bodyweight a week whilst on cycle. Then maintain the body weight when the anabolics are replaced with a TRT dose. cheers for the input
  8. No, steroids aren’t necessary for anybody unless using them for medical purposes. I use them for the same purpose as everyone else on this forum. And yeah, before you reply saying ‘you can gain a few kilograms a year naturally’ - I know that, and would aim to gain more than that with two cycles a year, but just stated a minimum gain
  9. As stated in the response, I would be in a slight surplus in order to gain a few kilograms per cycle, but maintain condition.
  10. I’m sure that would be an efficient way to gain muscle and maintain health for at least half the year, however I don’t get on well with 19-nor derivatives and prefer more moderate blasts using test propionate (6-700mg weekly) and orals. Trenbolone and nandrolone have both caused me significantly elevated heart rates and trouble sleeping. None of which I experience with testosterone or mild orals - anavar & anadrol. (& yes I do class anadrol as mild compared to the likes superdrol, Mtren, halo, and even winstrol. Anadrol has been studied in humans multiple times at high doses without big health consequences)
  11. For me that would be the ideal scenario, and I may give another attempt to eat at maintenance calories whilst maintaining 10% bodyfat and going on/off blast-cruise. the reason I steer away from this idea is that every experienced coach/nutritionist I listen to/read from seem to be set on the fact that a caloric surplus is the most anabolic aspect of building muscle, drugs and training put aside. but it makes sense as essentially bulk-cut for short periods would probably only yield similar lean tissue gain, as opposed to longer bulking periods. edit - by maintenance calories I guess technically I do mean a slight surplus, as would aim to gain a few kilograms of solely muscle a year, whilst maintaining condition.
  12. So you’d suggest 8 weeks of NPP or Tren ace with an oral to gain some lean tissue, then into a cruise dose for another 6-8 ? And repeat?
  13. In other words I prefer a lean physique hence asking people’s opinions on the efficiency of shorter bulks to maintain a leaner physique for more of the year
  14. Yeah I get that a clean bulk shouldn't result in a lot of fat gain, but I always end up stopping bulks early as I hate being much over 12% bodyfat. A lot of the issue I think is just water retention from the higher calories that can’t be stopped even with ‘dry’ anabolics, lower sodium etc. maybe an 8 week bulk followed by a 3/4 week cut. aim to gain 4/5kg, then cut 3/4kg, or something along those lines.