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  1. Here are my bloods 6 weeks after a 4 week pct using clomid and nolvadex ..... I was blasting and cruising for 11 months and used 10000iu HCG over 3 weeks between last pin and starting pct. FSH and LH seem high considering PCT finished 6 weeks ago and estrogen and prolactin are elevated slightly still....
  2. Shield / resolute labs

    I also posted a similar post with pictures and it has been removed from my activity also... Following with interest
  3. Resolute labs Oils, Shield orals

    1 week in using their mast prop @400 mg pw and anavar @80mg pd. still nothing to report yet.... Dropped test to 375mg per week from nexus.. Will update again in a week
  4. Resolute labs Oils, Shield orals

    Yeah they do a 50mg version also... I allready message him about that
  5. Anyone any experience with resolute labs oils and or Shield orals.... A contact has now started offering these and used to offer Dunning labs but changed to these.

    I hear what your saying, I don't doubt for a minute that it's good tren so I ain't wasting it on my tounge ?

    Yeah maybe overhyped like you say but I wouldn't say 260 upto 300 per week is a tiny dose for first time using, it's 5 times more powerful than test so should be more than enough. I kinda thought the same as my receptors will be saturated allready, thanks ?

    Okay thanks for your reply

    Yeah im going to keep using as my supplier is reliable and I trust nexus. I expected something sooner using acetate as iv never used it before, im used to slow esters. just iv heard alot of folk say after a week I should feel it fully that's all. Thanks for your input
  10. Decided to try some nexus tren ace for 6 weeks at the end of a test cyp 450mg, masteron prop 420mg cycle. The test and master have been in my system for 10/6 weeks respectively. Been taking arimidex twice per week @ 0.5mg. Started the tren ace 9 days ago and have pinned oed @75mg first 3 pins and then 87.5mg the last 2 as I thought i would of felt something by now and was advised to up the dose slightly. As a first time user I'm sure even 200mg tren ace per week would be enough and should of felt it by now. 9 days in 5 pins and no side effects, appetite change, sexual desire, mood or strength change. Any feedback on NEXUS tren ace 125mg per ml
  11. Nexus labs

    Started nexus dhb 100 and test cpy 250 Monday past. I pinned Monday and Thursday at 2.4ml dhb and 1.0 ml test cyp each day. I pinned twice on same day to keep volume down so 1.2+0.5 into glute and quad (I don't normally do quads). Got some pip from Mondays pin in quad tht lasted 5 days but absolutely fine in glute and the same again on Thursdays pin.. I put this down to virgin quad muscles. I'm sure this will pass after another few shots on each quad or I might get bigger barrels and send the whole 3.4ml into each glute ?...
  12. Who has tried DHB?

    Thanks for the input.. How much test and dhb per week total are you doing and how long into the cycle are you with any sides as such lethargy, sweats, vivid dreams, appetite. Iv never tried dhb before and curious to other users experiences. I'm starting my cycle next week and my goal is to drop a few %bf and add a few pounds of lean mass. Going to throw some anavar in last 6-8 weeks of cycle @ 50mg per day
  13. Who has tried DHB?

    Any feedback on the nexus dhb ie potency, pip etc. I have just sourced some with some nexus test e300 and was thinking 400mg test 500mg dhb pw and hoping the nexus test e mixed in same barrel @ 2. 5ml dhb 0.8ml test slpit into two sites twice per week will be pip free, here's hoping ?
  14. Blast & Cruise first time

    No its my fourth cycle, was on orals to start with and planned on finishing on some but took not well mid cycle so decided to stay of orals and stick to test. Thanks for your input
  15. Just on week 12 of a test cycle 500mg pw week, last 4 weeks Iv used sus 250 as I had some lying around pinning every 3 days..... Going to cruise for the first time on test cyp pinning every 7 days @ 140mg per week. I have two things to ask, firstly does the cruise dose and frequency sound decent, I know only bloods will tell which ile do the start of week 3 and week 5... Also wondering how long after my last sus injection do I start the test cyp... I was thinking 2 weeks so not long enough to let the longer sus esters leave my body so I still have a stable test level.