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  1. I don't care what anyone says..

    This was already a cringey closet homo topic and he topped it all off with using the word "phwooooor" GAAAAAAAAAAAY
  2. Buying MT2 online ?

    Ive used golden glo in past years Not bought for a year though but about to buy some more right now
  3. How far would you go?

  4. How far would you go?

    I simply said you should know better than to bully at your age, and then you attempted unsuccessfully to do the same to me which says a lot about you as a person Im sure you are bigger and stronger than a lot of 65 year olds but then again im sure a lot of 65 year olds are blasting steroids so hardly a comparison worth making So now i have a pensioner, calling me princess and asking me to post up photos of myself, im sure there is a name for people like that
  5. How far would you go?

    The fuk do you stab someone in the back when they have you in a bear hug lmao Your dumbass would be going straight to jail with that weak alibi
  6. How far would you go?

    Sure it was you trying to cyber bully some poor kid on here the other week Stalking him round the forum giving him loads of s**t And your in your 70s doing that, really not on So your post was almost correct, youre not big, youre not strong but you ARE a keyboard warrior Nice try though, chip
  7. How far would you go?

    Why dont you handle them with your bare hands like the geezer in the OP, you pussy

    I dont have any experience with growth hormone and im on the verge of placing my first order and dropping lots of money on the stuff The reason for the challenge is because i have niggling doubts which i wanted you to destroy so i felt more comfortable parting with such an amount of money It was on PM where someone brought it to my attention that the study you posted didnt say an increase in muscle mass and that it was likely water weight so i came and brought it to your attention to see what was up
  9. Chelsea's 2018 Prep

    Arghhh im going to have to put an order in and try it Ive been looking at Hyges myself Likely getting Ansomone though as i trust the source more than the Hyge one Have you tried Ansomone to compare to the Hyges ?
  10. Chelsea's 2018 Prep

    How did you rate the hgh run ? What benefits did you notice ?
  11. Steroid cycles

    Youre delusional Simply actually start boxing, go 4 times a week and stop eating everything you can get your hands on and all that fat you have will fly off you Steroids wont help you atall You will see
  12. Steroid cycles

    Irellevent ? You brought them up you idiot ha Youre a fat 21 year old and want to use steroids ha Good luck with your goals of becoming infertile
  13. Steroid cycles

    Lol They are all heavyweight boxers, some of which are almost a foot taller than you They also all look a f**k load better than you do Maybe youre referring to tyson fury in his shape from 6 months ago when he was in the depths of a 2 year drug alcohol and food binge with no training at all ?
  14. Steroid cycles

    Haha good ole butterbean
  15. Steroid cycles

    You defo havent boxed for 4 years if youre that fat mate Once a week maybe ......