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  1. Oral only advice

    Cheers boys. Aye I've been speaking to a few friends and they are of the same opinion. It's just been a brave while since I've stuck a needle in my arse, I think I have the fear.lol. What would your opinion be on just 250mg of Test E once a week for optimisation (Strength, well being, libido etc)
  2. Alright folks, I'm looking a bit of advice on which oral only course would be best for me... I'm a 34 year old man looking to optimise myself really. I've kept good size and shape into my 30s but it's definitely getting harder to maintain. I've used steroids off and on when I was in my 20s, Test, Anavar, tbol etc. The test was great obviously but I'm not sure I wanna inject these days. Anavar shut me down, I'd like to avoid that. I'm not sure I felt anything from tbol. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it Cheers