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  1. Hello my boys

  2. Mr

    This for real? If so i would leave the the gear alone your too young! If not f**k of and go waste other peoples time
  3. National Stephen Lawrence Day?!?

    your a man of words bro haha
  4. National Stephen Lawrence Day?!?

    Kind of like the institutionalised racism with Pakistani grooming gangs? Cant even protect our own. This country has long been f**ked and all the Political correctness has gone a bit too far...
  5. Hello again

    What's natural? Welcome back
  6. PIP

    This really helped fella Cheers
  7. Do you and your partner have a common interest?

    Me and my current girlfriend have a few things in common like music and being a bit goofy playing pranks on each other. I couldn't see myself with someone who had hardly anything in common with me could imagine a few years down the line it would stagnate. Does she take interest in anything you like? Or try to even?
  8. National Stephen Lawrence Day?!?

    It's going to end badly people have had enough
  9. Why do you hide your face on the forum ?

    Not sure bro my dad seems keen as well....
  10. PIP

    So getting advice is a crime on here just wanted to know if there are ways to prevent it or if I was doing something sorry I ain't got the experience of such a hard case like you
  11. PIP

    Thanks shame they don't do a 1.5ml barrel
  12. PIP

    Cheers fella much appreciated
  13. PIP

    So say the orange 25g would be better than a blue 23g?
  14. Second Cycle need help!!

    Haha OK bro