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  1. How much test did you use was think about running winstrol and test p
  2. Nexus labs

    LOL it's on the bottom of the bed lol ?
  3. Nexus labs

    Using this no pip
  4. Advice

    OK sorry
  5. Advice

    Some one is a funny fucker. I am trying to find thing out. you was probably the same buddy
  6. Advice

    What do I all need for a pct I have got nolva and Clomid do I need any else??
  7. Nexus labs

    Nexus deca 400 mg, need it down to 300 mg. How much does that work out to be, in a ml?
  8. Aromasin

    Hey can any one help me out?? 450 test and deca 300 how much should I take of aromasin??
  9. Advice

    So basically eat everything lol
  10. Advice

    I eat clean a lot of chicken and beef ? and a good protein shake as well
  11. Advice

    This will be the first deca but have dun a few cycles 6.1 ft 12.5 stone 6 years on and off more on now a days training 3 days a week think about going to 4
  12. Advice

  13. Advice

    Dosage should I use a week?