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  1. Melatonin

    Yup, got the blue lights turned off my computer 24/7 and dim all lights getting closer to sleep.
  2. Melatonin

    Ohhh of course, apologies. It's early days yet. Personally I find the sleep aid properties of melatonin very subtle. Monday I am not usually that hungry anyway after eating more calories over the weekend, I'll give you a proper update Wednesday
  3. Melatonin

    Just split this one in half. Not going to be 100% accurate, but best I can work with for the time being. They're all dirt cheap anyways luckily!
  4. Melatonin

    For sure don't worry, I've already halved my dose to 5mg last night, thanks for flagging Jump onto the US Amazon website and take a look at the dosage of melatonin supplements, your mind will boggle!
  5. Melatonin

    Confirmed here: http://news.mit.edu/2001/melatonin-1017 The thing is though it's possibly the higher dose which is achieving the excellent appetite suppressant effect I'm experiencing: "The study also showed that the higher dosage elevated plasma melatonin levels during the day".
  6. Melatonin

    Yes! I find 10mg maximum doesn't have the groggy or headache side effects. I will try a smaller dose once I run out of 10mg tablets, they're too difficult to split. The appetite suppressing effect is so epic its insane, I can eat the minimum calories before it starts getting unhealthy for fat loss with practically 0 effort. That's really helpful to know, cheers mate. I cannot seem to find many legit horror stories, only theoretical speculation about the effect of exogenous hormone supplementation.
  7. Melatonin

    Thanks for info. After reading a lot of clinical trials it doesn't seem to suggest the risk is huge for exogenous melatonin causing your bodies natural ability to produce it being reduced, but just to be safe i'll probably jump off after roughly 2/3 months (or before if I hit a plateau with weight loss).
  8. Melatonin

    Brilliant, thanks for your input dude. Do you ever have a single issue coming off them? The clinical trials I've found so far suggests staying on melatonin won't cause any issues, but I like your cautious approach. Plus, being that it's the appetite suppression I'm mainly gaining, coming off for a month or so shouldn't be an issue.
  9. Melatonin

    Many thanks for your input everyone. I've been trying to find out the risks of general and long term use. There's a lot of intuitive speculation about it being a hormone and exogenous supplementation affecting our natural ability to create melatonin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB6SD0nfsO8 What does everyone think about safety of general and long term use? This article helpfully cites a lot of clinical trials which suggest there isn't much to worry about: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/melatonin-side-effects Really keen to stay on it as it works so well as an appetite suppressant. Cheers
  10. Melatonin

    Oh I'm sorry to hear that mate! I was in the same boat, this book I read by Matthew Walker called "Why We Sleep" is why I'm now trying to get 8 hours a night. Not so much for bodybuilding, because my family has a history of Alzheimer's, and the dream phase of sleep is so beneficial for the brain. Yeah hay fever tablets, benzos and alcohol help me sleep as well, but unfortunately they negatively impact the dream phase of sleep. Only melatonin seems to avoid affecting the dream phase (according to clinical trials it actually increases REM). Here's a talk by the guy, the first sentence probably most relevant for this forum
  11. Melatonin

    Cheers for info dude. Sadly not a knock out for me, I might give your brand a try! Anyone else have any experience with melatonin?
  12. Melatonin

    thanks for the reply, how effective is it for getting to sleep?
  13. Melatonin

    During lockdown I've been trying melatonin to help me sleep. I can't say I'm convinced on helping me sleep, but as I'm trying to lose weight, an added bonus I've found is it's suppressing of appetite the following day. Has anyone had any positive experiences? Looking for recommendations of the best brands, dosage to help you get to sleep, whether you need to occasionally come off etc. I've read a few negative reviews which suggest melatonin supplementation impacts your endogenous supply, but most professionals say its safe. Cheers
  14. Best NAC and TUDCA brand/stockist?

    @TERBO any thoughts on Troo brand? Seems to be the most popular on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Troo-Health-Care-N-Acetyl-Cysteine-Manufactured/dp/B018W1AHV0/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=nac&qid=1581784451&sr=8-6
  15. NAC vs Tudca

    I've taken 3 x 600mg a day without side effects. Usually 2 x 600mg a day.