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  1. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    Finding the same benefit with my wrists as well, definitely a daily use thing for me from now on. @Pscarb - Have you found any more affordable brand which are equally as effective as CANNADOX? Cheers
  2. Haya Labs Pure Yohimbine HCL

    Happy to report I'm just lucky and get 0 side effects. Looks like Haya Labs Yohimbine HCL is legit. One of the most amazing supplements I've ever used, it's appetite suppressing is fantastic!
  3. Haya Labs Pure Yohimbine HCL

    Hmm, their website certain seems to suggest quality products... headquarters in USA & London.. https://www.hayalabs.co.uk/en/about
  4. Can anyone vouch for Haya Labs Pure Yohimbine HCL being decent quality? I'm up to 20mg with hardly any side effects. Hoping I'm just lucky, not got crap gear. Any other reliable brands except Primaforce available on EBay? It's twice the price of Haya Labs. Cheers
  5. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    Well, so far I've had fantastic results with this product. Usually I have to stop running after 20 minutes due to knee, ankle and foot pain. Up to 1 hour on Monday with no pain at all. Usually after a heavy session like that it aches all evening, didn't ache at all. Very unlikely to be placebo. Double thumbs up from me. Cheers
  6. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    Will keep you updated if I purchase, cheers dude!
  7. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    After reading the positive experience @Pscarb had with CBD Cream for joint issues, I'm considering trying it for my knees, ankles and feet (do a lot of boxing footwork and skipping). Seems like CANNADOX is the brand to go for, unless anyone else had other suggestions? I just wanted to see if anyone else also had positive experiences before I take the plunge and grab some? Not cheap! Thanks
  8. Melatonin

    @TERBO what dose zinc and magnesium? I've got some zinc picolinate and magnesium pitrate lying around, will give it a go on Sunday along with melatonin.
  9. Melatonin

    Oh wow 3 hours, i'll try that!
  10. Melatonin

    @TERBO hey dude, hope you're well! I didn't have any joy with Phenergan 25mg tablets getting me to sleep, any suggestions? How early in the evening should I take it before attempting to sleep?
  11. Melatonin

    Thanks for the update @TERBO. Glad you're sleeping better. I use diazepam roughly 1 night a week for those times I really have to sleep early. The side effects of diazepam are well known with continuous use, but once a week I believe should be fine. I had a quick look into phenergan to potentially replace my diazepam for use once or twice a week. 25mg sounds like a great dose because it would only minimally affect REM sleep, the phase which is widely agreed to be the healing phase for the brain. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/171695/ Only had a quick look but couldn't find much information on diazepam's affect on REM sleep, just anecdotal reports of increased dreaming.
  12. Fasted exercise for fat loss

    Agreed, thanks chaps.
  13. Melatonin

    Going back to @Clubber Lang's post, since I didn't have success with melatonin helping me sleep, I thought I'd give the supplement he uses a try (also contains melatonin): https://www.yamamotonutrition.com/eng/regexil_eu_version_pr31405 This is without a doubt the best sleep supplement I've ever tried. Not because it puts me to sleep better than anything else, but because it does so healthily (or so my research had led me to believe). Valium and alcohol put me to sleep very well, but negatively impact the health benefits of sleeping. I haven't woken up feelings fresh on a Thursday or Friday like this for years! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6366437/ (I assume the two additions which really improve sleep are Theanine & GABA in this product).
  14. Fasted exercise for fat loss

    Hello all, I've been browsing through some clinical trials to try and conclude whether fasted exercise improves fat loss. There are many conflicting trials, so I thought I'd make a post here for some good old anecdotal evidence. Has anyone found improved fat loss when exercising fasted? Or perhaps any tips of tricks to improve fat loss? It's coming off, but just have the option to train fasted so thought I'd inquire. All standard fat loss methods applied, calorie deficit etc. Cheers
  15. @Vpac - so weird, I was literally about to post the exact same thread today, our situation is practically identical. @Sustanation - please explain how we get our testosterone up using natural supplements! Here's my bloods: