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  1. Name change

    Username changed
  2. Name change

    @andysutils Sure, what would you like it changed to?
  3. Change my username

    Username changed.
  4. I'll add you if you promise to keep them. Ye should all have access now. Niall
  5. @KETONES You should have access now. Niall
  6. Delete account

    @renodakato Please send me a PM if you'd still like your account deactivated, Niall
  7. Account deletion

    Unfortunately no, I'd have manually go through and edit them. If a user does want that though, they can get in contact and I'll put them in touch with our privacy team who can work with them to get something sorted. Niall
  8. Account deletion

    The "contact us" is looked after by a different team so can't help you there. I have corrected my PM issue, thanks for the heads up. I've also deactivated your account. Niall
  9. Account deletion

    Hi there, No problem, your account has been deactivated. Niall
  10. Best quality UGL?

    @Dannylets Can you try testing it again, please? Niall
  11. bf guess

    @[email protected] What do you want it changed to? Niall
  12. UK MUSCLE not secure?

    Hey guys, It was an issue with the SSL cert the site uses. It was expired and just had to be re-added. The warning it gives is a little extream IMO for the actual problem it's referencing. The SSL cert was re-added and the site is now once again secure. Niall
  13. UK MUSCLE not secure?

    Should be showing correctly now. Niall